Raymond Felton dribbled the ball for a while from the outside to a 45-degree angle. Stoudemire caught the ball in two zones and turned around and hit a jumper, hitting two points.

Stoudemire changed a new pair of glasses. He took off his new glasses and smiled at the audience. It took only a few tens of seconds to wipe the sweat off his jersey. Is it so tired? Or is it too empty?
At the 45-degree angle on the right side of Zhong Daguo, he held the ball with both hands and faced jr. He seemed very calm. Suddenly, his left foot took a step forward. jr took a step back this time, and the Great Country immediately took off. It was like McGrady’s posture. Three points, three points? ? ? ? ? ? A perfect goal with a radian. Tracy McGrady’s ball has a very low radian. Many of them are directly blown into the basket, but Zhong Daguo’s goal is rotated into the net. This is Rivers’ deliberate presence to improve Zhong Daguo’s technology. Tracy McGrady was also a Rivers lover in Warcraft.
"This little" Anthony doesn’t have much enthusiasm, but a rookie who has only played for half a season is so arrogant. He really has some ways to put up with "this is the new york Knicks, this is my territory". Anthony is angered by the wonderful performance of Zhong Daguo.
"Ball ball to me? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Anthony seldom gets angry and smiles has always been his trademark, but this time he is a little angry.
The bottom line on the right side of melon is facing Zhong Daguo. He holds the ball with his hands bent over and leans forward slightly. Zhong Daguo seems to have expected his next move. He feels that melon likes to cut into the bottom line, so Zhong Daguo subconsciously defends melon against the bottom line and is really ready to squeeze another way out. This time, Zhong Daguo blocked the road before him and his breakthrough was disrupted.
Regardless of whether the breakthrough of melon was not very smooth, he shot directly from the bottom line outside the three-point line. Zhong Daguo didn’t react. Melon was gambling this time, but the goal was scored in Melon. He has always been a big-hearted player, and it is actually normal for him to score this time.
2431 7 points gap between the two sides
Rondo catches the ball in the backcourt and transports it to the frontcourt. Everyone pulls Rondo and can play singles by himself.
"Let me defend him," Anthony said with a little domineering. He has made many great successes in the face of Zhong Daguo and hardly scored a goal in his defense of Zhong Daguo’s clock, so Melon is very confident in defending this rookie.
Jr discretion is gone. He’s defending Pierce with a bigger tonnage. It’s obvious that Pierce is too thin to eat him alone.
Rondo has a clear understanding of the situation. He is the top point guard in the league, which is strong and weak. He knows all about it. Although he can break Felton, Pierce has a better chance and is more sure.’ Marrying someone else’ has always been the most important thing for an excellent point guard.
Pierce is so old, he is no longer the domineering and leaking years ten years ago. He didn’t choose singles jr "Hey! Zhong catches the ball and you hit it. I believe you. "Pierce shouted and gave the ball to Zhong Daguo.
Zhong Daguo gave Pierce a firm look. "Thank you, Big Brother, I can do it," he thought to himself.
Anthony is going to be serious this time. He didn’t defend Zhong Daguo just now, but it’s hard to get in. Now he really defends Zhong Daguo, not to mention it’s over.
Anthony’s low body and Zhong Daguo are separated by a little distance. Zhong Daguo’s left hand holds the ball with one hand. Why is it a classic move by McGrady? Who told me that I love Mai Yaoge the most? Zhong Maoti watched the game with his eyes open.
He suddenly started to take a big step with his right foot, which had already passed Anthony Melon. He wanted to move in parallel to block the big clock country, but Pierce came to help pick and roll. When jr was ready to change the clock, the big clock country had accelerated to kill Jr. It was changing the defense from time to time.
This is also why Rivers privately coached Zhong Daguo. When Tracy McGrady was once all-powerful, he rarely went directly to the basket after pick and roll. After pick and roll, Mai usually chose jump shots directly. Therefore, Rivers taught Zhong Daguo teammates that it is often the safest way to score.
