"Good" Fang Yu remembered the incident of closing the gold mine, and she got excited first and talked softly at the landline.

About half an hour later, he affirmed, "They asked a friend to buy it. I asked a messenger in Antu. He said that the company subsidized the purchase of a suite, which is the Jiangbei residential area …"
"Yin Senyong"
"Go to Antu cruise ship and get all its documents back for me."
Yin Senyong, the family knight, ran out of the house as quickly as possible.
Fang Yu blinked hard and finally decided not to ask.
"Well … why don’t I go back first?"
"Still waiting?"
Chen Yi said nothing.
Two hours later, Yin Senyong returned to Chen Zhai with a huge safe.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Yan Zhao (2)
The safe was bravely entered into Chen Yi’s bedroom by Yin Sen.
The three men sat in a circle, staring at the silver-gray cold-tone safe and looking intently as if there were many gold and silver treasures buried in it.
I am most concerned about my own affairs. Fang Yu first asked, "How to fight?"
Yin Senyong’s fingernail scratched the safe shell and made a sharp sound and replied "pry"
"How did the safe become warped?" Fang Yu disdained pie pie.
Fang Yu’s ridicule seems very normal without knowing Yin Senyong’s identity.
Silver Sen Yong just ignored him and put his hand on the safe lid and gradually exerted his strength.
Chen Yi gently held him down and said, "Don’t bother if there is a self-destruct device. Tell me about the process of taking the safe?"
"They were drinking in front, and when I got to the back, I knocked out a guy and asked his companion where the files and videos were. He told me that I didn’t know, but maybe it was in the yacht master bedroom. When I went there, I happened to see the photo. Antu put the thing in the safe. After he left, I tried to force it, and the alarm was used to carry it back. "
Yin Senyong said that it’s simple, but it’s not simple to break the safe from the solid hull.
Fang Yu listened to silly thinking, maybe you are superman?
Chen Yi secretly cursed the ink and drew a small circle while they were obedient.
Level 3 curse ink can push things with a total weight of 3 kilograms.
He pretended to twist a few numbers and listened to "click" before the big guy rang.
Chen Yi gently pulls the safe and slowly hits it.
"Do you know the password?" Fang Yugang emerged from the contempt of Superman stories and immediately fell into shock.
"Secret Shh" Chen Yi smiled and put his finger in his lips. His eyes were smiling but serious.
Fang Yu nodding nervous.
Safe pull
Chen Yi roughly looked at his eyes and turned his backhand to pour out the contents of the safe.
Fang Yu jumped up. He knew that the safe weighed 15 kilograms only by visual inspection. I didn’t expect Chen Yi to pick it up and turn it over.
The attention paid to Chen Yi’s arm made him pay no attention to the banknotes, videos and CDs on the ground.
"A lot of money?" Chen Yi muttered. He took out a pile of RMB, US dollars, euros and yen and looked at it. Then he gave it to Yin Senyong. "You put all the banknotes with different colors in it."
In addition to money, there are four jewelry boxes on the ground, two of which are used as small yellow croaker for banknote suppression.
Fang Yu lowered her head and helped to sort things out. At the same time, she reported, "Two gold watches, a diamond watch, a diamond necklace and a box … Oh, it’s a set of about 10 thousand. All countries have money, NTD and HK dollars. This guy’s yacht is here to run away."
He gave the answer flatly, but his eyes were fixed on the two piles left.
The pile on the left is a video tape and the pile on the right is a CD. I’m afraid the total number will exceed one.
Chen Yi frowned and asked, "Do you know which one is you?"
"See?" Fang Yuxin smiled.
"Then see" Chen Yi also don’t wriggle from the housekeeper to the video recorder and DVD player.