In fact, it’s not just Qian Shan, they are Yanyu, Xutui and Yanzi who are also very nervous.

Although this mass delivery channel has been fine-tuned many times over the past few days, the grandparents and grandchildren have also taken part in it and carefully reviewed the theory to make sure that there is no problem.
But theory belongs to theory
If you don’t finish the theory in one day, there will be problems.
Why do you agree to withdraw from the tobacco field? The reason is very simple and strong
It’s no good refining this massive array core by a single person, but you can tell the true and false defects at a glance after you join in.
Don’t give back a defective multi-person delivery array core in the future, and you can’t see it, so it’s a big game
Because of this, the smoke field of this first stress test is also a little nervous.
If it fails, the amount of work will be large, which probably represents the former research direction, even the theory is wrong.
It will be difficult to think of success again.
After five seconds, the smoke field held its breath and loosened the number one mass delivery channel without collapse.
If it doesn’t collapse, say it has a high probability of success.
If you want to send three targets, you will succeed if they are alive and have no abnormal conditions.
Ten seconds later, I received a message from the opposite planet, and the target department was alive and there was nothing unusual.
That is, after the delivery was successful, the three guards tried to escape and were seriously injured by a punch from the star guard of Jiuweixing.
"Continue to test" tobacco field has reached the command.
Then these three test targets are constantly thrown into the test multi-person delivery channel.
Three people were thrown in each passage at least twice a day.
And this is another major technical improvement of this test in tobacco field.
It is twenty-four hours before the multi-person delivery channel is sent off and after the star fluctuation is restored.
However, after this technical innovation in tobacco field, the recovery time of quantity fluctuation was reduced to twelve hours.
You can pass once a day, but now you can pass twice a day.
The significance of improvement is also extremely significant.
But there is a price to pay for this improvement.
Before these solidification, a small amount of source crystal needs to be put into the planetary mass delivery channel to start, so that the start-up delivery can be activated. If the mass delivery channel wants to shorten the cooling time, it needs 10 thousand grams of source crystal to start up.
Consumption has increased tenfold.
Of course, if one kilogram of source crystal is put into the cooling channel, it will still take 24 hours.
It is a bit extravagant to send 10 thousand grams of source crystal at a time in non-emergency situations, but the significance of tension is very important
One day, after the first pressure test of the multi-person delivery channel from No.1 to No.4, the normal smoke field kept recording the data changes after each test, sensing the subtle changes of the multi-person delivery channel, which was extremely cautious and serious.
Therefore, as planned, these four multi-person delivery channels are actually Tongtian Expeditionary Force or Blue Star test.
The No.1 and No.2 mass delivery channels are ordinary mass delivery channels, and the No.3 and No.4 mass delivery channels are actually cross-satellite mass delivery channels.
If the Tongtian Expeditionary Force wants to go home, it will be the No.3 and No.4 multi-person cross-satellite delivery channel. Special attention should be paid to the retreat of No.3 and No.4 channels.
Fortunately, everything went well.
On the evening of January 21st, Xu tui, Yanyu and Yanzi returned to the temporary camp of Baishanxing and rested for half a day due to the fluctuation of quantity, before continuing the test.
The others are resting, but the three of them are not resting.
They are making a comeback.
Although the test was successful, we should carefully check and calculate the data received after today’s test to see if we can find any problems.
If there is no problem, it is better to correct it immediately if there is a problem.
I have to say that stress testing is the easiest problem to find.
A problem was quickly discovered in the public reply.
"No.3 and No.4 mass delivery channels need to be re-refined. Although this energy delivery channel is stable, it has suffered the most energy impact in the received test data.
There should be no impact at present, but there may be hidden dangers that need to be strengthened before cross-satellite transmission is really carried out in the future, "said Yanyu."
Xu tui is very satisfied with the attitude of tobacco field, and it is very good to solve the possible problems before they occur.
However, it took more than two hours to re-refine the multi-person cross-star array core smoke posture and smoke field.
After all, all their raw materials have been processed before.
After refining the tobacco field, I looked at it and stood by. Xu retreated and said, "Continue?"
"Go on!"
After saying that, Xu retired and sat opposite the tobacco field, but the two men turned to consciousness communication.