However, even if the pilots are so highly trained, I have never heard of any ace with tailor-made fighters. Since the power armor is tailor-made, the treatment of messengers should at least be equal to that of pilots.

In other words, only officers are qualified to make power armor less power armor. It is impossible for ordinary soldiers to have power armor on a large scale.
But how to arrange a few soldiers with him? The captain said that he would make a decision after checking the situation of several people. Could this statement be perfunctory? He has already made up his mind to send all four people away?
w w w
I wish I had left them in Fuyun like this.
Thinking yip hon suddenly heard a burst of footsteps, he originally and motioned, but the footsteps actually stopped outside.
Yip hon sat up in disbelief and his eyes fell on the hatch. At the same time, the hatch had already made a tall figure from the outside and stepped into the dormitory.
This man has a dark face, and his facial lines are unusually tough and full of military masculinity. His height is less than one meter, and he starts with a strong body like a wall full of high pressure, which makes people breathe hard.
Chapter 3 Exclusion
Yip hon consciously looked at the man’s shoulder, and when he saw the title of two armed forces, he could stand up and salute at attention.
The tall school raised its hand in return for the stiff face expression "Ye Han?"
"Gao you new captain" held out his right hand.
"Hello, captain" Yip hon holding a tall hand feels like a child’s hand being held by an adult.
"You are mine from now on. What’s the problem?" Gaowen
"What should I do?" Ye hanwen
"Wait for your power armor and then get familiar with armor to form combat effectiveness as soon as possible," Gao said. "Any questions?"
"No!" Ye Han said
"But I do!" High left eyebrow slightly pick "my team members are all secretly selected elites. Although you have good service experience, you are still far from my standard. Please remember that you can be stupid or rubbish, but you can never hold others back!"
Yip hon sip sip lips frowned at high don’t talk eyes light sharp as a blade.
It is said that the first and second special forces in Wen are all carefully selected. A common word in online novels is soldier king.
Yip hon has always been proud of his identity as a special soldier, but he was not alone in his original service. There are a dozen more elite troops of the same kind, and it is not without them. But those troops are extremely confidential, let alone ordinary people and most soldiers who can’t know about those confidential troops.
This guy named Gao is probably a member of a secret service.
People who can enter this kind of army are all elite ordinary special forces. It’s not surprising that they don’t have the qualification to think highly of Yip hon’s displeasure.
"Why are you angry?" High eyes are equally sharp.
"No" Yip hon is insincere.
"There is a soldier who even dares not say the truth!"
Yip hon breath holding his chest almost didn’t explode with anger. He forced down his anger. "I’m a soldier. I’m here from the level command. If you have any questions, please ask the captain to complain to the level."
"Yelling at me?" Gao Yi had a Gherardini expression. "To tell you the truth, if my people were not familiar with giant ants, you wouldn’t have a chance to join our army!"
You’re welcome when you’re taller. Yip Han feels that he’s not welcome. It’s necessary to "understand, but I didn’t volunteer. If he has the right person, the captain will kick me out."
Yip hon mouth say car-scrapping in the mind has long been calculated.
The surname Gao suddenly jumped out with a horizontal nose and a vertical eye. The surface is to see that Ye Han is not pleasing to the eye, but why is the surname Gao not early or late when Ye Han leaves the experimental cabin?
Eye yip hon has passed the physical examination and finished measuring the body data, even the armor has entered the printing program, and he can have a set of power armor in a few hours. Isn’t it a coincidence to find it at this time?
This time is 99% deliberately chosen!
But what is the purpose of surnamed Gao?
Yip hon suddenly remembered that when I was a child, I watched a TV play. Xu Sanduo was a reserve player since he joined Old A, and he was not accepted by other players until he passed the test of Old A.
Thought of here yip hon look high eyes can’t help but take a few minutes to ponder.
"You and I don’t want to?" Gao Yi looked disgusted. "I don’t have that power!"
If you continue to play your little acting skills, you can play a facial paralysis. Do you dare to show more expressions?
"If you don’t get the armor, everything will be fine. Mark my words, don’t drag your feet!" Speaking of which, height is already a matter of color.
Yip hon learn Gao gang appearance picked his eyebrows "drag is not necessarily me"
"Not you or me!" High spirit not dozen 1 come to say this little courage is not small.
Yip hon answered without hesitation, "I am more experienced in dealing with giant ants than you are in dealing with the enemy, and I have a lot of battlefield experience." The implication is that it is not necessarily who is holding back.
High corners of the mouth a pull out a millie smile "lip service is quite neat, since you are so confident, I’m waiting to see your performance." Say and turn around and don’t talk to Yip hon.
Yip hon disdained to pout and sit back in bed "inexplicable!"
When he first settled down, he was in a bad mood and was not in the mood to do anything. He simply fell into bed and slept until he was woken up and found himself sleeping in the evening.
Wake up yip hon or the navy lieutenant. He politely said, "It’s time for the captain to eat."
"Oh, thank you," Yip Han asked, rubbing his eyes and getting up seemingly. "Brother, let me ask you something. What’s that height for?"
"Don’t you know?" The lieutenant was very surprised. "Captain Thunder, your new company!"
"Thunder?" Yip hon a face of constipation expression "this name is really his mother too distinctive"
He doesn’t know much about the range of the ball. There are three special forces called Thunder, and today there is another one.
"Who said no!" The lieutenant rarely agrees that "there is no way to do this system."
Follow the lieutenant all the way from the dormitory to the ship restaurant. The restaurant is small in size and very compact in decoration. There are a row of rectangular stainless steel boxes in the insulated dining car, which contain all kinds of main and non-staple foods.
Yip hon took a stainless steel dinner plate and liked to put some in it. Then his eyes swept away and he found that the dining officers and soldiers were divided into several pieces. Ordinary sailors, petty officers and officers all had their own dining areas. In the officer dining area, there were two tables with several unusually tough guys who were incompatible with his naval officers and soldiers.
Yip hon this a few people smell the same kind of heart suddenly clear carrying plates walked over and picked a seat and simply eat it.
The officer at the same table gave Yip Han a surprised look and asked in a low voice, "Are you the new comer?"
Yip hon smiled but didn’t speak and stuffed a mouthful of rice into his mouth.
Ye Han is really a newcomer, and he doesn’t know anything about Gao He. The players, such as the players, are likely to reject Ye Han as an outsider because of his high attitude.
As a newcomer, try not to talk if you can’t talk. If you offend people, you must observe for a while and understand the situation.
Chapter 31 Fine-tuning
A few old players didn’t show rejection, but a few people had some communication before Yip hon sat over, but after Yip hon sat over, everyone kept their mouths shut and stopped eating and soon finished eating.
Action exclusion is more obvious than language and expression exclusion.
Ye Hanyuan didn’t expect these old players to immediately accept themselves as members of such an elite army. I don’t know how many years my comrades-in-arms have said that it is not too much to be closer than brothers, and it is strange not to exclude him as an outsider.