Dog two "envy plus one"

"I went to her to take off his clothes." The dog trembled.
Dog 2 "envy me to death"
"Oh, why is she so close to him? She doesn’t want to kiss him all over." The dog trembled with excitement.
Dog 2 "Ah, it’s so exciting that I can’t breathe."
Then two small stones flew over to stun and kill dog one and dog two. Patience was really limited and annoying. Too noisy and dizzy; I can’t tell, but I’m a little dizzy …
Great, the world is quiet again. Take back your hand and let Liu Xi wrap him up carefully at night. Liu Guang falls lightly on Liu Xi’s sharp face at night, and his eyes look big and watery, and the affectionate clouds are flickering.
Blood kills me and I feel itchy all over my heart. I like it at night and I like it at night. This kind of warm and practical feeling is that he always yearns for him-he doesn’t want to let go.
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Chapter 522 You will never be returned to him.
It suddenly occurred to me that the man who was carefully comforted by his girlfriend and hit a tree killed his eyes and bent up. He didn’t envy that man. He is a hundred times happier than that man now. Hum, have you been seen by your girlfriend? I was seen thoroughly. Oh, I even showed my ABS.
Killers also keep up with the joneses-
Liu Xixi naturally noticed that blood killed her eyes, which were more tender and watery. If she still didn’t notice, she would be scorched by his enthusiasm, okay?
She sighed and angered him, but how could she really abandon him? She saved him.
"Well, don’t wave when we go to catch rape! !” Liu Xixi tried to ignore the strange feeling and pointed to the distance with great interest.
Well, she can leave this kind of children’s love affair to Difeng Night alone, and she still has a lot of things to do. Well, her goal is the sea of stars.
It’s not easy to live in ancient times if she wants to kill those who want to kill her first.
So the two men stopped cultivating feelings and excitedly prepared to abuse Emperor Weiyun and Mo Ruan Ruan. When they went to the tip, they killed their eyes and became cold. "It’s not good for us to get caught."
As soon as his voice fell, it rained like a migratory locust when he shot in from the outside of the window.
Blood killed busy pulling Liu Sunseeker’s hand and rolling into the desktop land together. My father-in-law was shot into a hedgehog by those arrows.
Liu Xixi exclaimed at night, "Ya, this arrow is poisonous."
Because it happened that an arrow shot was a squirrel hiding at the table, and the squirrel turned white in the eyes and twitched in the limbs before dying.
"Liu Xi night, blood comes out and wants you to come out. I promise you won’t die." A cold and gloomy sound track.
Liu Sunseeker shivered slightly when he heard the sound late. First, Ye Ze couldn’t think of this guy’s haunting, and he chased him here all the time.
Willow sunseeker night dissatisfied tunnel "didn’t you say that his army was annihilated? He brought so many people? "
Blood kills some. "He has money! !”
Liu Xixi’s "…" paralyzed her hatred of the rich! !
"He has rich girls, too." Liu Sunseeker thought of a way to quietly kill her ears with blood and wanted to think, expressing his great agreement with Liu Sunseeker, so he gloated.
Look at these ancient people. Aren’t they all great heroes? But at the time of crisis, I don’t have to rely on her little girl to save me. Hehehe, she finally feels a little superior about being a traveler
Looking at Liu Sunseeker’s side face with appreciation, I couldn’t help laughing when I saw her triumphant face at night.
He has been crawling out of the dead since he was a child, and it is almost common for him to take the risk of death.
Liu Xixi looked at her differently at night. Even when she was poor, she was well raised by her mother. But she can be so dangerous. She even said that she didn’t change her face in the gambling plan. !
Sure enough-I have a crush on women, and I will never give you back to Difeng Night.
"Hey, it’s the night master. Why are you still so arrogant? I heard that your night home will be confiscated by the emperor. I wonder if you can afford the wages of these people?" Willow sunseeker night and smiling propaganda way
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Chapter 523 What is salary?
Yeze frowned. What’s that?
In fact, the 500 hired thugs are also thinking about a problem. Shouldn’t wages be wages? Fortunately, they pay first and then work.
Everyone is determined in their hearts. Although it’s a down payment, it’s certainly not a lie for the public to spend a lot of money to see the gold, silver and jewels in his carriage full of mountains.
Ye Ze also sneered, "I’m the one who left you at Liuxi Night. Stop playing and come with me. I won’t kill you, I swear."
In order to save you, I was almost eaten by crocodiles. How can you be so ignorant of good people? Of course, this kind of embarrassing night will not tell Liu Xixi that his eyes are dark and the original is healing. It seems that there is some dull pain.
Every time it hurts, his heart is full of Liu Sunseeker’s shadow. The thought of seeing him at night makes him feel a little nervous and excited.
However, Liu Xixi definitely won’t come to see him at night. She asked with a smile, "Yegong, you are even more stupid when you cheat these fools this time. You haven’t found your tricks yet. You won’t put straw on the bottom and spread some mixed jewels like the last time. Oh, that method is also what I left behind. You are just trying to make a difference. In the end, you won’t let them get paid and then bomb everyone."
Liu Xixi was just saying that if she was such a pervert, she would definitely do it.
But I didn’t expect the effect to be so good that she was hit by a blind cat.
"Damn it, he really let us see the treasure of that car far away. It can’t be fake, can it?" Finally, some people are unreliable.
Ye Ze frowned slightly and said, "Don’t you believe that girl who can talk, not that I don’t want nonsense to force people out of me. I want that girl."
His words are like a starting gun and an arrow, like locusts, drilling into a dilapidated land temple.
Liu Sunseeker was almost injured by the flow vector last night. Fortunately, the blood killed her suddenly and held her back, which barely escaped.
However, this evening, Liu Sunseeker and Blood Kill are tightly attached together. Liu Sunseeker looked up slightly at night and saw that the earlobe of Blood Kill was red with the naked eye, which made her a little nervous.
"Does it hurt?" Liu Sunseeker moved her eyes late and saw blood killing her shoulder. She bandaged him and knew how deep the wound was in that place.
If this fool were an ordinary person, he would have been lying in bed for a long time.
He also ran over to find her and ran around with her rashly, sighing. She thought that if she came to this world and was the first to say that she liked her, maybe the result would be better, but many things didn’t.
"Blood kills you. Listen to me. There is little chance for the two of us to escape together. Let’s split up later. I’ll run to the river. Sorry, I’m not good at kung fu. I can take you to the mountain through the river. If nothing happens, I’ll wait for you in Beijing."
"No" blood kill coldly refused.
Liu Xixi was so angry that his eyes were wide open at night. "What? I think this is the best way. Kuang Yeze may not kill me."
In fact, she is not sure whether to kill or not depends on the mood of Yeze.
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Chapter 524 Pearls are so expensive