Ye Qing arranged three men to defend at point A, including his own sniper, meteor, and cold-blooded and sentimental at point A to defend point B, but they rushed to point A as soon as point A was attacked.

Ye Qing knew that even in the case of the same number of people, they couldn’t beat each other on their side. The other side was attacked by five people. A shooting star just appeared from the back of the train car and didn’t come to the mirror. Jiang Yuhan killed the gun with a long-range shot. The speed was faster than that of bare. Seeing his video before the shooting star was not so real. Now he died in the sniper marksmanship and realized that it was really terrible.
Ye Qing and Dong Lao Er didn’t dare to show up, even if they showed a little body shape. It is estimated that they will be killed by Jiang Yuhan. Two people can retreat to the trail and no one will stop them. S team people quickly pushed to the platform.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Being great power
S team easily occupied point A, and the audience applauded, apparently praising Jiang Yuhan for killing the sniper with his shot, and then deterring other defenders from staying on the platform.
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer retreated all the way to the trail and rushed directly to the platform. Cold-blooded and affectionate, they also quickly changed their route, then entered the middle gate, and then the trail and Ye Qing joined them. After the trail was closed, Ye Qing arranged tactics.
Although the strength of the other side is ridiculously strong, it can be said that it is already the strongest team in the country, but Ye Qing does not want to give in blindly. He still uses his own momentum. Ye Qing intends to let four people rush out together through the alley and then quickly kill the latest person with fire, and then try to drive the other person out of the platform and then dismantle the bomb when fighting.
At this time, the S team has already installed Bao Jiang Yuhan in the rear of the train car. K is next to Jiang Yuhan’s left box. Yan Yue shines on the platform and Avenue A in the dog hole. He is mainly defending the defender’s base, while Yu Youhe is behind the box 4.
Jiang Yuhan really didn’t expect the other person to rush out of the alley. When Ye Qing and the four of them rushed out together, Jiang Yuhan was very surprised, but after all, he was a sniper, and he reacted quite quickly. When the camera flashed, he was killed in cold blood.
At this time, K and Shine shot Ye Qing. The first person to see Ye Qing was shining at the entrance of Avenue A, because his position was the most obvious. At the first time, Ye Qing was shooting at the shining point, while Shining was in love.
Ye Qing was very calm at this time, and his mind was very clear. He was determined to prove himself in this game. His trajectory was very stable. Several shots accurately hit the shining fourth bullet, and then Ye Qing rushed directly to the side of 4. At this time, Jiang Yuhan flashed out again, and another shot killed Dong Laoer in the middle of the trail. While shooting at K, he retreated. His purpose was to attract K firepower and Ye Qing created opportunities.
Ye Qing didn’t dare to squat down to defuse the bomb at this time. It was a dead line. He just wanted to touch Jiang Yuhan behind him, but when he just walked to the side of 4, a gunner immediately flashed behind the right box. It was Yu Youhe.
Ye Qing’s reaction is quite rapid, as if he knew someone would flash out there. As soon as Yu You and he flashed out, he shot, and it was a bullet to the head, which shocked Yu You and he. You know, his strength is that few people killed him with a bullet.
People watching the game felt very smooth when they saw Ye Tilt, which didn’t seem like a temporary reaction, and Ye Tilt even exploded two heads. These two games were really wonderful, and even the supporters of the S team couldn’t help clapping their hands.
Dong Laoer and K also quickly identified the responsibility for the gun. Of course, K won easily, and immediately Jiang Yuhan flashed out again. At the same time, Yan Yue also flashed out from the dog hole. Ye Qing could choose to attack the nearest Yan Yue and Jiang Yuhan’s gun had already rang.
At the moment when Jiang Yu was shot, all eyes were on the right corner of the screen. As expected, a line of death information appeared in that place. Ye Qing was killed by being killed! ! The death of the last person in club I means that club I lost this round.
Jiang Yuhan killed four people in Club I by himself, and his shooting percentage was 100%. His exquisite marksmanship surprised his fans again, making them scream wildly.
"I rely on the example of virtual hair! This sniper rifle method is terrible! " Ye Qing felt deeply shocked. At the moment when Jiang Yuhan flashed out, he felt that he had been locked, and he gave birth to a way to avoid feeling that he died without even showing his posture. He died when he saw Jiang Yuhan’s figure flash out. There was no response opportunity too fast! !
Meteor is very sigh tunnel "hey, I also said that we should do a good job today. Who knows that we have met the sniper god and he has no chance to win the shot? I don’t even have a chance to stand in the mirror. I was dead when I saw him, but I was ready to die when I didn’t see him …"
"Ha ha ha the last sentence is very incisive! Every one of us is preparing to die when we don’t see him. "Ye Qing laughed.
