Wanchonglou is a mixed place where all kinds of people are here, and it is also the safest and most dangerous place, because I don’t know when your trace will appear in someone’s hands, but at the same time, no one dares to make moves without authorization in this place. Maybe the old man sweeping the door is a senior soldier.

Leo came from the carriage and generously threw a silver coin. The driver was overjoyed and said, "Thank you for your reward."
At this time, Leo also experienced the feeling of a rich man. After all, he is now a daughter in hand.
Leo, the place of Wanchonglou, is the first time to come to this place. He has also heard a little about what Munster chose this place. Leo can’t help but wonder again. Who is this Munster?
Leo walked into Wanchong Building and went to the third floor. After giving Munster his name, a man took him to a window bag.
Leo drank tea and waited for Munster to arrive.
Soon Munster came into the room wearing a clean robe. When he entered the room, Munster was more enthusiastic. "My dear little Leo didn’t expect you to arrive so early to keep you waiting."
"I didn’t come here, and I didn’t finish a cup of tea in a short time." Leo also pretended to be enthusiastic. He wanted to see what Munster had called him out in this strange way
"Little Leo, I came here today to make a long story short. In fact, I have another identity." Munster said frankly that if he was selling this thing in front of a little guy, he simply said it.
"What do you mean?" Leo is a little confused. He doesn’t understand what Munster said that another identity represents.
"Let’s just say that besides being a member of Watson’s adventure group, I am also a great alchemist’s servant. Have you heard of it?" Munster said
"alchemist?" Leo was surprised.
He never imagined that Munster would be an alchemist’s servant and that a magician would stoop to be a magician’s servant?
The alchemist, he has also heard that they are really noble people. They can use different magic materials to make gold, even if it is very cheap, it will become very expensive after their hands.
Some precious life-saving elixirs are made by alchemists. Most people would rather offend a noble magician than provoke a great alchemist, which can save their lives.
"If I tell you that I respect the alchemists and are interested in you, are you willing to follow us and respect the alchemists?" Munster took a sip of tea and looked very complacent. He believed that Leo would make the right choice. He was a powerful alchemist.
Leo chuckled and shook his head and said, "Freedom is always the first in my heart. No matter whether he is a respected alchemist, a powerful warrior or a noble magician, I will not play a chess game in their hands. I want to be myself. No one can bind me."
Munster almost threw away the cup in his hand. He couldn’t believe Leo’s answer. Where did he get the confidence to refuse to be recruited by an alchemist without even thinking about it?
"I hope you think it over," Munster said.
Leo shook his head and said, "No need. Let’s call it a day. I have work to do."
With that, Leo walked towards the outside, leaving Munster stunned alone.
A man in a black robe was in the attic of Wanchong Building. He looked out and got into the crowd. Leo smiled a little at the corner of his mouth.
Leo packed some hot food on his way back and bought food for six people before he walked to the college.
I have to say that eating goods is very powerful. When Leo opened the bedroom door, Kyle was super eating goods. Kyle immediately leaned out of his head and there was a crystal thin line hanging around his mouth.
At this time, Ryan came out from washing his hands and unceremoniously opened a food and grabbed it directly and ate it.
"Old three, get ready. We have to go to St. British Columbia for an annual experience. If we get good grades, there will be rewards in the college." Ryan said when something would happen in the college, but he could tell it in a few words.
Leo’s eyes burst into dazzling light when he heard the experience of Mount St. British Columbia
66 st. petersburg, mt
"whoops! Blare … "
With a bull horn sounded somewhere in the St. British hills, junior students from the Holy City College came here, including soldiers and wizards.
They come from their own annual experience, of course, they are also honored, and they are qualified for advanced middle-grade colleges … Only by winning the ranking in the annual experience can they be qualified for promotion to middle-grade colleges. This is a rule and an iron law.
But it’s not the kui is a so-called "snow world" here. The mountains of St. British Columbia are covered with white snow, and the cold beat on your face into ice flowers.
Even the exhaled air is cold, and it will soon turn into layers of frost, which is really cold.
The wolf sounds from a distance.
"It’s snow Wolf! ?” There was some commotion in the team of Holy City College.
The so-called snow wolf is a lonely wolf in the world of ice and snow, which is a specialty of Mount St.
The strength level of the most common snow wolf in the Mount St. British Columbia is estimated to reach the second level of Warcraft, and if it is an elite, it will be stronger. The second level will peak at the third level … which is at the fourth level!
Anyway, the King of Snow Wolf in Mount St. British Columbia is a six-level Warcraft equivalent to the strong in the holy area, and the whole holy city mainland knows it!
