This classmate, if you want world peace, it’s no problem if you can share a toilet with others and sit on a toilet at the same time.

The method tells you that you can’t.
You can be world peace. "
Suluo pointed to the questioner and asked me this childish question to spite me.
"Ha ha"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Suluo raised his hand and burst into laughter. "So I am most afraid of people who talk about world peace all day. For example, the one who just asked his classmates, you have to recognize him. If I go to his house, I will definitely not dare to go to his toilet or suddenly knock."
"Ha ha ha ha"
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"
This laughter can’t be suppressed. Everyone laughs like shrimp. You know what he said is absurd but very philosophical.
Isn’t it
World peace. Can you bear to share a toilet with others and have world peace?
Suluo stand hand way "what’s the problem"
Another classmate asked, "Do you think there will be the end of the world?"
Suluo "classmate, this is not a question either. Come here, it’s a New Year’s wish and another answer. I just answered the question. When you answered yes, the question was not white."
I know you don’t understand. I’ll explain it to you. Take notes. Don’t laugh. It’s a knowledge point. ok.
Another solution to world peace: the end of the world
With the death of the earth, there is no peace in the big bang.
Isn’t that right?
I take myself as an example. If the world ends tonight, there are still a few hours.
Now there is a god who hates ghosts and hates people. Yes, my suluo is coming to give a speech at the Qing Dynasty. Not to mention, this guy is a public enemy of Bay Bay. Now, will you come and sit here and wait for him to appear, and then boo him and scold him to death? Throw rotten eggs and kill this street fighter.
I think he hates people like him in front of him, and it’s all gone if they don’t die.
Ask yourself if you will. "
Very quiet
Nobody talks.
Suluo paused and then said, "Of course you won’t, because you know very well that I won’t come to give a speech at this time. Come and give a speech when I am stupid and the world is ending."
"Ha ha"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Suluo: "Don’t laugh at me. Am I right? If I believe that tonight is the end of the world, what am I going to do?"
And you don’t have to hate me so much. Oh, this suluo is arrogant and arrogant. Mainland kids call us garbage
Think about it carefully. How long can this small thing be arrogant? In a few hours, the world will end. I don’t know that human beings are the extinction of all creatures on the earth. You sit here neatly and wait for me to appear, and then you will shush me.
If the United States wants to sanction Iran, will the Iranian people panic? Will they be very smart? If the scourge is coming, it will come in a few hours. After a few hours, you, the United States will not die.
Will the United States say that we should seize the time to kill Iran and flatten Russia in the last few hours, and destroy China’s unified earth conveniently?
So this time is not world peace?
This classmate, you can become good friends with the classmate who just asked about world peace and share the toilet at the same time. "
Suluo pointed at him and joked.
"make it clear that if I believe in the end of the world, I won’t come here today. What will I do in these hours?
Well, first of all, I say that I am very vulgar. Without your great ideals of world peace, I would go to buy the most expensive building in the world, 100 million yuan or 200 million yuan, or dollars or pounds and euros. So-called, I will buy it at any price.
I’ll be as domineering as I am. Anyway, don’t worry about me. I’ll buy it for a word regardless of the price.
The sales girl will ask me, when are you going to finish
I will look at my watch smartly and promise to tell her that it will be finished in an hour and a half. "
"Ha ha"
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
What’s left after the hilarious laugh is
Silent as death
No one spoke again, quietly watching suluo smile on the stage.
"Na answered the question of my classmate just now. Do you think there will be the end of the world?
Do you need to ask? You don’t even believe in the end of the world. If you really thought there was an end of the world, you wouldn’t come today, let alone ask this question.
This question also answers a classmate’s New Year’s wish. How can world peace be free from entanglement? Absolute world peace on the day of the end of the world.
You don’t sit in a toilet with me anymore. How can you hate me? What is the status, position, class, all disputes and contradictions are not a problem at that moment.