But how could this happen before Yang Ye? What’s more, they promised Nite that they would let Tamian go out, but they couldn’t keep their word.

"Lilina" Yang Ye shouted
Lilina seems to have been ready. Her left hand has been stretched out to Caster’s five fingers. After hearing Yang Ye’s call, her five fingers severely grabbed her mouth and drank low.
"Trial? Szaszko prisoner angel hinge! "
"Ding ding …"
It’s that familiar sound again, or that familiar gorgeous skill. Four giant chains burst out of the mine from the virtual-
"David tang! !”
Four tones sounded at the same time, and Caster, who was attacking the giant bear with a swing, was severely tied up. In front of the angel hinge, "Giant Bear" was simply funny.
The attack was interrupted, and the whole body could not move. Custer was even more angry and roared wildly. "Who is it? ! ! I’ll kill you! ! !”
Kill us? Wait to die.
Yang Ye sneered at Tammy and said, "Tammy, get out of here. We’ll take care of it here and wait for our good news."
Life and death moment Tammy’s face is now a little pale and trembling. I don’t know what to say. I nodded and trotted out of the mine.
Seeing Tammy run away and unable to move himself, Custer was furious and roared, "Tammy, get back!" ! I’ll kill you! !”
Tammy won’t come back. Custer himself can’t move and scream. He feels deeply humiliated, but Yang Ye and them are humiliated no matter what. While holding the angel prisoner, Yang Ye and Qinghua buried the snow and figured out how to kill him.
Also taking this opportunity, Yang Ye saw the Caster attribute-
Giant bear Caster (spiritual boss), the leader of the mining area
Grade 43
Physical attacks 57~512
Magic attack 427~433
Broken bones will smash your bones! ! Caster makes the long stick hit the target, causing great damage and breaking the target bone, which makes the target act for 2 seconds. If Caster doesn’t hit the target and hits the ground, it will cause vibration damage to a certain range of enemies and stun them for 5 seconds.
The giant bear rushes! ! Go! Feng! ! ! Caster launches a fierce charge at the target on all fours. The charge in the state of hegemony will blow the target for 3 seconds and repel the enemies around the target for 5 seconds.
Caster reloads Caster evolution! Reload custer! Caster enters the reloading state with 3% higher defense and 2% higher movement speed. The attack has a chance to fly for 25 seconds, and the attack has a chance to absorb 1% of the damage.
(Hide the fallen virtual gold staff (level 4 gold staff) and the giant bear spirit (level 45 spirit armor))
The attack is a little high and the skill bonus damage is estimated to be more difficult to fight.
"How to fight?" He is not very good at burying snow in blue and white. Although he is a lone player, his equipment is either stolen or bought, which is not the right way anyway.
"Can’t fight hard" Yang Ye spread out his hand and said that he wanted to know if there was any way to fight skillfully, but at first glance, this boss is also very powerful and can fight hard.
"That line of you with your skills, I believe this boss is not a problem for you." Blue-and-white buried snow said that as soon as Yang Yegang finished hitting him hard, he just took the show and just didn’t want to be!
"If you don’t want to do it, just say it. My equipment will be very tired. You should output it hard." Yang Ye didn’t good the spirit, and Xuanyang was in the hands of evil spirits.
"Wait, give you this." Blue and white buried snow stopped Yang Ye from trading with him for a few bottles of things.
"Good stuff"
You have obtained [Weapon Sharpening Agent 1]
Weapon Sharpening Potion (cost) enables itself to attack 3% at a high speed of 3 minutes and increase the critical strike chance by 1%. This Potion cannot be superimposed with other gain potions.
Things are really good things! At present, this medicine is not in the market, and most of it is in the hands of several guilds. It will only be one when the guild pushes large-scale wild boss.
There is such a thing as burying snow in blue and white, but it is strange when Yang Ye can give him one at a time. It seems that he still has a lot.
"Where did you come from?" Yang Ye asked, as he put the medicine to make Xuanyang’s main evil immediately emerge, and the pale golden glow was hazy, which made people feel sharper.
"Do it yourself" said that burying snow in blue and white is neither salty nor light, and at the same time, give yourself one.
"So much? How many? I’ll sell it for you? " Yang Ye’s first thought was to let the blue-and-white buried snow help him produce and sell it, but according to the personality of the blue-and-white buried snow, most of them would not agree.