But the distance between the bench and the audience is shorter.

Come has been able to feel the screams behind him, and the waves of heat waves make come ass sit on the bench for a moment.
"Zhaihao let me! 2 washed-up, "come to look around and shook his head again to dismiss his well-documented request Zhaihao.
Come to suppress a belly fire finally broke out.
"Until yesterday, I have been giving intravenous drip. My left hand is swollen, my right hand is hanging, my right hand is swollen, and my feet are hanging. Now the competition field is supported by pig’s head and vegetables. 2 Even with the help of the gods, I can’t give enchanting support." Lin Feng said, pointing to the field, his pale face was as white as powder. At such a close distance, Lin Feng could see that his left hand brought up his body and shook unconsciously again and again when he hit the keyboard again.
Damn it, rainbow candy stadium. Damn it, A.
After a round of competition, the soil and water show no improvement, and eating something will be like a pregnant woman who can’t help herself if she vomits or not.
Although the situation improved in the last three days, when I checked in at EH headquarters, I was still receiving intravenous drip. Many EH media speculated that EH might be replaced today because of his physical discomfort against CH2, who was not strong enough.
Lin Fengyi, who played as a substitute in the intercity league before, should be on the starting list most.
But the fact is that Lin Feng is still on the bench by Zhai Hao.
"I am a novice, a rookie and an EH substitute. I know that my level is limited and I can’t be the main force, but you still let him see it! You can also see the leader of EH. You should know better than anyone that today’s 2 nd meeting will be a short board for EH. "Said Lin Feng, bursting into anger in her chest and unconsciously revealing it.
Lin Feng is a professional player who is eager to prove himself in the game instead of sitting on the bench and watching his teammates play, but he can do nothing.
Watching your team lose.
Watching your teammates need support.
But I can’t do anything.
This feeling has been experienced by Lin Feng after the G League match.
Come when there was a minor dispute with Zhaihao.
The pig’s head vegetable also asked the referee for a sound-proof glass door in the suspension area. Every EH competition day, the Olympic Sports Center will install such a closed glass sound-proof competition area.
The audience outside can see the players who are absorbed in the game inside.
Players can also minimize the interference from the outside audience when they are fully engaged in the game.
It has to be said that it is a competition gymnasium with perfect facilities in G League clubs.
Pig’s head dishes hurriedly hit the glass door in the competition area and trotted behind Zhaihao with a wobbly proud flesh.
The game behind the pig’s head is almost wet, and there is heating, fierce competition and sharp turn in a large area of the competition area. The situation of the game is even more serious now, and it seems that it is impossible to persist in 2.
Pig’s head is already sweating all over.
Captain EH, now he and Zhai Hao must make a decision.
Give up the game or rotate the substitute?
Yu 2
Unless Zhai Hao is crazy, it is impossible to make two more games.
I insisted on playing two games today because of the professional ethics of competitive professional players, because I was responsible for buying tickets to support tens of thousands of spectators at EH, and because I loved DOA.
In the second game, although EH was reversed, 2 still stabilized itself, and EH created a reassuring auxiliary defense supply line.
Spelled the last strength, and now I’m lying in the competition chair with my eyes closed, panting.
Sweat on his forehead rolled in Qi Mei’s bangs.
Many interested spectators on the sidelines, especially EH diehards, are no longer concerned about winning or losing the game, but about lying in the competition area. The competition seat seems to be about to collapse.
The referee was scared out of his mind when he saw this situation.
You know, these athletes are not only regular members of EH, the cash cow of the Olympic Sports Center, but each of these expensive athletes is worth at least one million dollars.
If anything happens to this rich and competitive star in the Olympic Sports Center today, then the G League referee in the Olympic Sports Center will regulate the game management.
It is also a great responsibility.
The referee followed the pig’s head just after it left the competition area.
The referee urged Zhaihao to call an ambulance before Zhutoucai said the second sentence to Zhaihao.
Zhai Hao listened carefully to the pig’s head dish and quickly called the workers around him to let the emergency team carry 2.
There is no professional doctor
Four temporary workers carried the magazine and the team doctor in the venue of the Olympic Sports Center on the sidelines to directly lift the semi-paralyzed competition seat 2.
The audience stopped clamoring.
Doaers who came to the Olympic Sports Center to watch the game were mostly Jiangsu Doaers, while Jiangsu Doaers were mostly EH fans.
Seeing his beloved team members fighting to the point of losing their strength, many people in Taiwan’s competition field are full of tears and think of going through the ups and downs with EH before.
I don’t know whether I should be proud of my professionalism or worried about my health.
Maybe both.
And interrupted by pig’s head and the referee on duty, come and Zhaihao are also worried.
When that quilt was about to leave the competition area.
I raised my hand and pulled the team doctor’s uniform around me, making the team doctor bow his head. 2 I whispered a few words in the team doctor’s ear.
Then the temporary workers directly carried 2 into the medical room, and the team doctor just exchanged with 2 in the venue.
But ran to the front of Zhaihao and whispered a few words to Zhaihao.
Zhai Hao was worried about two games, and some nai looked heavy and slowly turned around.
Slightly surprised a meal.
Zhaihao walked back to the front of the substitute seat just now.
The calm tone of "A You" is not a ripple.
This time of peace is slightly relaxed and casual. Zhai Hao is completely different. Lin Feng knows that this is because he just offended the team leader and expressed dissatisfaction.
Come although guilty, but I know this is not the time to talk to Zhaihao more.