How should I know if Zhuang is not far away?

City personnel wanted to think to reveal the abandon expression.
Ee ~ what a heavy mouth!
"Blare ….." A few strange noises came from the backpack not far from Zhuang, and the sound of a backpack stopped not far from Zhuang.
The crew didn’t care. After all, it’s impossible for a plane to disappear, right? And it is certainly impossible to pack a few people in the backpack!
Maybe something is ringing.
"By the way, sir, our flight can now use mobile phones in flight." The passenger woke up and turned away.
Although the scenery outside the window is beautiful, I will talk after watching it for a long time.
Not far from Zhuang, I was planning to play with my mobile phone when my backpack suddenly moved, and Okabo’s head popped up.
"Master Zhuang, three catties, four ounces, four ounces, no more play. Are you coming?"
"Count me in." Zhuang is short and short, and he got into his backpack.
Next to Huo Tengbo, he looked at the seat backpack not far from the eye village and shook his head with a sigh.
After a while, the passengers came out again.
Looked at Zhuang not far from swinging seat and looked at the direction of washing hands.
"Eh ~ what a heavy mouth"
Chapter 437 I come I see my sign
"This is Fusang?" Zhuang walked out of the airport not far away. "It seems to be no different from the virtual city."
"I saw the pick-up. I went to the meeting group to report." Huo Tengbo saw someone holding a card and carrying a suitcase not far away. "Then the landlord is high. After all, this is not a state. Be careful."
"Don’t worry, I bully others. No one bullies me." Not far from Zhuang, I gave a hand and sent Huo Tengbo away.
"No, I’m not worried about you. I’m worried about others …" Hortenberg shook his head in distress situation and left after all.
In the state, the landlord’s estimate will be very convergent.
But when it comes to the personality of the landlord outside the state and the group of servants around him who are radical …
This country, which has been tortured by earthquakes and nuclear leaks, is asking for more happiness …
"Let me have a look." Not far from Zhuang Tao Tao’s backpack, he took it out from the inside and flipped through the Weekly Record of Women Workers.
Not far from Zhuang, he listed what he needed to do this time.
"First, find a place to plant grass seeds."
"Second, visit the red light district and feel a fusang custom industry"
"Third, whoring …"
"Four …"
Next to the high crab, he saw his forehead sweating, grabbed Zhuang, and made a few small noises and scratched the back items.
"What are you doing!" Zhuang is not far away.
"Before the Lord Zhuang came here, the Lord Zhuang told me that I must look after you!"
Not far from Zhuang, roll your eyes.
Mom, dad deserves your son to be a bachelor for a generation!
Not far from being scribbled by a tall crab, I found that I was left with the option of "finding a place to plant grass seeds"
Zhuang is not far away. This time I came to Fusang not to find trouble with Frost Winery, but also to help Zhuang’s dad find a suitable courtyard.
Besides, Dad Zhuang also asked Zhuang to pay attention to a suitable craftsman not far away.
Although Zhuang doesn’t have a good impression on Fusang because of the bad behavior of Jiabai Winery due to historical reasons, one thing is denied by the law.
That is, Fusang is very strong in the wine industry!
Several major wine varieties in the world, Fusang, have the strength to come from behind.
Whether it is wine or whisky, Fusang has produced many excellent wines that have won many awards.
On the one hand, all kinds of plants can always find a suitable living environment because of the complex terrain of Fusang.
On the other hand, it is actually related to Fusang’s "artisan spirit"
Sometimes people always think that people in the state are impetuous and unwilling to work with peace of mind, and they are desperately sharpening their heads and drilling.
As everyone knows, this is actually not a bad thing.
People in the state are so impetuous, the reality is that the state has not yet completed the class solidification, and now it is possible to climb a class from the bottom to the middle class or from the middle class to the rich class.
However, unlike Hezhou, which just rose, Fusang has developed rapidly since the Reform.
Up to now, the society has been completely fixed, and it is almost an idiotic dream for ordinary people to jump out of their own class.
This is that difference between state and developed country.
It is precisely because of this peace of mind that those who work hard as workers in their own class and devote all their energy to studying their own skills have become the spiritual representatives of the so-called "craftsmen"