Before the game, the conductor lsnn specially watched all the games rep made by Shiran. It is very easy for a giant club like ag to get the opponent’s game rep. lsnn is not only a conductor but also a sniper. He is bound to stand up in the middle of the game. After watching all the games Rep, he came to a conclusion that "this man can defeat me!"

He was deeply impressed by the speed and hit rate of bare gun, especially when bare showed consciousness and super hitting ability in two street battles, which made him feel the pre-pressure. The third map is the street fighting place. He is now very headache. How can he restrain bare? Frontal fighting is definitely not acceptable.
Bare, who is experienced in the game on this map, has already figured out how to play the game. After the game, he picked up a sniper rifle from the ground and killed it from the wooden door. Then he picked up a Grenade and killed it directly in the middle of the road. In the middle of the road, he directly flashed out of the mirror and killed a machine gunner in the other base.
Lsnn is now on the right side of the plane and sees the screen death message. His eyebrows are wrinkly and he knows that bare performance has been finished, but he doesn’t want bare to continue to perform. He must stop bare, or bare can kill their team by himself. even is fierce when this map is no longer in the desert for one day.
Lsnn moved to the center of the base. He looked at the middle of the road and the situation was bare. He expected bare to go to the right, so he went back. Bare actually didn’t run to the front, but retreated because he wanted to make sure there was no danger behind him. After returning, he saw even moving, shooting and even counterpoint. It was Zhou Wei.
Bare, decisively, the mirror directly took even away, Zhou Wei looked at it and rushed out, then killed each other’s base together with Bare.
Lsnn was killed on the other side. When the monkey fell to the ground, two people, Fat Monkey and Mulei, also rushed to the middle section and disappeared. They desperately shot Zhou Wei and Bare, and after entering the enemy base, they saw the cover of lsnn’s war. Bare, a mirror will disappear and be killed.
At this time, lsnn flashed out from behind the box and seized the fleeting opportunity to kill Zhou Wei bare. A three-shot lsnn immediately dropped dozens of points of blood and retreated back, but Mulei and Fat had already rushed to the front.
Smuggling directly jumped out and Mulei Fat desperately changed his life, while Fat and Zhou Wei formed a potential attack on lsnn, and lsnn tried its best to kill Fat but could not escape Zhou Wei ak47.
The man who was killed in the middle of the road was Li Shi, who was killed in the first round of ag Swim Tour and was successfully taken by Tiger Brothers.
During the ag parade, the front line adjusted its tactics in the second round. They gathered five people together and then killed them from the left. Bare saw their five figures in the middle of the road and quickly ordered Mu Lei and others to ambush at the base, while he went around to the rear to double-team.
Lsnn’s dragging in the last cover happened to be bare’s preferred target. Bare killed lsnn from behind. The four gunners in front were in chaos. Instead of going back to kill Bare, they sped up and rushed into the enemy base.
In the Tiger Brotherhood base, even and others were ambushed and flashed out from behind bunkers. The enemy was caught off guard. However, even with great power, the two heads almost broke down the enemy ambush. When bare, he appeared again to save the team. He killed the other three machine gunners with a mirror, including even, the enemy of great power. The remaining machine gunner was Li Shi. He killed Zhou Wei and the monkey seized the opportunity to shoot Li Shi in the head calmly.
The Tiger Brothers won two rounds in a row, and the morale was immediately boosted. During ag’s tour, the front line was not discouraged at all. They experienced many backward situations during the game, but they also played many wonderful performances. They still managed to win the third round peacefully.
Chapter 43 Entering the Finals
In the third round of the Tiger Brothers ag parade, the God-level ak shooter even went straight into the middle of the road and directly shot a bullet in the head! On the gun speed, ak47 is of course faster than a sniper rifle. If bare had been photographed at that time, it was probably even’s death, but they met each other at that time. even was of course faster than him.
