Chapter 979 The upcoming finals!

Pang Xia looked up at the half-exalted blade of Nine Deep and Remote Thunder Knife, which gradually condensed into the sea of black thunder balls.
He knows very well that this move must be the ninth style of Nine Strikes of Purple Thunder.
But Pang Xia’s attention is not that this move can be called peerless knife cutting.
But at this time, the sea exudes momentum, and it passes by, but he captures another kind of true spirit.
Stretched out his hand and touched the PangXia thoughtfully muttered, "it seems that the sea this guy also has a card.
So hidden, it seems that this card is for me, so it also makes me look forward to it. "
Just as Pang Xia muttered something, the scene of love suddenly stopped and the whole person quickly fell.
At the same time, with a wave of his backhand, he directly displayed the strongest trick of "Seven Rainbow Needles" [Seven Rainbow Penetration Day]!
See the seven rainbow gods needle road streamer directly attributed to the integration of a seven-color Changhong foaming at the mouth.
Immediately, the lover held high the Excalibur [Tears of Blood Rose] in his hand, but he saw that the seven-color Changhong was directly poured into the blade.
Laughing at the Red Dust "Big Sun Boxing" has the same love scene. At this time, it is also the result of combining two martial arts.
The Seven Rainbow Needle Technique [Seven Rainbow Penetrating the Sun] combines the Sword Technique to ward off evil spirits to obtain a unique sword.
Its name is [Seven Rainbow Curse Evil]!
A seven-color sword light blooms from Excalibur 【 Tears of Blood Rose 】.
Looking at the sea holding high the nine deep and remote thunder knives and swords, the black thunder ball is in full swing, and the seven-color sword light of Excalibur is becoming more and more fierce.
One day at a time!
Two people at this time ready to have an opportunity to immediately to each other!
And that opportunity is at this time!
The sea and the love flower show their own moves at the same time.
"God thunder magic shocked the scourge" black thunder ball
[Seven Rainbow Curse Evil] Seven rainbow firm but gentle.
One by one, the other by the positive boom toward each other.
In the sea and the scene of love flowers, two black thunder balls and seven rainbow firm but gentle suddenly collided together.
Then like two living creatures, the black thunder ball and the seven rainbow firm but gentle one black one colorful devoured each other.
However, all colors are no match for black.
Just like white and all colors merge to become white.
Black color fusion will eventually leave one color, that is black!
Although the seven rainbow firm but gentle constantly attacked the black thunderball and wanted to break the black thunderball and slay the sea.
However, in front of the black thunder ball, the skill is obviously better and the moves are stronger by three points.
Seven rainbow firm but gentle eventually lost to black thunder globe and was directly swallowed by black thunder globe.
Although this also weakened the black thunderball by nearly 60%
But only 40% of the power left is enough to make the lover seriously injured and lose his fighting ability, and the winner is directly determined!
"Boom …!"
Violent explosion and crazy vibration of the ring are more than being able to feel the vibration in the audience.
In a harsh purple light, a red mushroom cloud with purple rose slowly and filled the whole ring.
So that the protective barrier around the challenge ring is constantly vibrating and making a ring that is close to the limit.
After a long time, the explosion slowly dissipated. It used to be the ring part, and now there are only a few pieces of rubble left around.
In the middle of the ring, all the slate bricks have disappeared, only a huge hole remains there.
At this time, in the middle of the hole, a man with thin clothes and long hair was half kneeling on the ground and struggling to breathe.
And a man with a slight shortness of breath and obviously a great consumption of qi is holding a long knife on the edge of a huge pothole