Ye Qing Su Yanbing wasn’t surprised when he saw him. His expression should be a little surprised, but he was disappointed. Su Yanbing recovered her normal state after her surprise. She was always elegant and demure. He smiled wryly. "I played in the sea. What about you?"

"We came to the sea to see the store. Sister Su is going to prepare a chain store!" Before Su Yanbing could speak, the girl beside her rushed to answer, Su Yanbing gave her a white look and said, "You!" She originally wanted to talk about traveling to the sea, but her shop assistant broke it, so she leaned toward Ye and said, "Did you win?"
"lost! You may leave the sea the day after tomorrow. When will you go back to Chengdu? " Ye Qing’s eyes sparkled with anticipation and asked the girl beside Su Yanbing to speak again immediately, but she was pulled by Su Yanbing. Then she said first, "No, we may have to stay in the sea for a few days. You haven’t finished the shop yet … How have you been recently?"
Su Yanbing last sentence ask a little hesitant this Yuzryha fall in love is not very happy then gently nodded, "not bad not worse than before! What about you? Is there anyone else coming to make trouble in the coffee shop? "
"No, I have come to Shanghai to prepare a branch. Do you think I am doing well?" Su Yanbing asked with a smile that she seldom talks like this. Ye Qing looked down at the ground lines and casually said, "It seems that you are about to realize your ideal."
He originally wanted to say whether you would reconsider your emotional affairs after you realized your ideal, but because there were other people in the place, he was too embarrassed to ask, which would make Su Yanbing feel very embarrassed. He didn’t want to be difficult, and Su Yanbing didn’t want to suffer a little injustice.
"my dream is that every city in China has my coffee shop. It will take a long time to realize this dream. I am just taking the first step in the long March. It’s still early! How far are you from your dream? " Su Yanbing asked with a smile
"I am also far from our team’s strength, but I will be the strongest person in two or three years!" Ye Qing clenched his fist. At the moment, he was full of self-confidence. The short beauty was going to be a anthomaniac. Her eyes stared at Ye Qing for a moment. In her opinion, Ye Qing was charming and domineering at this time.
Su Yanbing smiled indifferently, and the tone was still so calm. "I believe you can do it."
Ye Qing knows that it’s time to say goodbye here. Although he has nothing to say to Su Yanbing, he just doesn’t want to leave, even if he looks at Su Yanbing quietly, she is so able to bear or endure looking and so makes him move.
He hesitated, slowly looked up at Su Yanbing’s beautiful face and said, "Why don’t we find a place to sit?"
"I’m sorry, we have to continue to look at the shops." Su Yanbing replied easily. This is obviously a refusal. The short beauty beside her moved her mouth and finally didn’t speak. She knew that Su Yanbing didn’t want to get involved with Ye Qing too much. They are now on their way back to the hotel. After they came back from Pudong, she was at the entrance of the Wutong Road. Che Yanbing liked this road very much. Anyway, it was not far from the hotel.
Ye Qing saw that Su Yanbing had no intention of catching up with him at all. He couldn’t help but feel very depressed. He remembered that he had been kind to her in the past few days. He always settled all the troubles for her in front of her in the wind and rain.
He sighed faint tunnel "I we are still friends … in the sea so big international city can meet isn’t this fate? Well, goodbye then! "
Ye Qing is not the kind of person who likes to pester people. He turned around and left even though the beautiful figure was so attractive. After a few steps, he heard Su Yan bing behind him. "Sorry, God, can I call you if you have something?"
Ye fell in love with a joy and raised his hand over an ok hand, and left without looking back. Su Yanbing looked at his back and suddenly felt that this man was very free and easy. His broad body once sheltered her from the wind and rain, and his solid chest once gave her reliance. He is actually a man worthy of entrusting.
Ye Qing walked out a few meters away and started to run. He suddenly remembered that he wanted to buy a bottle of water for Dami to go back to the hotel building. There was a grocery store selling water. If he spent too much, it would definitely arouse Dami’s suspicion. He had to buy water as soon as possible and go back.
Chapter 32 Grand Plan
Club I lives on the second floor of a hotel. It takes a few seconds to get to the first floor by taking the ladder. It takes ten seconds to get from the ladder to the hotel door and then to the grocery store. The whole process takes at most one minute to buy water and change, and then it takes another minute to come back. That is to say, it takes three minutes to buy water and go back and forth. Even if it is slower, it takes at most five minutes.