Bare’s death means that the fighting capacity of the Tiger Brotherhood is greatly reduced. They lost their spiritual leader ag. During the parade, the front line quickly wiped out the Tiger Brotherhood under the leadership of even, and the remaining four machine gunners successfully regained a point.
After that, the battle was not a bare lsnn battle, but a bare even battle. The strongest men of the two teams were bound to contain each other, but bare was king on this map! His sniper rifle is fantastic, its speed is extremely fast, and it always hits the enemy accurately as if it were controlled by his mind.
Even can only have a chance to shoot bare in front of or behind bare. even is a long-distance situation. It’s better to lose than to lose. lsnn snipers should confront bare, but when they encounter each other, lsnn will be killed. His root method is to fight bare on marksmanship. He trains for one hour every day, and the number of people killed is absolutely not worse than bare. He is just as bad as the gun speed. It’s the same as the fast gun speed, so he can take the lead.
Because even is preoccupied with killing Zhou Wei by bare, the pressure is greatly reduced. He and Mu Lei can cooperate to smuggle and disappear, and the combination of fat and monkey can also suppress Li Shi’s head. In this way, bare shows that he has pinned down the other two people. He has to be sniped off lsnn before dealing with even.
At the end of the fight, the Tiger Brothers Alliance relied on Xiao Ran to play a stable role on this map, which was slightly better than 13 to 12. Xiao Ran and others couldn’t help but collapse in their chairs after playing the game. They have been tense and nervous until now.
Zhou Wei leaned her head back in her chair and turned to bare. "Hoo … it’s hard to believe that we won the ag parade! It’s like dreaming. "Barely, sit up straight and twist a head and smile." It’s really exhausting to play against a strong team. I feel as tired as playing a basketball! "
Fat and monkey slapped each other to win the game, which was a rare experience for them. During the game, they really saw the style of a strong team and saw the methods of machine guns and pistols, and they also learned a lot during the game.
After Zhou Wei got up and packed her equipment and put the keyboard in her bag, she said to Xiao Ran, "Did you go for a walk on the Bund tonight?"
Bare, some accidentally looked at Zhou Wei and said, "Good!" Zhou Wei saw that he promised to be happy in his heart and quickly packed up her equipment. She threw the keyboard bag to her back and put her long hair down from her forehead to reveal a delicate and perfect face. The delicate mouth gently said, "I’ll call you then."
"hmm!" Bare nodded and looked at Zhou Weichao walking towards the field. Fat quickly leaned in and put his hand on bare shoulder and smiled grimly. "Do you two have plans for the evening?"
"You fart matter!" Bare, shake off his palm directly to get fat. Hey, hey, one laughs. "Of course, Xiaoxiaomei asked me to help her supervise you before I left! Otherwise, I’ll make a phone call now and see what she says! "
Bare, put his arms around the fat neck to reveal a smile. "Fat brother, I know you are the most loyal. How can you do this kind of betrayal?" I think how great it was when the Buddha cut the meat and fed it to the eagle Guanyin and the tiger. But I think you are even greater than them. Being a brother, there is no afterlife, and there is no afterlife. Do you have the heart to betray such a kind person? "
Fat suddenly bare this guy is good at wearing a top hat to make you refuse his request, and he often makes a long speech with a patchwork of quotations. Fat shook his head and said, "Well, I told you about Vivian. It’s not that I didn’t know what to say before I told you about Qiu Ling. Didn’t I betray you?"
"Don’t worry about Qiu Ling when you were young. You almost turned against me because of her!" Xiao Ran’s face turned red with embarrassment. "That was a long time ago. I was always thinking about why I didn’t like her at that time, but now I think it’s enough to watch her live happily from a distance. By the way, if you don’t tell me, I forgot what you are doing with Qiu Ling now?"