On the other hand, this Mount St. British Ridge is located on the east side of the warm water river that runs through the holy city mainland. If it is divided according to the frontier boundary of the holy city mainland, it should belong to the position close to the node, that is to say, it belongs to the Terran natural barrier to stop the inferno, and many alliance teams are stationed to guard the frontier against the inferno.
I can vaguely feel that the smell of war is heavy and full of blood here.
Actually, the most powerful professional college in the Holy City, the Holy City College, is meaningful for students to feel all this … War or fighting against demons. This is not only to make them feel grateful, but also to make them adapt to the atmosphere of war. After all, they are likely to participate in the war and join the army!
Because the Terrans have been hiding in the holy city continent for decades, they have repeatedly tried to return to Azerbaijanis by means of war, but unfortunately they have failed.
Holy City Calendar 3 years Holy City Calendar 17 years Holy City Calendar 36 years Holy City Calendar 51 years In this short period of 50 years, large-scale wars have been launched by Terrans, with more than four times, and the number of casualties is countless, with as few as 10 million, but each war is defeated in the same way.
But four large-scale wars, none of which was more successful than even getting a good result, obviously there seems to be something fishy hidden in it.
But these are civilians who don’t need to care about things or are not qualified to care about the high-level game of the Holy City Alliance. It’s not just a few humble civilians who can shake the high-level of the Holy City Alliance. It’s the overall situation … Whether it’s true or not, then God knows.
Of course, this is all nonsense, so there is no need to overdo it.
And what is most needed or repeated now is the snow wolf in the St. British hills.
That’s right, it’s those arrogant snow wolves. It may be hard for you to guess what the scariest species is in this snow-capped Mount St. ? Blue-tailed giant ape? Giant scorpion triangle silver ring emerald snake in St. Python Mountain? No, no, no, they are all the species that give people the most nightmares, but if they are the most horrible, they have to pull over.
In the St. British hills, it is a kind of Warcraft. If you face a snow storm at the same level, you will have a game to escape.
After all, it can be said that the snow wolf is the king of Mount St. British Columbia. Whether it starts from a low level or counts until the strongest level 6 Warcraft, it is all the snow wolf. After all, it is said that the snow wolf king is too strong and is known as the three kings of Warcraft in the holy city mainland. This claim alone is enough to say everything!
"Remember to tell you the rules before? If you don’t remember, you can look through the manual again. I believe that everyone should have an annual experience. It’s a month, and the rule is very simple. That is to collect as many crystal nuclei of Warcraft as possible. During this month’s experience, each of you has two opportunities to come back and pay the crystal nuclei of Warcraft. If you miss it, you can’t even get a dragon crystal nucleus. Is it clear? " College instructor said in front of the big
In fact, he didn’t worry about not being heard by magic, but he still shouted loudly and did his duty.
"Boo hoo, damn it, I’m going to stay in this hellhole for a month. Are you sure I’m not dreaming?" Even in my heart, I’m already ready. The boss in Leo’s dormitory, Ryan, can’t help but cry out in pain at the moment.
A young man with ambition, ideals and ambitions, how can he waste his good time in a place like this … Of course, this is just his complaint. If he has the courage to skip the exam and not take part in the annual experience, his usually kind aristocrat will immediately turn into a demon and tear his skin apart.
Just like going to the iron law, yes, the annual experience of the Holy City College is the iron law. If you don’t participate, hehe, the tragic day is still behind!
"Ryan’s boss is only a month old. Anyway, you must have prepared a lot of things and passed the annual experience. There must be no problem, right?" Leo said with a smile beside him. He was wearing a snow suit made of snowbird skin. Of course, there was a layer of leather inside, trying to make himself more secure before ensuring the temperature. This is something that every wise man would do. After all, it’s dangerous. There is always no big mistake to be careful in Mount St. British Ridges!
However, they have him in this dormitory today, and Ryan has come to participate in this year’s experience, and the remaining two have not come. This is because freshmen are relaxed in the first year of school and can choose to participate in the annual experience from the second year … This is also afraid that some freshmen are not strong enough, but two years will be enough for them to adjust.
According to what he said, it’s actually very simple to pass the annual experience. The annual experience rule is to harvest the crystal nucleus of Warcraft and then transform the integral. A first-level crystal nucleus of Warcraft is judged to be 11 points, a second-level crystal nucleus of Warcraft is judged to be 11 points, and a third-level crystal nucleus of Warcraft is judged to be 11 points … There are special magic instruments to judge the energy in the magic crystal nucleus. Don’t worry about less. As far as the annual experience is concerned, it will definitely be fair and just.