If you don’t take the stairs, it will take more than 20 seconds to get to the first floor. Even if you buy what kind of water in a grocery store for half a day, it will only take you a minute or two. The whole process will be dead for ten minutes, but Ye Qing just spent ten minutes talking to Su Yanbing and then ran back from that road for another minute, so he didn’t have time to struggle about what kind of water to buy. He rushed into the store and directly grabbed two bottles of the nearest water and paid to leave.
Ye poured out of the grocery store, but he rushed to the front of the ladder and saw that the ladder was still in the building. He couldn’t wait and immediately rushed to the stairs. He didn’t even come to see what water was in his hand. On the second floor, he took a breath and then went outside his room and kicked the door.
Big honey knocked on the door and saw a layer of fine sweat on his forehead. "Are you being chased?" Why is the sweat coming out? "
Ye Qing handed the water to Da Mi and said, "My boss gave me ten dollars extra change, so I ran desperately. As a result, when I got to the building, I found that I was so depressed that I didn’t get more change!"
This guy has a gift for telling lies, and his face is not red. A lot of honey can’t help laughing. "You are a money addict. Are you greedy for ten dollars?"
Ye poured into the door of the room and looked at the water in his hand. Suddenly he was blindsided. He took a bottle of mouthwash! Big honey just unscrewed the lid to pour leaves into her mouth and immediately shouted "Don’t drink!" Big honey was so scared that she almost poured water on her body. She pouted and said, "What are you doing? Scared me to death! "
"I bought the wrong water …" Ye Qing was very guilty. Big honey quickly picked up the bottle and looked at the label. Suddenly, her face turned white. She turned to look at Ye Qing and asked, "mouthwash! ? You went for more than ten minutes and bought this for me? Did you get a flash bomb when you bought water? "
Leaves the bitter face, "no, I’m looking at the most expensive. I know it’s mouthwash!" I said that the boss looked at me strangely. Who would have nothing to buy two bottles of mouthwash! "
"Even if you buy expensive, you have to look at the label? It’s okay. It’s nothing to drink a few mouthwashes. If it’s nitrate water, won’t I become dumb? Are you intentional? " Big honey is very uncomfortable tunnel
"That’s a good idea. If you become dumb, the world will be much quieter." Ye Qing put mouthwash on the tea table and then went to the bed and lay down.
Big honey also put mouthwash and then went to him and kicked him hanging on the edge of the bed. "Hey, do you think I’m too noisy?" Or should I go first? "
"It’s just a joke. You just sit down. Aren’t you going to wash up and wait for me? Why don’t you come and lie down and I’ll check your hygiene? " Leaf tilt sat up and said with a smile
Big honey saw him with a * * * smile, and his face turned red and he stepped back a few steps. "I haven’t washed it yet. The conditions in this hotel are so bad that I’m not used to the bathtub."
"So you even like to lie down in the shower …" Ye Qing’s tone is very * * * authentic big honey suddenly understood in seconds and couldn’t help but criticise "I said you are a smelly * * * *! You like lying down! You are lying down even making money! "
"I make money by lying down. That’s a duck!" Ye Qing is very authentic
"This is your own admission! Look at your figure, it’s really suitable for this profession. Those old ladies like you to be a strong young man and live well! "
"Honey, I find that you are quite bold and unrestrained, but you can’t be serious. Are you so old and don’t understand the story of bed?" Ye Qing said and lay down on the bed. The clothes were pulled up to reveal a few beautiful abdominal muscles.
Big honey suddenly felt a little shy. Although she had made many boyfriends before, she did not take the last step. Many people coveted her, but few dared to touch her. On the one hand, because of her fierce personality, she dared to touch the knife. On the other hand, her father was still hard in Chengdu in all aspects. Besides, people in her circle are rich and expensive. They may bully ordinary people to occupy them by hard bow, but they still have some scruples in a circle.
Once there was a rich young man who pursued her crazily. After she rejected her several times, that guy took risks and tried to bully her hard bow. As a result, he was almost castrated by big honey. After the incident, those rich second-generation people who were still trying to get her idea were scared as tigers. After all, although the beauty is attractive, there must be goods in the crotch!
"I don’t understand … do you understand?" Big honey didn’t good the spirit tunnel Ye Qing couldn’t help but say with smile "Of course I understand Cang teacher’s enlightenment education well done! Do you want me to teach you? "
"Go to you! I ….. I’ll go back first. "Big honey felt that the atmosphere was getting more and more wrong, so she fled and seemed to rush out of Ye Qing’s house and smiled and said to herself," It’s better for girls to be reserved. "
Big honey returned to her room and felt her heart still pounding. She knew that she and Ye Ye would sleep in the same bed sooner or later, because she had decided that Ye Ye Ye would never leave him. Every time she thought of that picture, her face burned badly, but she vaguely expected that she wanted to lie on Ye Ye’s broad and strong chest. She liked to watch Ye Ye Ye lean on that beautiful abdominal muscle and she dared not think about it.
