He was eager to open the envelope, and a cold light flashed in front of him.

First, the heart is a little scared, and then it is surprisingly angry? ? ? ? ? ? "Mom, it’s too arrogant to scare me on dog day. Is it always scary?"? He has an impulse to go into the lion’s den alone and beat up that group of scum.
"Wrong to calm down to calm down? ? ? ? ? ?” A rational thought flashed into his mind, and all the teachings of Rivers coach Pierce reappeared in his ear.
"This is China’s heroism in the United States. Maybe it doesn’t work. I want to exercise restraint. I want to make sure that I am coming to play ball instead of fighting. My dream? ? ? ? ? ?” Although there is some confusion in Zhong Daguo’s mind, he is generally sober.
"Well, Brother Pierce just said that if there is anything, I will ask him for help. I have to solve the problem in the safest way, and I can’t rush. If something really happens, my future will be ruined," he thought carefully.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 13 Truth comes forward
Chapter 13 Truth comes forward
I slept at noon, and I was in good spirits. In the afternoon, it was the routine training clock of the team. When I went to the arena, I just took the envelope and the bullet and asked Paul Pierce. He is experienced in this field and should be able to find the best solution.
After coming to the arena, the coach and other players haven’t arrived yet. He always comes early. He practiced for a while by himself, dribbling and projecting while moving. ? ? ? ? ? Pierce walked into the arena, and this time he walked over to Pierce himself. "Brother Paul Pierce, I have something to talk to you about."
"Well, what do you say?" Pierce was quite frank. Did he have a fight in front of this little brother he liked?
"This is what I received when I came home at noon. I don’t know who put it on my pillow. I’m not afraid of this at all, but after all, it’s the United States. As coach Rivers said, I don’t want to make trouble again. I hope to find the safest way to solve this problem, so I came to you." Zhong Daguo handed the envelope to Pierce.
"These guys are really arrogant and dare to come true." Pierce Ma was a little angry
"It’s okay. I know their situation, that is, dozens of gangsters are not big gangs. I know their boss. It’s no problem to go there in person and finish the conversation," Pierce said with confidence
"Well, it’s best to solve it easily. I don’t want to delay my basketball career," Zhong Daguo responded
"It’s better for you to think this way, not only in the United States, but also in other countries. If you want to do a good job, the first thing you have to do is to get rid of impulsiveness. This is the first rule of success, or you will definitely ruin your future if you cause too much trouble." Pierce agreed with Zhong Daguo’s calm and rational approach
After a while, coach Rivers also came to the arena. "What are you talking about to make it so mysterious?"
"Oh, I have something to tell you straight. As you expected, Zhong has caused some trouble outside. Now I need to help him solve this problem. What should happen and what shouldn’t have consequences?" Pierce and coach Rivers have worked together for so many years, and they have the same father base. Say what they have.
"Well, that’s good. You should learn a lesson this time. If you make trouble again, no one can help you." Rivers woke up again.
"You two practice for a while before you go, players. The business must not be delayed by other things." Rivers is really a strict coach, and he is also very confident that Pierce can easily solve the troubles of Zhong Daguo.
After practicing for a while, it was already 4 o’clock in the afternoon. After asking coach Rivers for instructions, they went out by car.
"Do you know where they are?" Zhong Daguo asked.
"Well, they are just a bunch of idle gangsters. There is nothing I don’t know in Boston," Pierce said confidently.
The car stopped at a chaotic residential area. "The car bar is here," Pierce said.
Pierce led Zhong Daguo to a basement, and the walkway was messy and dirty, but after turning a corner, the darkness disappeared and replaced by a scene of bright lights.
Pierce took Zhong Daguo into the room, and two burly black men with strange hairstyles came out. Their faces were pointed and cheeky, and their horses showed flattering smiles. "Hey, if it isn’t Brother Paul Pierce, why didn’t you come and sit in our shabby place?" "Pour Brother Pierce a good cup of coffee quickly." The monkey-faced guy politely said that Pierce was notorious for fighting with a group of gangsters, but he didn’t die a dozen times. His name has long been famous in the American gangster world. Now Pierce has turned over a new leaf and is rich and famous. These gangsters are of course going to give him great affection.
"Tell your boss to come out. I have something small to talk to him." Pierce said quietly. He didn’t want to mess with these punks endlessly. Finish early and leave early.
"Is it? ? ? ? ? ? You wait a moment. "The monkey face is small and quite clever.
"Oh, hey? ? ? ? ? ? Why did brother come to my humble abode? ? ? ? ? ? Disrespectful? ? ? ? ? ?” A bald white man with a gold necklace hurried to Pierce and showed great compliment.
"Hehe, the style is getting bigger and bigger, with a gold necklace and enough prestige. Recently, I heard that your gang is getting bigger and bigger, or the eldest brother is well managed." Pierce has always been very serious, but this time he is here to handle affairs, and it is better for everyone to be emotional and communicate.
"Ha ha, where is the current economic downturn? It’s hard for us guys. My two hands are always causing trouble for me. Yesterday, I just spent a lot of money to take those two idiots out of prison." The gangster turned and pointed to the two troublemakers.
"It’s really ignorant of you two to roll over here. Even the Pierce brothers dare to offend the old man and shoot you two idiots now." The gangster eldest brother said, and got up and took out his pistol from the side drawer, and he was going to shoot at the two beaten guys.
"Eldest brother forgive? ? ? ? ? ?” Those two guys plopped down on their knees. They were beaten so badly that they didn’t even have the strength to speak.
"Don’t forget it. It’s over. We’ll talk about it later." Pierce must have understood the mystery. He didn’t want to rock the boat and stop the gangster.
"Get out of here for the old man and never let me see two idiots again." Gangster eldest brother took out a pile of money from his pocket and threw it at those two guys’ heads. "Take the money and get away from the old man. Are you paralyzed? ? ? ? ?” Brother Gang was furious and seemed to eat people.
"Brother, I have to do this in front of you. We people have to eat, but how much did the two guys cost us before and after? The police station redeemed people. Although we also have it, we have to spend some money. Now that two idiots have been beaten like this, I should give some medical money. You should see that although I am a big brother, the opposite person still has some love." The gangster complained to Pierce repeatedly about his difficulties
"Your difficulty I know that we have known each other for so long. Brothers have something to say and don’t beat around the bush. How much does it cost you? I don’t want to pay a price, but you must make sure that I have no trouble after my little brother. Otherwise? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Pierce knew that the guy wanted money, so he came straight to the point.
"look? ? ? ? ? ? You see, we have been friends for many years, and it is said that money hurts feelings, right? ? ? ? ? There are some things. Well, since the brothers are so frank, I’ll just say that no one dares to touch your little brother after 5w dollars. "The gangster brother said a few pleasantries and then went out to sea.
"Listen, if my little brother is in trouble, especially if you are bothering him, then I won’t talk about friendship with you." Pierce took out a thick stack of US dollars and handed it to the bald white brother with a tough and heavy warning.