Zhong Daguo entered the basket. Stoudemire took a step forward in the attack route of Zhong Daguo, and then raised his hands to hold Zhong Daguo. At the moment when he was next to Stoudemire, he suddenly leaned back with Stoudemire’s strength, then suddenly turned his back and jumped in the direction of the basket. At this time, Kurt Thomas was blocked by Gatt and Fabmelo. His roots could not touch Zhong Daguo.
Glide for a short time, hold the ball high with one hand and swing it with one hand 3.
"Clock? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Madison Square shouted a rookie name for the first time.
"It’s so handsome. He passed Anthony and dodged Amare’s defense. It’s so handsome and dunked. I have to ask him to sign it." Several American young women were angry at the scene, and they couldn’t help being on cloud nine.
"wipe? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?” Anthony actually spewed a dirty word, which is rare in a hundred years, but his voice was so low that no one could hear him.
"Give me the ball? ? ? ? ? ?” Anthony made a determined effort and shouted that he took the ball and rushed to the line. The big country couldn’t carry Anthony’s tonnage this time. It’s really not a cover to kill melons and rushed to the line with a grin.
It’s another sudden violent impact on the melon. It’s slightly fat, and the body is a little painful. I don’t know how painful the other guy who was knocked down is. Yes, that guy is the Wolf King. He made another opponent to attack and release the rules. This is experience. This is how hard he suffered. old bones knows with him.
Melon is completely desperate. Although he scored points, it can’t change the abused situation of the team. He left with his head down.
The wolf king got excited. He roared and hit his chest with an iron fist. He can make melons and set rules. Of course, he is happy. This is his value. He is everywhere.
The Knicks not only defended badly, but also seemed to attack in general. The second quarter was not over yet.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 151 Paper Tiger Seven
Chapter 151 Paper Tiger Seven has already entered the garbage. Without fighting spirit, there is no hope. This is the paper tiger Knicks.
Although the Knicks are 9 points behind, they have been beaten by the Celtics. They have no rules and regulations, and now they are even more confused. This is the so-called paper tiger surface array, which is very good. In fact, they collapse when they meet tough opponents.
The Celts will never have women’s kindness. They will respect the strong and will never sympathize with the weak. As a result, they will continue to eat knives and continue to be ravaged by the green military.
The Green Army played like a rainbow. Madison Square seems to be the home of the Green Army. The shouts are all for them, and the home Knicks are a poor foil.
At the end of the half, the Green Army has a huge advantage. When the half is destined to be garbage, the Knicks will play soy sauce and brush the data together.
The Knicks locker room is as dead as ever. Everyone knows the contradiction between Melon and Stoudemire. In addition, the team’s record is getting worse and worse, and their wounds are more difficult to heal.
Melon is still active because he always likes to laugh, but Stoudemire is sitting in the corner of the locker room with a sullen expression. He bowed his head and said nothing, which actually made everyone very unhappy. Stoudemire was also the second in charge of the team and was once a big name. He kept a straight face in the locker room. Do others dare to laugh and laugh?
However, the locker room of the Green Army is a different world. After winning the Knicks, they returned to the third place in the East. The Heat Bulls 76 ers and the Green Army have been occupying the top four teams in the East. The Heat has been at the top of the list, and the rankings of the other three teams have fluctuated slightly.
"Zhong, you are becoming more and more mature now, a bit like Tracy McGrady, the former Rivers coach’s apprentice, but your personality is a little better than him. Actually, you should play like you are in a state of humiliation, composure and flamboyant personality. Unless he is as strong as Artest, he will definitely not be able to mix long in the league." Pierce’s words have always been very instructive to Zhong Daguo.
"Ha ha, in fact, I have to thank the eldest brother you and Rivers coach Garth eldest brother Rondo eldest brother? ? ? ? ? ? You teach me Dundun every day, and it’s hard for me to think about it. I used to be a very aggressive player. I only played a few games in ba, and I was seriously injured in the hospital for half a year. "Zhong Daguo thanked everyone very sincerely.
