Not melting

But go up in smoke!
The plundering of the dark god of death and the divine judgment of light have collided with each other by the same person this time.
A touch of chaos wrapped the figure in the field.
Zhao Yuan’s consciousness retreated.
Even he, a terrorist force such as the intersection of Yin and Yang, was more and more surprised by the strength of Totopicis.
Not third order, but not sub-third.
Is it the blessing of the dark Lord?
an instant
"Look out!"
Zhao yuan suddenly blurted out
A virtual shadow suddenly broke through the two access control laws and appeared in front of Dotopicis.
Wandao tactic!
The figure is only a hundred meters in the shape of a firm but gentle sword. At first glance, the earth cracks and cracks, and the dangers are soaring.
At the same time
A spirit of terror overwhelmed the land of Li Xu.
Silver field!
Third-order silver has a domain, in which all creatures will be intimidated by Zhao Fujia’s will and their strength will drop sharply.
Even the second-order odd theory cannot be excluded.
However, Dotopissis’ magic wand in his hand was not affected at all, but his thoughts turned more clearly.
"Lei Huan!"
"The earth spirit is bound!"
"Wood winding!"
Lei Huan lets his body flash like thunder, moving at will, binding the spirit, winding the wood, binding the opponent.
"Ice pray!"
A chill appeared, and the snow and ice around Dotopissis danced, and the cold mountain held a staff and pointed at the trapped Zhao Fujia.
The ice curse-the ice queen sighs!
All the cold came together to cover the field, but everything was frozen in the blink of an eye, and the extreme cold expanded rapidly
The Great Forbidden Mantra is an absolute taboo in the Mu world.
Even in the market world, it is like the sigh of the ice queen that can completely freeze a big city.
Millions of people died in one blow!
Nowadays, the chill is enough to freeze everything to death.
A tip of a sword suddenly appeared on Dotopissis’ forehead, and the tip leaned out from the outside and shone brightly on the ice crystals.
Drops of blood slipped down the tip of the sword.
Zhao Fujia, with a gray gown and scattered hair, appeared when the dagger penetrated his head.
"Uh …"
Dotopissis ran a few steps before shaking and stumbling, and his eyes were full of confusion. It seems that it is not clear what happened.
"You will all die."
Finally he opened his mouth.
Darkness dominates the faithful, and he is not afraid of death. When he dies frequently, he only regrets that he has not completed it.
"Everyone will die."
Zhao Fujia swept coldly.
"But you’ll never see it."