Scattered to occupy the terrain advantage.

Wait until Goethe and Zhang’s young master came in, and ten more people quickly walked behind them, and the future retreat was completely blocked.
The ordinary people who followed saw this battle and immediately dispersed.
I thought I was extraordinary and capable, but I didn’t leave.
They seem to retreat one by one, but in fact they are staring here to see what kind of war will happen.
So their eyes are full of expectation.
But a second turned into consternation.
Bang, bang, bang!
In a series of muffled sounds, the imperial city company sent a man to directly blow it up.
Half-length blood fog, but two legs are still there.
Wait until the sea breeze blows
Fall to the ground with both legs
Plop, plop
The blood fog rolled, the linen garments were not stained, and the left thumb was lightly buckled, the index finger was erected, and the remaining three fingers recited a number.
"Are you white, disciple?"
Words are deserted but shocked.
Behind the onlookers, the Imperial City Division sent people to wait for a while.
They were scared silly.
Is the’ longevity road’ strong?
As we all know, strong!
Otherwise, there would be no heavy-handed arrangement to bring the other side into the game.
Can it be now?
The other party is not only strong, but also very strange.
I didn’t see anything. Why didn’t the Imperial City Company choose 50 people carefully?
What means is this?
Of course, it is necessary to strengthen the "tired gaze"
Or the kind that doesn’t leave a hand.
Goethe has shown himself to be a "immortal Taoist" who is strong and unsparing.
The effect is naturally excellent.
Imperial city secretary
Are scared.
Even the zhangs’ young master was frightened and couldn’t help scratching his head after hearing Goethe’s question.
This question was not rehearsed before, but improvised.
Zhang’s young master didn’t know that answering eucalyptus could be a live answer.
"Master is not white"
"Not white?"
Goethe thoughtfully seems to have a headache. How to solve it for his disciples?
Goethe hesitated the imperial city department, but others could not sit still. Without waiting for his population, these people in the original ship were as heavy as water, and they jumped in one by one, and their posture was as impressive as that of Youlong.
"well? Had "
Goethe saw this scene as if he had been inspired to raise his hand.
Suddenly sunny and thunderous.
A flash chain comes out from the fingertips.
In the middle, these figures shuttled back and forth.
Black and smelly
Still aggressive for a moment.
Burned and broken in a moment.
Most of these imperial city experts were blown to pieces, and a few of them were burnt after landing.
This scene silenced the rest of the ship.
"This, this …"
"Is it the Lord of the’ Immortality Road’?"
A nobleman from that royal family was dumbfounded.
The same is true of those who wait on him.
It’s not that they don’t know that the Taoist master of the "Immortality Road" has even played against the so-called Taoist master of the "Immortality Road", but the other root has no such strength.
There’s nothing too aggressive except being really resistant to beating and being able to run outside the base, otherwise, I wouldn’t have done that disgusting thing to refine the so-called’ blood god’
But what is this thunder method now?
Even the original’ Qingyuan Mountain’ is not good at Leifa!
This Lafayette is more exaggerated than the’ Nine Schools’!
Is it because this guy has an adventure that he has been hidden from the world for ten years and won’t let Zhang Deshou attract our attention?
These people think so.
That royal nobleman thinks so, too.
Immediately, the royal family’s face changed and he looked at a person around him.