But in that seemingly peaceful scene, there seems to be something dangerous and hidden, which makes people dare not care.

In addition, Qingwei is vaguely aware that this boundary star has flashed past the remains of Buddhist monks.
"This side is relatively easy to enter." Master Jin Chan looked at the seemingly peaceful star road.
Bodhisattva Gui Mu also explained that "the pure land of Buddhism seems to be independent, but in fact, the core of the pure land of sumeru, the pure land of life and the pure land of great wisdom is faint, and once it encounters changes, it can evolve into a Buddhist country."
"Therefore, there are still some characteristics of the star Buddha country here today, and if you enter rashly, it will lead to unpredictable changes and you can enter from two relatively safe entrances."
Qingwei slowly nodded and looked at the seemingly harmless star. "What about this side?"
Master Jin Chan heard the words and laughed. "When this star field Buddha country was breached, it had been eroded by the great spirit of the Voldemort. Entering from this side will cause the Voldemort Mountain Army to attack."
"Of course, this is much better than arousing the reaction of Buddhist sages. After all, it is said that there are several great bodhisattvas and Buddhas in it, and even if we try to enter from other places with Buddhism, it will not be good and he may be in danger."
"However, only one gatekeeper was stationed here because of his obsession."
The gods of the Nine Heavenly Gods Court also have a subdivision level, but the weakest one has to be a fairy, and I am afraid that it was not an ordinary god who could be sent to block the back road of Buddhism in that year.
Indeed as expected, Master Jin Chan’s look was slightly solemn. "The name of the God here is called the sunrise cloud. It is said that it was the first time when the four great warriors fell."
Qing Wei looked slightly folded and nodded solemnly. "This place is already saying that God will leave the door. Is it harder on the other side?"
"There’s a demon-luring great god with a nine-day demon-luring imprint, which will never go in and out of the road. Although it’s several times weaker now, it’s even more difficult than here." Gui Mu Bodhisattva also entered the Buddhist country several times and naturally had a deep understanding.
Moreover, it is said to be an "entrance" but it is also a big area, but the distance has never been a problem for the level.
Master Jin Chan looked at Qing Wei and said, "After entering, the situation will be better. The two of us don’t have much restrictions on our moves. If it weren’t for the extremely dangerous situation, if my school sister and I really can’t cope, the real gentleman wouldn’t have to make moves."
"If you really want to make moves, try to be quick, accurate and malicious, and don’t delay for too long. It’s about fifteen percent."
"If the true king makes a long-term move, I am afraid that the Buddha will be regarded as an invader of the Nine Heavenly Shrine, which will lead to the abandonment of the Buddha or the siege of the sages."
It’s always difficult and sensitive to be original at first, but it hurts to be familiar with it after entering. Don’t be too fierce to attract the attention and reaction of the whole Buddhist country.
See the golden cicada mage, Gui Mu bodhisattva first step directly into the qingwei followed, but in an instant it seemed as if something was staring at it and looking up, I saw that there was a virtual shadow coming from all directions.
"Retreat, retreat!"
However, in an instant, I will see that there are thousands of heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals, and their figures are solid, cold and serious, and their momentum is truly awe-inspiring and they come together towards the three people.
At the forefront, I don’t know when there was a silver armor covering the man of God with a golden pike, and the terrifying qi machine immediately called the three people a careful heart.
The dead naturally have no nonsense, so you can see that the sunrise cloud god will raise my hand and cut the sky with a wave of his hand, like devouring all kinds of energy, tearing the sky with a sword and directly covering three people.
Even after years of death, this blow is still enough to stop all the immortals!
Master Jin Chan and Bodhisattva Gui Mu have long been experienced.
The entrance here is clear and micro-handed, but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the sunrise cloud god will put an end to all things that go in and out.
Light flint will see a chaotic axe light meet the sunrise cloud god will be sharp-edged magic gun and go to the moment and directly collide together.
Hum ~
Master Jin Chan is not surprised. Counting cicadas sounds like solemn chanting, and then he sees that many heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals are in a trance. The strength of the sunrise cloud gods is somewhat weak by direct strength.
Gui Mu Bodhisattva’s eyelids jumped, but there was also a ghost incarnate instantly. The golden body of different Bodhisattvas evolved in a quiet and serene way. The Buddha array was like a pure land shrouded in the sunrise cloud after death.
Resolving the obsession and crossing the dead is the specialty of Buddhism, but the sunrise says that the obsession is too heavy. Even if Master Jin Chan and Bodhisattva Gui Mu join hands, they can’t influence this "stubborn stone", but it will affect it for a short time, or we can’t get in before.
Qing Weili hit the axe to contain most of God’s energy. After Master Jin Chan and the two of them solved it again, the sunrise cloud God was already half a step slow to break free.
Gui Mu Bodhisattva Buddha array is exquisite, but obviously it will be broken after three or two breaths. When Master Jin Chan saw it, he reached out and gently held the Buddha country in his palm to directly collect the sunrise cloud.
"Go inside!"
As if the physical strength was pulled, the right-hand Golden Cicada mage immediately said that Qingwei two people did not hesitate to fly directly towards the Ministry, and Qingwei did not forget to converge as far as possible.
Master Jin Chan took a few steps, and then his look changed slightly, like a click resounding through the void. He did not hesitate to throw his right hand behind him and flutter the Buddha’s back. Time seemed to be delayed.
Qing Wei brushed the five-color divine light behind him at the right time and directly pulled Master Jin Chan. When the sunrise cloud god will completely leave the Buddhist country, the three people have just left the entrance area.
Master Jin Chan couldn’t help laughing that "three people are convenient"
Gui Mu Bodhisattva echoed and laughed, "It is true."
Her strength is not as good as Qingwei’s. She had to come in with some secrets before.
Qing smiled and just wanted to talk to the three of them, then their faces suddenly changed. Qing Wei’s head was full of mystery and beauty, and Master Jin Chan and Bodhisattva Gui Mu, who were born directly under the canopy of five emperors, also showed their magical powers to defend themselves.
A golden magic gun directly pierced the stars of the universe and pointed at three people.
Xuanhuang Gongde Qi Transpiration Pagoda Instantly Broken Innate Five Emperors Outside the Huagai Five Emperors Living in One Side, Controlling God Beasts to Resist the Vast Force
Five-colored lotus flowers in the hands of Qing Wei Yuan Shen shine brightly and firmly.
At the same time, the axe in your hand is hard to split out again!
"The sunrise cloud god will be out of his obsession area? How is it possible! " Golden cicada mage face slightly white way
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-one Five elements of mountain light curse Buddha pure land
The sunrise cloud god will pike unexpectedly and suddenly and violently challenged three people is some mess Gui Mu bodhisattva corners of the mouth is a dark gold blood flow.
"How is that possible? For several years, the Jinyun God has been unable to leave the stationed area! "
Looking at the two people next to them, even if things change suddenly, it is easy to stop the sunrise cloud from attacking Gui Mu Bodhisattva, and they have a further understanding of the strength of Qingwei and Golden Cicada.
Not far away, the sunrise cloud god will appear in front of the three people at a seemingly slow but very fast speed.