"What’s going on?" Bare, playing dumb way
"You just pack it! The next time you rescued her from the hotel, she appeared in the unyielding rose team again. I heard that she had dropped out of school and we met her team every time we participated in the competition. Do you dare to say that she is not you? Don’t you dare to say that you haven’t contacted her? " Fat a pair of know the chest sample asked bare straight back.
Bare, with the wave, "in fact, there is no progress. I know that she joined the unyielding rose for me, but now the Lafayette in our family hasn’t authorized me to accept the princess!" Oh, my God, I didn’t react. Why should I tell you these things? "
"Let’s two brothers, who will you talk to if you don’t talk to me?" Fat justly tunnel
"Come on, let’s go back to the hotel and put something away. Let’s go outside!"
"good!" The two men walked off the field in a gaudy way.
When the Tiger Brothers defeated ag in the parade, the front line was an upset, which surprised all the spectators who paid attention to the game. The sniper rifle suppressed lsnn at the end of the street fighting map and showed great lethality, which made many people become his fans.
Liaoning Qingcheng also defeated his opponent and advanced to the finals. That is to say, the Tiger Brothers will meet Liaoning Qingcheng in the finals, and Shiran will have a decisive battle in the finals. If Shiran can beat 7kg, he will become famous in World War I. If he loses, it is not shameful. It can be said that he still has growth.
When the Tiger Brothers defeated ag during the parade, Ye Qing and Ouyang Yu’s one-on-one fight in Chengdu Julong Internet Cafe was in the most intense moment. At this time, Ouyang Yu killed Ye Qing for 29 times and Ye Qing killed Ouyang Yu for 26 times. There was not much difference.
Ouyang Yu’s pair of Ye Qing is very disdainful, but the more they fight, the more frightened they are, and the more vigilant they are. Ye Qing has used all kinds of obscene tactics to kill Ouyang Yu many times. He has played very patiently, even if he is behind, he has not been in a hurry. In the main road, two people have encountered Ye Qing several times and killed Ouyang Yu two or three times, which makes his self-confidence gradually increase.
Ouyang Yu desperately wants to solve the battle quickly, but Ye Qing is so difficult that he can completely pull the score. When Ouyang Yu killed Ye Qing 37 times, Ye Qing also killed Ouyang Yu 35 times. This also shows that Ye Qing has become more and more comfortable in this map. From the beginning, he was led by Ouyang Yu, and now he can play Ouyang Yu all over the map with ease.
The difference in marksmanship between the two men is very obvious. Ye Ye is backward in marksmanship. If there were no rules and restrictions on one-on-one combat, Ye Ye would have already lost. It is precisely because there are no restrictions that he can play hide-and-seek with Ouyang Yu patiently, smoke bombs, flash bombs and hand thunder to kill the enemy. That is why he can bite the score tightly.
Ouyang Yu doesn’t want to look for Ye Qing everywhere on the map. Since it’s patience, let’s fight for it. After all, he is ahead now. He is in no hurry. He chose a place with the widest view to wait for Ye Qing.
The place with the widest view of the main road is suspected to be that the side bridge can not only see the two entrances at both ends of the main road, but also the two ends of the middle building corridor and the entrance of the warehouse. He will have a panoramic view of where Ye Qing appears. This is why snipers must have a side bridge because of the wide view!
Ye Qing squatted behind the auxiliary box for a long time without seeing any movement from Ouyang Yu. He couldn’t help but worry that this elementary school was smart. Tired of being old? He rushed directly to the outside of Ouyang Yu base from the auxiliary road, and then carefully prepared to go inside Ouyang Yu base. When his figure just appeared outside the entrance of the main road, it was discovered by Ouyang Yu.
Ouyang Yu looked out from the entrance of the main road, just in time to see Ye Qing walking towards his base. He immediately turned the muzzle to a precise single point and directly smashed Ye Qing’s head. The score became 3-35. Seeing that victory was coming, Ouyang Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief. He took off his headphones and said to Ye Qing, "You can still struggle. Why don’t you be frank?"