This meal was eaten in the dark, and the blue demon chop was taken to the wing by Watsons to chat and sleep. Before he left, Yang night vaguely saw the blue demon chop and cast a sad look. Did she also think about tonight or worry …

Nearly three nights later, Yang Ye and Du Fu were taken to their backyard by Li Bai. Li Bai ordered the servant to bring three cups and an altar of daughter red, and put a few side dishes on the stone table and chair in the backyard gazebo to greet Du Fu and Yang Ye and sit with a cheerful face.
"Beautiful brother Qingshan Xiandi" Li Bai smiled and sent his servant to hold the jar to personally pour Yang Ye Du Fu’s wine and said, "Such a beautiful scenery can make two people drink and talk about sex."
It is a great blessing in life! "Said put jars raised his cup and cried" come on! Let’s drink this cup first! "
Yang night Du Fu also raised his glass and greeted Li Bai with a smile, and drank a toast together.
"Good wine, good wine!" Du Fu put down a cup and gently twisted his beard and said, "I haven’t been so happy for a long time. Haha!"
Yang Yema also learned from Du Fu’s appearance, smoothed his beard and held a cup half-way, then smiled. "Hehe, I think there are some wines that are not intoxicating tonight, but they are not charming at night!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha! Qingshan Xiandi Li is really impressed with you today! " Li Bai was surprised, sighed, smiled and talked to Du Fu and nodded gently.
Du Fu is also a look of amazement. Li Bai looked at Yang Ye and shook his sleeve and threw his fist at him. "Du Mou, the good brother of Qingshan, was really surprised. I never thought that the friends around Brother Taibai were also hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and I never thought that the good brother of Qingshan could make such wonderful words at a young age!"
"I don’t dare to lose!" Yang Ye was proud of his modesty and put a cup of fuels in his heart, wondering how to ask Li Bai to let him take them to Chang ‘an.
"Qingshan Xiandi is too modest!" Du Fu smiled and shook a sleeve. "Du Mou was lucky to meet Brother Taibai and Brother Qingshan. They all said that a bosom friend in life is enough. Now Du Mou can even get two Chikio to ask for help!"
"In that case, why don’t the three of us take advantage of this beautiful night, wine and wine to worship Jin Lan in the south?" Li Bai took advantage of the joy to hold Du Fu and Yang Ye’s hands excitedly and said
Yang Ye was stupefied and became sworn to Li Bai and Du Fu? Me? This is a big joke. Besides, did Li Bai and Du Fu become sworn friends in history?
Du Fu, who was stunned by Yang Ye here, was very excited. "It’s really an honor for Du Mou if Brother Taibai really said that!"
After speaking, I also put my hand in Li Bai’s hand, and then they turned their heads to look at Yang Yebi with expectation.
"What am I doing?" Yang night pretended to be surprised and then reached out and Li Bai and Du Fu held hands and said, "I am naturally 110 thousand willing!" The two in my heart are already my brothers! " Said the Yang night thought don’t say become sworn brothers, when my ancestors, these two are absolutely more than enough.
Li Bai and Du Fu are happy, pulling Yang Yebian’s backyard gazebo to the south, paying homage to each other in order to save those worldly rules. Everyone raises a glass first and then respects heaven, then drinks and kowtows, even if they become sworn brothers. Li Bai’s eldest brother Du Fu’s second son Yang Yesan will be brothers to each other in the future.
Yang night or so looked at both sides of the heart smoothing his beard and laughing on his back, but Li Bai and Du Fu kept muttering in their hearts, "What’s the matter?" Did they become sworn brothers with Li Bai and Du Fu? Ancient people are really generous! No, no, you must get two original paintings of Li Bai and Du Fu Mo Bao before you go back! Isn’t it too much to ask to be brothers?
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It’s past midnight, and Li Bai and Du Fu are still interested. Her daughter’s red has been in three places. Yang Ye was drunk, but she didn’t feel drunk. She just got a little bloated and went to the toilet four or five times.
"Since I’m so happy tonight, I’m not as happy as our three brothers improvising poetry. Is the second brother and the third brother happy?" Li Baiduan drink a mouthful of glass suddenly looked up and said
"Good good! That’s what big brother is thinking. Good wine will naturally borrow poetry to relax! " Du Fu clapped his hands gently and pointed to Yang Ye and said, "Besides, I’m afraid the third brother’s talent is superficial, so I just want to hear more of his eloquent sentences!"
"No, no, no!" Yang night hurriedly waved his hand and worried about how many goods he had left to recite Tang poetry and Song poetry, but not many "big brother!" Second brother! Little brother, I’m just a little ignorant. Those were all nonsense just now. Just listen to your poems and I won’t make a fool of myself! "
"Hey ~ ~ ~ This statement is poor!" Li Bai a stare eyes "is sworn brothers to make a fool of yourself? It’s just that the three of us are taking advantage of this cool breeze to express our feelings. It’s also considered that we are sworn to Jin Lan tonight to add fun to drinking wine! "
"Big Brother is right!" Du Fu answered, "Third Brother, don’t spoil your fun! I’ll brew one first! " He squinted and pondered for a moment, twisted his beard and suddenly smiled and said, "Looking at the sky like a jade tree, I often love to escape Zen and Li Bai has a hundred poems before I get drunk."
"Wonderful! !” Yang Yema shouted loudly and clapped his hands like Li Bai and Du Fu.
Li Bai smoothed his beard, shook his head slightly and looked at Du Fu with a smile and said, "What a good poem!
But second brother, you praised me for it? This makes my brother a little ashamed! "
Du Fu also smiled and turned to lift the glass from the stone table to Li Bai. "Eldest brother Du Mou admired you for a long time but didn’t want to be happy today, but he became a brother and unconsciously brought his eldest brother into the poem. This is Du Mou’s sincere praise."
"Good good! The second brother’s heart is white! " Li Baixiao also picked up a cup of Du Fu and gestured to each other to drink it off in pairs. After Li Bai put the glass behind his hand, he looked up at the moon and suddenly smiled. He picked up two glasses and turned around and handed them to Yang Ye for a cup. After that, Lang said, "Don’t refuse a cup of spring breeze and laugh at people. If you don’t drink, you will be safe."