The S team is also talking about the sparkle. Obviously, I didn’t expect that I would be shot in the head by the other machine gunner, and the other party also blew up Yu You and Lian Bao, which really made them sit up and take notice. K couldn’t help saying, "This little ak marksmanship is not bad!"
Shining is very depressed. "It’s not only good, it’s just awesome. Otherwise, how could you blow my head off?"
"You come on, the old man didn’t even have a chance to shoot. He rushed out and saw a man in front of him who was robbed of business by Jiang Yuhan! He killed four people by himself, and we still have a hair! " He month shook his head and said
Jiang Yuhan ha ha a smile "forgive me, I haven’t played for a long time and I’m a little excited. I’ve been like this in recent games. You should be used to it!" I’m still looking for the feeling that it’s hard to get back to the peak! "
He month and others smell speech suddenly all language and then set up a middle finger shining together and laughed. "You are still looking for a feel like this. If you find a feel, you will be abnormal." Your sister, let’s just make a cup of tea and watch your performance alone. "
"That won’t work. You have to attract firepower!" Jiang Yuhan serious tunnel k turned to look at Jiang Yuhan way "and we these top gunners in value is that you attract fire for you? I depend on you, can you be a little more awkward? "
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Don’t take it lightly. I think their ak machine gunners are not bad. If we underestimate our enemies, we may suffer big losses. We must pay attention to each opponent’s freedom!" Jiang Yu cold way with a smile
"I depend! You said you should pay attention to every opponent, but you didn’t bother to arrange it and told us to move freely! Have you such a command? " He month immediately language for the rest of the people is also extremely despise looked at Jiang Yu cold.
"Well, then I’ll arrange a tactic! Shine to point A to attract the other side’s firepower. I believe that after the first round of onslaught, the other side will definitely be heavily defended at point A. It is necessary to stall the other side, Yanyue and K, and go out in the middle. If there is no one outside the middle of the road, I will attack point B with Lao Yu. "Jiang Yuhan spoke very quickly and arranged tactics.
The S team members acted quickly. They were all top professional players in China, and their tactical execution was very strong. After the first round, Ye Qing did deploy heavy troops at point A because he felt that the other side was too strong. What tactics should he make to storm point A all the time? Even if Ye Qing tried his best to defend, he couldn’t keep it. After all, Jiang Yuhan’s sniper rifle was too powerful, but his defense line was riddled with holes.
In this round, Ye Qing arranged four men at point A, and only one cold-blooded man defended at point B. He still dared not put point B completely. The main reason is that Jiang Yuhan is a tactical master. Who knows what he will do next?
Shining on Avenue A, he lost a smoke bomb, then fired a shuttle bomb at the platform, changed the magazine, and then shot the leaves in a messy place. Judging each other at Point A by a gun, at best, it was impossible for two people to be more, so he suddenly realized that something was wrong, immediately left the meteor at Point A and went straight to Point B with Dong Laoer and cold blood.
At this moment, Yanyue and K just rushed out of the middle door and happened to meet Ye Qing. Both of them immediately shot at each other. Both Yanyue and K are great marksmanship, such as the posture of the gods and the wind. Almost at the moment of fighting, Dong Laoer and cold-blooded head were shot. Fortunately, there were three of them, and Ye Qing was lucky to kill two of them in an instant. When Yanyue and K shot Dong Laoer and cold-blooded, he was very calm. Because K was an enemy in his eyes, K was much better than him, so he had to kill K first.
K posture is very flexible. Ye Qing didn’t kill him by shooting several shots. After Dong Laoer and cold-blooded death, K has already freed his hand. Ye Qing suddenly felt bad. He immediately turned some shots into gun shooting, which immediately worked, and both K and Yan Yue were shot in the head.
Ye Qing felt very excited when he saw two people fall down. He immediately rushed to Jiang Yuhan and Yu Youhe at point B. Both of them were shocked to see the screen death information. The ak machine gunner actually killed Yanyue and K, the two top machine gunners! !
"It’s really good for me to react so quickly to both of us. If he was alone, I could easily blow his head off, but three of them gave him a chance to kill both of us. I should have killed him first!" He month is feeling almost to k way.
K nodded faintly and said, "I’ll show him what ak marksmanship is next round!" "
Chapter one hundred and seventy Meteor shining point
Ye Qing miraculously killed two gun gods in the middle of the road, and he had already rushed into point B. When Ye Qing rushed in, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and found the backbone.
Because Dong Laoer and cold-blooded were killed outside the middle door, Ye Qing went to Avenue A where point B was shining again, and then he was afraid to rush toward the platform alone. At this time, the meteor position was on the trail, and he was afraid to frame the sniper behind the train car. The main reason was that there was a shadow after being killed by Jiang Yuhan.