"Only by swallowing so many demon cores can I display all the skills of these demon nuclear masters."

The little girl’s master said proudly, "My physical strength is as weak as a newborn child compared with that before. All right, don’t think about it yet. You have to rely on yourself for everything when you go out. Chapter 41 Blue-tailed Fox."
Lin Yu manipulated flying boat to come to the area pointed out by Little Lori and landed quietly.
Let Yue Qiuling have another healing medicine, and then Lin Yu will let her stay in a relative hiding place and release more than a dozen war machines to protect her, which is just a little safe.
Blue-tailed fox is a fifth-order monster beast. No other creatures are allowed to enter the place where it lives in Fiona Fang Baili.
Once the owner of the blue-tailed fox discovered the intruder field, it was absolutely terrible.
Although Lin Yu is a 16-year-old teenager, his perseverance has been tempered in hell. Even in the face of great difficulties and dangers, Lin Yu will never shrink back.
"Blue-tailed fox prefers spar. He is the most greedy group of monster beasts. If there is a spar nearby, they will take it for themselves."
Master Loli explained that "the blue-tailed fox nose is sensitive, especially when it smells people for 500 meters. It’s up to you to do what you do next."
Lin Yu thought of locking the yuan array to lure the blue-tailed fox, but the little girl’s master immediately stopped Lin Yu’s idea that "locking the yuan array is not everything, and it is just like fighting the magic chain, which at most traps the fourth-order monster beast and the yuan soul. If you want to lock the yuan array and trap the blue-tailed fox, you are dying."
Since the little girl said so, Master Lin Yuhao gave up the plan.
Then the only feasible way is to put spar here to draw the blue-tailed fox out, and then quietly go around to the blue-tailed fox’s lair to collect medicine.
Lin Yu thought a little and handed the SPAR to a humanoid war machine. He sat in flying boat and flew high, waiting for the blue-tailed fox to collect herbs 500 meters from the mouth of the cave.
After everything was ready, Lin Yuzheng sat in flying boat and waited for the blue-tailed fox to feel the spar and then came out of the hole. Suddenly, he found a large piece of dark flying boat flying in his direction in the distance.
Lin Yu estimated that the speed of flying boat is a little weaker than that of coming to flying boat from Yue Xian. It seems that there are so many high-speed flying boat is the main team of Luo family.
"Luo family make track for? How can it be such an urgent matter! " Lin Yu frowned. "What should I do if I escape now but Yue Qiuling is injured and won’t allow myself to escape again?"
Lin Yu was so worried that he quickly thought that if he could find a way to find two beauties, he could not only escape the Luo family’s tracking, but also pick the blue saliva incense.
The feeling be nasty Lin Yu suddenly thought of one thing, eyes suddenly lit up "hey hey!"
Yue Xian told Luo that he had lost Lin Yu. Of course, the process was processed by Yue Xian.
After this processing, Lin Yu Luo’s mind became even more evil, so that Luo almost didn’t let the whole Luo family elite run out to search for Lin Yu for him
So Yue Xian and Luo received hundreds of flying boat ships from Yunduan City and rushed to catch up with people.
In the first half of the day, Yue Xian could still know where Lin Yu flew, but then he lost Lin Yu.
After a day of chasing from the missing place in Lin Yu, Luo and Yue Xian still failed to find Lin Yu, which made their hearts even more angry.
It’s just a nine-heavy guy who has made them dizzy. If Luo and Yuexian can’t catch this little word, they will be the laughing stock of Luo’s family, which is more likely to be laughed at by all families in the whole Cangyu mainland.
"chase! Dig this little bastard out even if you dig three feet! " Los flustered and frustratedly roar when YueXian to track Lin Yu that piece of jade suddenly have a reaction.
"What’s the matter?" Old Yue Xian became suspicious. Since the little boy knew about this thing, how could he bring it with him for himself to discover?
However, Yue Xian found that the tracking jade was moving and was too anxious to find Lin Yu Yue Xian to think about him again.
Anyway, this jade site is not far from here, and there is nothing to lose by going and seeing it.
With the strength of nature, I am still afraid that Lin Yu will not plot against me?
There is another reason why Yue Xian wants to catch Lin Yu urgently, and that is that Lin Yu has a red eye pupil at that moment.
Besides inferno’s natural red pupil, Yue Xian hasn’t found that Terran can suddenly become red pupil.
And Lin Yu into red pupil that moment spirit several times stronger.
Yue Xian seems that this must be something that can increase the spirit, special skills and ambition. Yue Xian will never let go of such a fate.
"Young master, there is a small possibility that we will go in that direction!" Yuexian took the lead in tracking jade and flew towards the place indicated by jade.
Anyway, there was no Lin Yu Luoluo, and he followed Yue Xian to a valley somewhere in the northeast.
A blue fox, one size larger than an ordinary fox, was thinking that he had picked up so many spar, and his good mood was suddenly destroyed by a large area of flying boat.
This blue fox is naturally the fifth-order monster beast blue-tailed fox lured by Lin Yu.
Blue-tailed fox hates intruders most. When it sees these uninvited guests, it is angry. It can’t stand its emotions any longer.
"Woo-"Blue-tailed fox suddenly became bigger with a long whistle. I don’t know how many times, in addition to its original big tail, it also has four more big tails!
"Damn it!" Yue Xian also found the blue-tailed fox, but his reaction was still half a beat slower than that of the blue-tailed fox.
Blue-tailed fox’s long whistle shook a dozen flying boat ships in front of it, and then the blue-tailed fox threw out its five big tails.
Boom boom …
Five tails in the shape of blue vitality hit a dozen flying boat ships, and with a series of violent explosions, the dozen flying boat ships should explode.
Those Luo families in flying boat were either killed or directly hit by the blue-tailed fox’s vitality to attack the blasting body and died miserably.