But what is lacking is the key-time!

Under normal circumstances, these blue star geniuses can’t practice stars even if they haven’t been a genius for five or six years.
Even if the strong people who practice in rows of stars want to practice in nine satellites to become the backbone of the cosmic war, it will take more than ten years to decades.
The most lacking is time.
But will the alien race give Xu a retreat?
Xu tui thinks not.
This time, the three alien families have appeared in the small universe of reincarnation, and all three of them have personally made moves.
Then their strategy of reincarnation will be faster.
In particular, Xu tui learned from Wula that the seal of the underworld mastered by the three alien clans is the seal of the other three ghosts.
The order of the ghost emperor’s seal is not too high, but the key is that after the reincarnation universe is unsealed, the ghost emperor’s seal can open a cosmic channel to enter and exit the reincarnation universe at any time.
That is to say, the three alien families can attack the small universe of reincarnation at any time.
Although the ghost army in hell is immortal
However, Xu tui felt that the hell was not the enemy and there was a lot of possibility that he would be defeated in the final war.
Of course, the loss of hell is not the loss of blue star
But the problem is that if the reincarnation universe is occupied by three alien families, then the extinction of Bluestar will count down.
Or the former problem is that we must quickly increase the strength of Blue Star in a short time.
In the small universe of heaven, the rapid cultivation of shaped array is only the first step.
However, this time, after careful study, the scope has expanded a lot.
The Tongtian Expeditionary Force retaliated against the Elves and took some alternate members on an expedition to the Elves. These members grew up greatly.
Now those alternate members have been the main members of the Tongtian Expeditionary Force, and the minimum repair is all six-star guards.
But today Xu conceded that Quqingshan and Weibin had more alternate members.
In fact, there are 120 alternate members of the Tongtian Expeditionary Force and 120 elite members of the military.
First, the military strength also needs to be strengthened.
Secondly, the army is more likely to produce powerful practitioners in this place.
Members from the army are extremely tough-willed, and the army has helped Xu tui complete all the genetic training. It can be said that all the members of the army lack here are just cultivation resources.
This time, two-thirds of the members who can knot here are quasi-planets and one-third are planetary stars.
If this group of people grow up, the post-expedition will be really worth fighting.
Yu Tianhe chessboard 6,000 ghost troops, which is still a one-time fighting force, can be the last defensive force.
One more thing, the strength of the ghost army is lower than the physical strength.
"All right, let’s go in."
As the array of the Purple Emblem Palace in Shenxiao Mansion was built, Xu gave in and everyone went in, and the two great seals were prompted at once.
In an instant, the source energy of the whole small universe in heaven converged towards the two great palaces.
"Teacher Qu, you guide."
Xu retreated and handed the small universe fire spirit of fire source to Qu Qingshan, so that Qu Qing’s mountain fire obsidian star monarch could lead to the small universe source of fire source continuously, and nearly 300 people could practice in front of him.
Just for a moment, the energy concentration of these two emperors’ palace sources reached more than 50 times when they gathered in the shaped array.