Yi Qianjin continued to try low singles. His defensive player, De Andrew Jordan, was stronger and bigger than Griffin, and certainly stronger than Yi Qianjin. Yi Qianjin squeezed for a long time and couldn’t do anything. De Andrew Jordan took a step back and turned Jordan forward. It was extremely difficult for hands in the air Yi Qianjin to make a shot, but he was forced to make an arrow shot. The shooting posture was not right and his body was not very balanced. Of course, it was difficult to score.

Griffin jumped up and grabbed the basketball easily. A long Paul caught the ball in one go. A fast break. Paul hit the basket firmly.
The score continues to expand. Cavaliers 5366 are 13 points behind the Clippers.
The coach scratched his head happily on the scene. He walked around the court with his head down, and it was obvious that he was quite nerve-racking
Yi Qian was defended to death by De Andrew Jordan. He played easily against Griffin in front of him. Now the Clippers suddenly switched to Jordan to defend him. He really adapted quickly to another missed shot. He threw too reluctantly, and it was even a little difficult. It was really difficult to throw.
The Clippers had another good outside shot in Paul’s organization. Fortunately, God had mercy on the Cavaliers’ outside shot, but DeAndrew Jordan bravely grabbed the rebound and then violently dunked it.
The knight’s heart is broken, and after a wave of misses, how can we defend?
The score is 536 points, and the difference has reached 15 points. The Cavaliers coach is too lazy to call a timeout. Let’s see. It is estimated that there is nothing wrong with the clippers’ offensive firepower. There are indeed too many Griffin, Paul Butler and their defense is not bad. Paul Jordan is famous for his defense.
Owen finally fought out. Although he had a strong line, Paul’s defense was really unbearable. His physical fitness was very good. There were always some small moves when he added his hand. Paul’s breakthrough was actually very risky and difficult, but now it’s the end of the rope and last stand has to cross the rubicon.
Owen throws Jordan and Griffin in the high basket, but Owen throws a high arc. After all, the two non-human knights did not interfere with the ball operation, and finally scored a goal with difficulty.
The Clippers lead with a score of 556.
The clippers’ sharp edges have repeatedly succeeded, and the knights struggled hard. After all, it was difficult to resist the bullets of the clippers. When the game was still 2 seconds, both sides gave up and the score was fixed at 199.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 29 Yao plot
Chapter 29 Yao plot
It’s a lot easier for the Cavaliers to rest for two days. It’s really exhausting for them to go back to back three times in a row.
Considering the physical condition of the players, the coach didn’t ask everyone to do too much training in two days. Even the daily training is possible. If the players need to rest, they can report to the coaching staff. The coaching staff can agree to the players’ request for rest
During the two days, the team members were very relaxed and slept most of the time. They didn’t have a good sleep for many days. Now they can finally make up for it. It’s really a great thing to wake up naturally. It’s a good thing to wake up early with your eyes open and the sun shining. A dozen players can get together and then go to dinner together. Of course, they can also be alone everywhere. After all, there are not many times when they are alone in the team. Now it’s not a bad thing to enjoy one or two mornings, afternoons or nights quietly by themselves.
Rest well, of course, full of energy.
Everyone’s face is swept away, tired and frosty, and the unpleasant feelings lost to the Clippers two days ago are gone. It’s always good to look forward to the future, and a decent man should be able to afford it.
It’s still an away trip. The Sun Stadium is not as luxurious and lively as Staples Center. It’s not a big ball market. After Nash left, the popularity of the team plummeted to the bottom. Now there is no one in the team who is even a little famous. Of course, some people will say that Luis Scola is not bad. His popularity is not bad
Maybe it’s limited to China and Argentina. He is popular in other places. I think everyone should know.
Diamond has been in the rocket for years, and every time he encounters malicious release, he is not even the best bully in China, Yao. He has been exposed to malicious release more.
Against Lakers seven old, the ten old fish will look for him to push him hard behind his back and knock him down. The old fish will not stop looking for him. One is because he is not an American and easy to bully. The other is that he really has no name in the nba. If he is as famous as his compatriot Ginobili, he will definitely not encounter the malicious release of the old fish.
Against the timberwolves, Kevin Love actually stepped on him. Love was of course competed for two days, but Scola was humiliated. Who can understand what is always he who is not others, but it is extremely bad.
In fact, I just said that Scola is really nothing in the nba. Although he can average more than ten points and seven rebounds per game, the league doesn’t recognize him. His defense is really not valued. The base is a real defensive zone.
Time goes by, night comes unexpectedly, and the game between knight and sun is coming.
Scola and Yi Qianjin smiled at each other from a distance, and they both approached each other with brisk strides.
The warm handshake lasted for a long time, and then a deep hug. Are they going to hug him for a long time? It’s touching that the two talents are still wanting to hug their hands.
"Yi Qianjin and Scola had too many deep contacts before." Many people will think so.
In fact, they used to have very few contacts, that is, they occasionally met several times, even without a few complete greetings, let alone other intimate friends. Now they are so affectionate that they seem to have not seen each other for years.
Scola’s playing for the Spurs after entering the nba is very unsatisfactory. Of course, it’s not that he is poor. Maybe Duncan is not the second power forward, even if he is a little enterprising. Power forward can play Duncan as a substitute. This is absolutely and also the kind of coolie black-collar role that does all the defensive work. Scola shows that he has no defensive skills and he has flowed to the Rockets.
The Rockets actually had Yao, and then came McGrady. He was destined to be a walk-on and an auxiliary core player. He was really lonely in his heart.
However, he has gradually adapted to it, especially Yao’s friendly and enthusiastic love, which made him feel that he still has great value in pinning his personal data on the Yao line. After all, it is good to enjoy the cool under the big tree. Of course, there are also China fans who like him very much because of Yao. He received an advertisement from China because of Yao’s great achievements. Later, Yao was injured and left his defensive loopholes, and he finally became weakened. There is no doubt that he could not be a superstar even without Yao. He was traded by love and came to the sun. From loss to a little light, he is now down and out again. What he
Yi Qianjin actually had a brief glory. After Yao, another China player entered the nba or was the sixth overall rookie season. He actually played really well. At one time, he was full of confidence and had a bright future, but his good future was ruined by successive injuries. He eventually fell to the edge and flowed again and again. lang finally couldn’t even get a contract. Now he finally came to the Cavaliers to see the light.
A wave of N-fold ups and downs in life, great sadness and joy, the feelings of the two are somewhat similar, and they also have a deep friendship with Yao. Can they not hug each other tightly and affectionately?