"We’ve also heard that we’ve been taking pains to tell you to be smart. In fact, if you weren’t injured, we wouldn’t have chosen you. Before, everyone recognized that you were seriously injured in ba. Are you sure you can’t stand such a fierce confrontation in nba? ? ? ? ? ? ? In fact, if you are not injured, your physical condition is definitely the top 1 player. Now there is actually a boom in the league to watch the quarterback swingman. You are such a player. "Rivers is glad that the Green Army is the 13 th pick.
"Oh, I see. The former Rockets actually expressed their interest in me, but later they didn’t choose me. I was worried that I would get hurt again. No wonder." Zhong Daguo suddenly realized this time.
It’s the second half of the game in 2 minutes. It should be said that garbage time has officially arrived.
Cameron Anthony is a 45-degree-angle three-pointer in a game. If he shoots, he can clear his name. If he misses, it’s normal. Anyway, it’s not his fault that the team is one point behind.
&hony? ? ? ? ? ? ? "Madison Square Garden shouted the names of the Green Army players for a long time. It’s not easy to finally turn to their own team players this time.
Anthony’s mouth was grinning, his left hand was holding his fist gently and waving jr on his chest. He has always been a loyal follower of melon. He just ran from Nuggets to Knicks to follow Anthony. He jumped over and hugged Anthony’s chubby body excitedly. It felt so good. Maybe it was sensuality. Maybe it was melon scoring. It felt so good.
Pierce shrugged off this. "Isn’t it just a random shot that scored a goal?" Rondo seemed to see through Pierce’s mind and immediately gave it to Pierce.
Truth is a shrug and a false move, and then jr doesn’t know how to defend. In fact, even if he knows that he is not in truth, Pierce will take a jumper and continue to make shooting gestures until the ball finally enters the nets by mistake.
“paulpiere? ? ? ? ? ? ?” The loud dj shouted the hero’s name.
Melon just that three points should be the final redemption, should it be said that it is a flash in the pan? ? ? ? ? ? He didn’t last like this. Three points, three points? ? ? ? ? ? ? Many times to strike while the iron is hot? ? ? ? ? ? He sometimes chooses to break through. It’s true that he has successes, but there are also failures. On one occasion, Zhong Daguo seized the opportunity to take out his ball when he broke through. Of course? ? ? ? ? ? Another fast break? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? At the end of the third quarter, the advantage of the Green Army has reached 25 points. It’s really unnecessary to play again. Seeing here, someone must understand what the Green Army can sweep the Knicks 4 times in the 2011 playoffs. In the 212 playoffs, the Heat can beat the Knicks 41 times, and that lucky game was deliberately released by the Heat. As a result, Anthony didn’t get a point against James’ defensive base in five games. How many blocks did James eat? ? ? ? ? ? ? I don’t want to count the statistics. I can say that melons do attack, but what else? Knicks is really a fake paper tiger.
All the main players have been changed, including Zhong Daguo, a rookie. This is Rivers’ substitution plan, and the Knicks, all their main players are still on the scene to catch up with them. Even the Green Army substitutes are hard to get rid of.
Anthony throws a three-pointer, then jr Smith throws a three-pointer, and Raymond Felton, who doesn’t like to throw a three-pointer, is also infected. Does he throw a three-pointer? ? ? ? ? ? ? It’s all in vain. I’ve never seen a team that can win by throwing three points. If you want to throw three points, you have to throw them by a player with three points like Ray Allen Jason Terry.
At the end of the game, the Green Army actually won 34 points at 1115. Although they thought that the Knicks would definitely lose, they didn’t expect to win more than 3 points. The Knicks were so broken.
Cameron Anthony scored 3 points per game. He hit one shot out of 3 shots, which seemed good. He also grabbed 6 rebounds and sent 2 assists, but he still made 4 mistakes. How to calculate the efficiency?
Zhong Daguo scored 2 points on 15 shots in 36 minutes. In addition, he grabbed 5 rebounds, sent 3 assists and 2 steals. The data is not very gorgeous, but it is very efficient. In fact, the team needs such players to win.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 152 Beauty fans
Chapter 152 Beauty fans
The game is over, the Celtics are all smiling, and the Knicks have no expression, but they still have to shake hands after the game.
Although melon lost the game, his face still wore a charming smile. Good, good. It was melon, as the name suggests.