"So …" Yang Ye smile more sheng "Lilina we …"

"yes! !” to be continued
Chapter 3: If you take up the challenge?
"mystifying!" Tyrannosaurus rex sneers at a war of promises that is almost arrogant, otherwise.
This also can’t laugh at Tyrannosaurus Rex, who told him that there is indeed a powerful force that can’t be ignored behind him? Behind him, except for those who had gathered in the central pan-horizon alliance before, they were sent out, and the periphery was also stacked around the ground at a high speed, forming an impenetrable encirclement.
See how you escape!
Tyrannosaurus rex corners of the mouth evoked a smile, and the scroll in his hand continued to rub-vowing to take the promise!
"Brothers together to kill this promise! ! !” Tyrannosaurus rex roared and launched the final mobilization.
"Kill! !”
"Dog ri promises to fight for life! !”
"Die in my cold knife! !”
Tyrannosaurus rex made the people around him act immediately, yelling at Yang Yechong, and constantly shouting all kinds of arrogant words. It is estimated that it is not really so powerful, but it is courageous. Although calling them alone may make them unintelligent, at least so many tactics of their own people around can always drown out the promise war, and look at each other’s equipment. This red name state is dead once and the ground is full of fairy-level equipment! Is there a reason not to kill?
"rage! !” Crazy fighters fists a hold roars a way
Rage is a skill that reduces the defense and increases the damage, but it has a considerable effect. People who play crazy fighters generally don’t care what defense-kill it to the end!
"Knight Soul!" The heavy knight straddles the steed, his eyes fixed on the front, and he drank lightly. A giant knight’s virtual shadow immediately merged into their bodies.
Knight’s soul is heavy. Knights can increase their own skills when they are possessed by knight’s soul. Their own attributes are important skills of heavy knight’s toughness. Once they have this skill, their physical strength is also extremely high and difficult.
"Flash dance!" "fatal!" The instant blade dance launched two state skills and at the same time put itself into a stealth state and touched it forward.
Flash dance can increase the evasion rate of the blade dance itself, which is very good. The blade dance can almost force its way through the skills, and it also has a good evasion rate. The deadly pupil found that the enemy’s weakness was locked, so that the next 3 seconds of normal attack could be crit. It was a blade dance to kill people. The key skill was very scary
Blade dance, a profession that relies on ordinary attacks to eat, has gone out, while the other two assassin professions have not been idle-the high-flying assassins have moved their skills in a blink of an eye. When they are in the unit, their moving speed is high, and they can quickly approach the target. The wind-flying state of death is not accelerating, but it will drop to 2 seconds when the skills of killing, scattering blades and nailing are cooled down. It is simply a double-trick artifact. Based on the "wind of death" state, the high-flying assassins can launch continuous attacks in 1 second.
Compared with the high winds, the ninjas seem to be relatively low-key. They are silent and directly launch stealth to make themselves busy. After covering, they directly move toward the goal. The rest of the skills are not moved. That’s how they become cannon fodder. At this stage, ninjas can almost connect people to disability if they are recruited smoothly!
Suddenly there was a burst of bowing on one side, and the bowstring was collapsed tightly-you must be a heavy bowman to play the bow and arrow like this!
There are a lot of archers in this pan-sky alliance war, but not many archers, because they are not suitable for forest warfare. All kinds of problems will interfere with them, but even if they are small, they will launch a level 5 skill "destroyer", but the shock is still underestimated …
As soon as the line of sight turned, a clever figure suddenly flashed-it was a spirit arrow! Lingjian is good at guerrilla warfare, containment and kite flying, which has brought their dexterity into full play in this forest. Therefore, in the Pan-Sky Alliance, at most, Lingjian leaves are constantly creaking, and the figure of Lingjian is leaping out …
There is such a group of people in the rear of the whole team. They seem to be doing everything leisurely, which is in great conflict with the tense fighting atmosphere around here, but they seem to be busy with something. They look at the sky and think for a while and then fiddle with it. Have poked and poked the ant nest for a while, and then fiddled with it … Such an improper way of fighting must have buried the feathers. These trap guys are already making special toys. These toys form fighting power, which is terrible!
Suddenly shining magic swept through, and this magic wind was almost mixed with all magic elements ice, fire, earth and thunder, and then a group of magicians laughed and laughed after hearing it …
Magicians also showed off their magic to shine the slightly dim environment of Dolson in a white and miserable light. Firefighters burned wet land and transpiration, and a lot of water vapor floated in one direction, making some places like fairyland full of white fog; The ice skaters don’t seem to like the potholes in Dolson, but they just freeze the ground into a flat piece, which seems to be a huge mirror, but this mirror … The damage is really terrible! The local mage is just calm. They control the falling rocks and clods like bulldozers, and they are moving forward. This leisure is very leisurely, which hides the dangers … Lei Fa has enveloped itself in the thunder, and the sound of Zi La Zi is constantly appearing. Players are afraid of Lei Fa’s natural fear, which makes them afraid to approach the staff around him. The thunder suddenly falls through the fire steam, indigenous boulders and ice mirrors and hits the ground, scorching the soil and burning it dry …
Because the enemy has a holy shepherd, they can almost relax. They constantly put the cooled "holy shield" on the surrounding teammates, try their best to ensure their safety and guard against promises and attacks at any time, so as to release their healing skills at the first time and save their teammates as their solid backing.
After releasing the "big blood-sucking aura" and "storm aura", the Yan Ling seems to have some strength. They just sit aside and wait for a skill to cool down and release it. Some daring Yan Ling have moved to the promise war, hoping to throw their skills into the promise war. I don’t know if they can succeed.
The spell masters braved the black gas and exuded an unusual strange smell. At the same time, they started the "bad blood corruption" skill, and then summoned an evil spirit to follow the charge army to sneak towards the promise war, hoping to infect each other with their own plague and let him die painfully!
Everyone in the Pan-Sky Alliance has started their skills, either moving forward, approaching the promise war or protecting their teammates to cooperate with the attack. At first glance, it looks like a huge potential.
Tyrannosaurus Rex is satisfied. Look around. Leading the league, which used to be like scattered sand, has now been able to actively cooperate with each other. This is a good end, and the promise war is the test target and the cornerstone of consolidating the people’s hearts of the league!
Turning to the promise war, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s heart burst into self-confidence and whispered, "Do you want to fight like a promise war?"
Yang Ye looked at him with a look on his face. He came to the player group in a crazy way. Xia Ge? Aidijian gently draws out the sword and reflects a slightly dazzling light in the mottled light and shadow of Dolson. It looks dreamy and unreal, and many players are rushing around. It looks hard to stop, but it is not difficult for Yang Ye.