This kind of wind affects new members, and they feel embarrassed if they don’t practice. The practice of penance is very strong!

Xu retired and found Zhou Chuan.
"Zhou Ge ah we make a discussion …"
Xu back a bite Zhou Chuan first be afraid "don’t you don’t come to pit me before Lao zhou Lao zhou.
This will call me Zhou Ge must be bad. "
"I will never cheat you, Zhou Ge. I just want to see your body."
As soon as this statement came out, Zhou Chuan had a creepy feeling. Looking at Xu’s eyes became very strange.
"It’s no wonder that Li Zhen told you that you didn’t respond! So you like men?
But I like women, not men!
Don’t look for me. I’ll introduce you … "
Xu back face black "Zhou Ge za steady point don’t soar? Don’t say my hobby is little sister, even if it isn’t, I won’t look for you.
Look at yourself like this! "
"I’m so hard tough guy that attraction … have to be crooked by you! Since it is not, what do you think of my body? " Zhou Chuan curious way
"You are the strong transmutation condition. I want to see your genome chain status! Because of this, you need absolute trust and release. You need to trust me completely and release my spirit into you.
So I came to see you.
Transmutation in the strong can and I absolutely believe that there is no other person, "Xu said.
"I see … but I still have some disadvantages. Not only the body is seen by you, but also the spirit is invaded by you." Zhou Chuan joked.
Xu retreat at this moment is a little serious about asking for help. "If Zhou Ge feels inconvenient, forget it."
Xu back to go Zhou Chuan directly pulls "I’m kidding you. I don’t want to see the friendship between the two brothers. If you have a legitimate reason to need it, I will sleep with you!
Come on, how can I cooperate with you? "
"Don’t make me sick when you sleep."
After three minutes, Xu retired his spirit smoothly along Zhou Chuan’s body surface and entered his body to telepathize with Zhou Chuan’s body.
It is worth mentioning that this is a one-time completion of Xu’s retreat, which hinders his entry into Zhou Chuan’s body.
What does this say?
This says that Zhou Chuan is absolutely convinced of Xu tui from the outside!
Before retiring to see Cui Xi, Yan Lie, Zhao Hailong and others, they still need to retreat a little bit of mental hypnosis to put the bottom line layer to protect themselves and let Xu retreat spirit enter!
It’s not that Cui Xi, Yan Lie and others don’t absolutely believe that Xu tui can say that Xu tui Zhou Chuan’s life-and-death communication is the best way to protect himself and let Xu tui go.
Seeing clearly the main gene chain of Zhou Chuanti is a stare blankly.
It’s different!
The genetic ability chain of the strong in the transmutation environment is completely different from that in the evolution environment.
The color is still tertiary gold.
Zhou Chuan is a strong transmutation environment, and the real ability rating is C-level transmutation environment. The strong body has seven gene ability chains, which are golden at the moment.
However, compared with the evolutionary gene capability chain, nearly two-thirds of the gene base points in Zhouchuan main gene capability chain are tertiary gold.
There is a gene base point in the main gene capability chain that has been strengthened to a three-level golden full progress state.
This point is very white compared with itself.
If it is purely about the degree of strengthening the extension of the gene base point of the gene capacity chain, Zhou Chuan, the strong person in this transmutation environment, is much worse than Xu tui.
For example, Xu tui’s spirit lashes the gene ability chain, in which the gene base point and the gene ability chain part are three-level full state.
However, the law has been strengthened and extended to the fourth level of recognition.
But this time telepathy Zhou Chuan reason is found.
Zhou Chuan, the strong evolutionary gene ability chain, has retired. The biggest difference in the evolutionary gene ability chain is the branch line!