Bald head and Lin Zhi suddenly feel puzzled. What is this?

"Please allow me to introduce myself." Glasses girl is very graceful. "My name is Sivic from Guanghui City, Happy Star, and I work in the Major League Law Firm."
As she spoke, she showed her work permit certified by the federal government.
Bald head and Lin Zhi are still puzzled by Zhang Er, but Alex knows quite well. If the first team of the special task force of Tai Police Station is a miracle of the police, then the major league lawyer building is the legal profession, and the clearance rate of any lawyer in Taishan Beidou will not be lower than 96%
That is to say, if you hire a major league lawyer, you usually won’t lose the case, even if you are definitely going to lose the case, the lawyers can win a lot of benefits.
Sivic entered the black spider through the most formal procedure, and Alex naturally won’t reject her.
Moreover, she really came to Black Spider to announce the good news. She picked up a piece of paper material on the table. "This is the release order with the seal of the Supreme Court of the United States, the scanning code and the special anti-counterfeiting logo."
Alex took it, looked at it and nodded slowly. These things are true.
Sivic turned to the bald head and said, "Haidong congratulates you on your freedom. From now on, you can leave the black spider before you finish your sentence."
Bald face expression way "thank you!"
Sivic picked up another piece of information "This is Lin Zhi’s Release Order!"
Alex was surprised and Lin Zhi was surprised. What happened?
It makes sense that his bald head was released before. He stayed in the black spider for 12 years honestly. According to the normal procedure, he will be released in one month. Now, the first month is also due to his good performance in not making trouble and making trouble.
After Li Dalong escaped from prison, he was tried, and he was quite cooperative. It is also reasonable to be released before the prison.
However, Lin Zhi is different. The two-year sentence has only been executed for one year, and he does not have the conditions for pre-release
Sivic explained that "the amount of money that Lin Zhi robbed in the explosion robbery of the Federal Bank of Wu Xing in Hanwuhan totaled 190 million correspondence points, among which 140 million correspondence points were recovered before Lin Zhi went to prison, and the remaining 50 million correspondence points were automatically returned to the Federal Bank HanWu Xing Branch at the same time through 46 different account terminals from 21 different banks three days ago, and left a very positive confession. We filed a complaint in accordance with the law, and the Federal Supreme Court allowed Lin Zhi’s sentence to be executed outside prison under limited conditions."
Alex listened with amazement, and Lin Zhi also opened his mouth.
Old spicy warden, she won’t doubt the authenticity of the Release Order, but how can Lin Zhi return the stolen money when he is buried in a black spider?
This is obviously returned by his accomplices or relatives without authorization, trying to fish him out of the black spider.
But confession is bullshit. It’s a loophole in the law.
In fact, the most surprising thing is that Lin Zhi knows how weird this Release Order is because of himself, even he is afraid of it.
After the original case, he and his companions scattered and fled at the first time, but he couldn’t stand the temptation of huge sums of money and quietly hid alone, and even the party couldn’t contact him.
Lin Zhi’s abacus is very cunning, that is, to take the money for himself, that is, to put it bluntly, to eat black and eat black
However, in the year when he fled, the police searched for him all over the place, which made him realize that he couldn’t hide because he was a famous Feng Wang.
Later, he was deliberately caught, and then he took the initiative to hand over 140 million messages and lied that the remaining 50 million were divided by his accomplices.
In this regard, the police can also because his accomplices have gone outside the five major stars, and it will take a lot of time for the police to recover the stolen money, so that he will spend several years in prison and come out as a hero with 50 million assets.
It’s impossible for him to fool his uncle, who has long seen that he is wrong, but he has no evidence to testify against him. However, his uncle suggested that the court should give him a heavy sentence, and the federal court directly sentenced him to two years and made him vomit blood secretly.
This is Lin Zhi’s biggest secret, but he never dreamed that such a bizarre thing would happen.
This is definitely not what his former colleagues did? When his colleagues get the money, they will never write a confession, but quickly cut him into large pieces and throw his body fragments into the interstellar black hole after sharing the stolen goods.
Now someone not only knows his secret, but also returns his money. Lin Zhi feels a cold air rising from his back.
He’s scared!
He is really scared!
Unknown things and the consequences of imagination will be afraid to change people!
Alex added, "What are the qualifications?"
Sivic said every word, "Lin Zhi will be punished outside prison in Luoning Town, Xuehua Town, Camellia Star. He can’t step out of the jurisdiction of Luoning Town. After five years, if he behaves well, he can get a proper amount of commutation and expand the scope of his activities, but if he behaves badly, he will be punished as a black spider again."
Alex nodded. This arrangement is reasonable. Anyway, Lin Zhi did well in Black Spider this year.
Alex suddenly thought of something. "Miss Sivic, I want to ask a question. Does the Lin family know about this?"
She asked very cleverly, but Sivic gave me a sweet smile. "I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t reveal the identity of the client. This is our professional ethics! Please forgive me! "
Alex shrugged his shoulders. These damn lawyers are so cunning! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Desert ghost town
Bald head and Lin Zhi are good news, but mad dog dragon is bad news.
Now Mad Dog Dragon has changed its old name again, and it’s like a local dog. It’s too tired to vomit blood.
He didn’t die in the battle at the waterfall. Although he killed Lei Zhan at the last minute, he fell into the flood and was caught in the vortex.
The big ship exploded and caught fire, and the hull soon disintegrated. The local dog dragon and two huge steel plates were caught in the undercurrent, and he was knocked unconscious by the steel plates because of the great impact of the current.
When he woke up, he didn’t know where he had been washed. Anyway, the flood could not be seen. The surrounding Woods were thick and dense. He walked back by feeling for a while and found that something was wrong because there was little water when he came, but when he returned, the terrain became more and more like a stone mountain.
So he turned back and walked in the other direction. After several times of tossing, the great Tai Long classmate turned out to be lost!
The unknown area is horribly dark, and the control panel does not display the map coordinates. The mad dog dragon has no choice but to find the right direction and go all the way to black.
In the end, he took the wrong road, which was even more outrageous than the previous one. After there were no monsters, he stopped talking. He could still see some grass and Woods, and the terrain gradually became Gobi. In the end, all he could see was fine sand and golden yellow sand.
The local dog dragon gradually realized that he was likely to walk into the desert deep in the unknown area. There was enough food to drink, and now it was a problem. If he didn’t go there for two days, he would be humbled and thirsty.
"So many experts have failed to make me explain. Is it true that the desert will make me explain?" Mad dog dragon is very sad. "That can’t be done. We must find water."
He was still secretly cheering himself up, and there was a faint sound in front of him.
Woman: "I haven’t found it for half a month. Is it the wrong way?"
Male: "It’s very likely that this desert is deserted and angry. What do you think of the Silk Road?"
Brother Li, "The Silk Road will pass through a barren land. I can’t say that I found the Silk Road at first sight. There must be prosperity in the depths of this desert. Let’s go again!"
Woman: "If I walk for another half a month and still reap what I should wait for?"