"Today, I sent you a text message to tell you that Smith Bond and William will go to Chinatown again this afternoon. I have helped you. You have to thank me, so please help me interrogate these three hateful guys."

Alice smiled mischievously and sat down on the sofa.
"all right"
Zhou Yi said naively, "It’s the first time for me to work as a coolie for others."
"It’s not a coolie, is it? Interrogating people is a technical job."
Alice giggled when she heard Zhou Yi talking about Zhou Yi’s expression. At this moment, he felt that Zhou Yi not only had a real man’s side and a cool and mature side, but also had a lovely side. The more she felt that Zhou Yi was a good man, the better she felt when she got along with Zhou Yi for less than half an hour.
Zhouyi didn’t say anything. He put the woven bag of Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono in the ground and tied it tightly, so that the heads of these three guys were exposed.
Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono’s medicine have not faded yet, so they are still talking nonsense and their faces are red and they look very excited.
Zhou Yi took two bottles of cold beer and immediately drenched Tengren Yi Watanabe and Onotou.
It’s the early Spring Festival Evening, and the temperature is still relatively low. As soon as this cold beer stimulates Tengren Yi Watanabe and Yoko, they are shivering, and they slowly wake up.
"How did I get here?"
"Zhouyi, who are you?"
"Let me go!"
Tengren Yi Watanabe and Yoko shouted at Zhouyi.
"Stop yelling and think about what happened. Don’t blame me, not to mention Alice. You can blame Alice for doing bad things with your eyes."
Zhouyi said coldly
Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono, who got wet with cold beer when they heard Zhouyi say that, recalled what had just happened. When they had a drug-induced hair, the whole person was not completely awake. Now they were stimulated by cold beer, and then they slowly remembered what had just happened.
"Ga Xiao, how dare you plot against the three of us? Let me go or I’ll kill you."
Finally, I want to know what happened. Tengren Yi ruthlessly said to Zhouyi, but his hands and feet were trapped and he couldn’t move.
"Do you still want to kill me? Your lives are in my hands? You’re fine. You’re calling it harming others and ultimately harming yourself. I’m going to ask you something now, so you can answer it honestly, or your farm will be thrown into the sea to feed sharks. "
Zhouyi picked up the bottle and smashed Tengren Yi’s head. Then he asked coldly that he was mainly worried about these three guys and the 3k gang.
The bottle was broken, Tengren Yi was smashed, and the horse screamed, while Watanabe and Ono were scared and almost fainted.
"Stop screaming and ask me to give you some more bottles. Now answer my question. Who are you?" Zhouyi continue to coldly say
"Okay, I’ll talk. I’ll talk."
Tengren Yi is also a guy who robs money and sex by drugs. Where have he seen such malicious means, his horse has honestly confessed his identity.
"It’s not the Klan gang, it’s a few scum from Japan."
After finding out the identities of Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono, Zhouyi sat down on the balcony sofa and said to Alice, "Take care of what these guys do with yourself. I’ll be in charge of interrogation."
"It’s better to throw them into the sea."
Alice said that she hated these three Japanese people now, because if Zhouyi hadn’t come, it might have been herself who made a fool of herself in the bar tonight, and she would have been defiled by these three Japanese people. She didn’t intend to let Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono go.
I also object to Alice’s disposal of Zhouyi, and he has no good opinion of the Japanese.
Alice called the bar owner Haine, and soon Haine sent someone to drag Tengren Yi Watanabe and Ono out to solve it.
"Zhouyi these three annoying guys solved are we going out for a drink or dancing together? You have to play with me tonight. "
When Tengren Yi Watanabe and Yoko were dragged out, Alice was in a better mood. She sat down beside Zhouyi and held Zhouyi’s arm, saying that her towering chest, which had developed well, also squeezed Zhouyi’s arm, which made Zhouyi a little in spirit.
"American girls are just different. They are really passionate and familiar with me so quickly. If Chinese girls are sure to be reserved, how can they be so close to boys casually?"
Feeling Alice’s breasts, Zhou Yi thought that he didn’t realize that Alice had already liked him, and he wanted to compete with Xiaoxiao for him.
"Go out for a drink first."
Zhouyi thought for a moment and said, Fisherman’s Wharf Bar San Francisco is very famous. Since I’m here, it’s natural to drink a few glasses of wine.
"Well, let’s go."
Alice took Zhouyi arm in arm and went outside the box to go out for a drink.
In the bar, the lights go out, the music changes, the dance floor is wild, and men and women are dancing close to each other. This place is really a hotbed for cultivating ambiguity.
Many young men and women who are interested in each other often make great progress in their feelings when they come to bars where the atmosphere is ambiguous, because wine is a double-edged sword, which can strengthen heroic courage and confuse human nature. Many men and women tear the paper and often stick together after half a day.