Many players on the shore exclaimed that this man is bound to be finished.

Who knows that the swordsman suddenly turned back beautifully and hid the magma without hesitation, and then landed firmly on the tightrope. At this time, he could see that his skill was quite vigorous, and it made sense for a swordsman to walk so carefully.
The swordsmen moved on after avoiding deadly magma, but this hellish furnace seemed to be spiritual, and the magma in the whole pool boiled and fluctuated greatly.
Three consecutive magma splashes from behind the swordsmen, and the swordsmen roll forward directly.
He really hid beautifully, and when he fell down three times in a row, he was steady, and the cable was slightly shaking.
But at this time, his feet showed signs that a large piece of magma not only covered him directly, but also rose to the sky for about ten meters.
In fact, anyone with a little insight can tell that the first few magma are the most standard lux, but this time it is a strange water red and very bright.
A moment later, the slurry was scattered, and the "bridge" man was still there, but the swordsman had turned into a skeleton, and he even maintained a stick posture.
The field was as silent as death, and everyone was transfixed.
SAO Hehe Trail "This rock liquid is mixed with a kind of energy, but it is not a scientific and technological category."
Mad dog dragon didn’t deny what he said, because at this time there were people who were not afraid of death in hkk array.
This time, an assault soldier dressed very succinctly walked to the shore. First, he stepped back a few steps and blew the bridge with a fierce force.
The soldier’s thinking is excellent, so I won’t learn from the swordsmen, and it will take me twenty or thirty seconds to cross the bridge.
Sure enough, after a bridge, he pulled out one illusion after another and rushed out thirty or forty meters in the blink of an eye.
But even the blink of an eye bridge swelled up with a big thick lux slurry, which was accompanied by a slight scream
For a moment, there was not a ghost on the bridge, and the cable was swaying gently as if nothing had ever happened.
This flood turned ugly, and hkk lost two generals.
Sao ha ha complexion is heavier than "there are monsters in the pool"
Han Xinyi’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. "It looks like a fish."
"How can there be such a thing in this place?"
Han Xinyi said, "It may be to stop everyone from coming to Taiwan."
Sao Hehe nodded in agreement. This magma pool is very calm if people don’t bridge it, but once you go to the surface, it will boil and go to the center. The magma will be thick and big, and if you dare to go deeper, monsters will come out to punish you.
"There is definitely something hidden in Taiwan!" SAO, hehe, this belief is getting stronger and stronger.
Han Xinyi way "but is the method to cucumber, do you have any way? Cucumber? Huh? Where are people? "
She turned and saw that Mad Dog Dragon had disappeared.
At this time, the players once again screamed and looked up at the sound. When they saw a camouflage moving like a monkey on the north cave wall, they were holding a pair of straight army thorns in their hands. This method is exactly what the ghost Wuji showed in the Temple of Heaven to climb.
But this time, the terrain here is more complicated and difficult, because the whole cave is hemispherical, and the further you go, the harder it is to climb.
Everyone is staring, and everyone wants to know how this camouflage can be lowered to the stage.
Soon everyone knew that camouflage was halfway up, and suddenly a flying claw "ding" embedded in the wall of the square cave followed him to pull the rope and swing to the center.
So many times camouflage miraculously approached the central altar.
SAO, hehe, obviously I haven’t seen this kind of scene, and I can’t help sighing at the moment.
Han Xinyi eyes flashing "there are more severe"
"Oh?" Looking down her eyes, I found that the mad dog dragon root on my head didn’t need to throw flying claws to make Peter Pan float around in the sky directly.
Camouflage also found that Mad Dog Dragon is obviously much more powerful than him, and it depends on the situation that he is definitely one step ahead of him.
At this time, the distance between the two people is less than 100 meters. Because of the terrain, the swing range of the two people is relatively small
Another camouflage suddenly pulls the rope with one hand and pulls out a dark and bulky pistol with the other hand after swinging back and forth.
"bang! Bang! Bang! Hey! "
Several rounds of gunfire have been shocked, and you can feel the sonorous sound from such a long distance across the ground 2.
Camouflage is obviously worried that Mad Dog Dragon will try to shoot him first.
"mean!" Han Xinyi was very angry, but she was so angry that even the archers at the high school scene were not necessarily able to shoot to that height.
Camouflage shot seven times in a round, and one of the bullets hit Mad Dog Dragon because it was really swaying.
Mad Dog Dragon’s health dropped by 17 points directly. He instantly calculated that the opponent’s pistol attack power had a high attack of 21 points.
But this is not the most important point. The key is that the bullet hit his shoulder and suddenly produced a feeling of paralysis and weakness, and his eyes ached and his vision was a little blurred.
The bomb not only has attack special effects, but also is contaminated with poison. These guys are really yin.
Camouflage showed his shooting skills in high school at this time. After a round of shooting, he pressed the safety magazine with his finger and fell off and fell to Fangyanchi.
He pulled out a new magazine from his belt with one hand and turned it around with the gun in his hand.
"Click" a new magazine and then magically reload it into the bolt machine.
"Not good!" Mad dog dragon found that the other side was aiming at himself again, and now the distance is getting closer and closer. If you even take a few shots, the consequences will be unimaginable.
The problem is that you don’t have a single-handed weapon to fight back. I should have developed several powerful pistols before my buddy came to the genius hall. The great advantage of pistol shooting in this environment is that the rifle method is compared with the sniper rifle …