Ye Qing was lying in bed trying to sleep for a while when he squinted and heard the knocking at the door. He was a big honey and turned over and went to the door, but Dong Laoer was standing outside.
"Does the boss have it?" Dong Laoer looked at Ye Qing Dao Ye Qing nodded and said, "There is not even a computer in this broken house. Can I have it?"
"That’s not necessarily you can also Lu tube …" Dong Laoer joke tunnel Ye Qing directly pushed him a way "you just Lu! Hurry in! "
Two people sit in the room chair to Dong Laoer saw two bottles of mouthwash lying on the tea table, not from curiosity. "Eldest brother, do you still have mouthwash habits? But also bought two bottles of demand is really big … "
"Er … that … by talking about business, why did you come to me?" Ye Qing is very embarrassed to pull the topic.
Dong Laoer looked dim and lowered his head. "My dad called me yesterday and asked me to go back to class immediately. This time it was a dead order! I didn’t tell you that I didn’t affect your game! I thought about it today and thought that this matter should be told to you first to make you mentally prepared. "
Ye Qing couldn’t help but stare blankly. He didn’t expect Dong Laoer to tell him that this is the truth. He didn’t want Dong Laoer to go. Even though Dong Laoer gave him too much help, he didn’t have many friends and even fewer buddies in his life. Only Dong Laoer really treated him and he was very reluctant to give up.
"Didn’t your dad agree to let you play F? Why do you have to go back now? " Leaves some anxiously asked.
Dong Laoer sighed very naively. "It’s common for him to go back on his word. I’m used to it, but don’t worry, I won’t leave for the time being. I’ll stay and help you until the team is strong. Now you need help too much. They can’t do it in cold blood!"
Ye Qing was very touched by the smell speech. This is a fucking brother! He patted Dong Laoer on the shoulder and said, "Thanks, Laoer! It’s just that you mentioned this matter, so I’ll tell you now. Our team horses are going to undergo a big change. Cold-blooded, they will all leave the team and our team will be strong just around the corner! "
"ah! I haven’t received any wind for such a big event! Boss, you and the big boss are really hidden! " Dong middle child is very surprised tunnel
Ye Qing shook his head and said, "It’s not that I’m hiding deeply, it’s that Honey is hiding deeply. She has already thought about it and contacted several people. It was after I failed in today’s game that I decided that I really needed help too much!"
"If the team is strong, you don’t need me. It’s time for me to leave!" Dong second smell speech a little sad tunnel
"No, you have to stay and witness the glory of our team! Now it’s not finished with honey. Finally, it’s hard to say how many experts can come. I guess there will be room for you then. If you leave now, where can I find someone when there is a shortage of people? "
"Well, I’ll stay first. If everyone is here, I’ll make way for someone who is not neat. I’ll keep playing!"
"Well, don’t tell cold-blooded people about this matter. After all, it’s still not authentic, and people haven’t made any mistakes. They usually train very hard. It will make people wonder if they suddenly give it to others. If they know it before, they will probably make trouble with Honey until the overall situation is decided!" Leaf tilt charged way
Dong Laoer nodded and said, "My mouth is the most secure. Don’t worry. I don’t know who the big boss has dug up. It’s a bit of an expectation!"
"I don’t know, but I don’t think her strength is weak, and she spent a lot of money. Then the array must be very luxurious. How can we win several championships before you leave the team?" Leaf high-spirited tunnel
"Ha ha, that’s right. It’s glorious to think of it after I won several championships before I retired! In fact, before I leave, I also want the team to do something. I don’t know how much it will cost to dig up 7kg. What our team needs most should be a god sniper. Let me help you contact the boss. If the big boss can’t afford the high price, I will show that Xiao Pang has quit several teams. Then our team will be strong and lure him at a high price. It is estimated that he will come! Now, no team in the S reorganization professional circle can compete with the desire to break the dominance of the S team, so that the masters can all join a team, and the ig team will do this! " Dong second is very finely planning way
Ye Qing was shocked by the news of 7kg, but he was the most powerful sniper in the post-sniper era. His contemporaries, White Shark and Ma Zhe, were not as successful as him. If he could dig him up, the I club would be awesome and immediately become a super team.
Chapter 33 High Quotation