◎ Yang Yeli fought against the ancient three masters.
◎ Sister Jingjing noticed the spread of red print.
◎ Yang night feeling ability weakened …
Gu San was still crushed by four hands, but at this moment, he was numb and didn’t pay attention to his breathing difficulties. He was shocked by what happened in front of him. He was famous for being brave and ruthless, and he was going to die if he started work. Now it’s better for dozens of people to beat one and be scared to his knees!
But Gu San also felt scared. He really wanted to say that the Yang family was so huge and powerful! Otherwise, how to say that these five families are not afraid of people and enemies! Because they don’t have any enemies at all. Who dares to confront them? Take this young master Yang’s family as an example. He is a spoiled dog, and he is afraid of bullying and playing hard, but facts speak louder than words. He has seen how powerful the young master Yang is! Not to mention Master Yang Zhenkui, the head of the Yang family …
Yang night took a few breaths to calm himself down and waved and rushed to the front, kneeling in front of several ancient third-hand people and shouting, "You! Kneel by the wall! "
Those men did not dare to neglect and quickly climbed to the wall and knelt in a row.
Loufeisha and Wangcai and the helper got up from the platform on the second floor and applauded at this time.
"Too handsome, boss!"
"Good job, boss!"
"The boss is amazing!"
"The boss is so handsome and cool that it is impossible to compare!"
"I love you, boss!"
Clapping, screaming and whistling are a mess, but only a few banners of "Young Master Family and Friends Group" and "Young Master Fan Association" are pulled.
Yang night lifted up her head and paused for a moment, then glared at the building. A bunch of applauding people were so scared that they took a step back involuntarily-Yang night’s easy folding of the tin box with a bullet in hand brought shock and psychological shadow to these people.
"How did you … those two people!" Yang Ye raised his head and asked
"Stop worrying, boss! All stunned! " Fat silly rob to shout 1
"What a mess! Who is your boss! " Yang Yeqi shouted.
"You are! Boss! " More than a dozen people in the building cried together, and they were all excited.
"Shut up!" Yang Ye’s nose is crooked. When did this happen? One became the boss of these gluttons? "Give me all!"
"yes! Boss! " Fat silly and prosperous to take the lead in a dozen people or ran upstairs to Yang night.
"Find something to tie these people up first" Yang ordered at night.
Fat, silly, prosperous, and others promised to get busy. Yang looked around at night and went straight to the boss who piled the foundation. His face became gloomy.
The boss was still awake, and when he saw Yang Ye coming, he was so scared that he clung to the wall and scratched his face with his hands. It was like he was going to climb down the wall.
Yang Ye walked over and grabbed the boss’s collar without saying anything but laughing, and dragged him downstairs. The boss was dragged by the collar, dragged his head, hat and sunglasses, and fell off in succession. He was kept licking his body by the stairs and steps. Many prominent parts didn’t know whether it was painful or scary.
The first floor is also a lively scene. Fat and prosperous, I took that ticket and thought I was Yang Yeshou. Brothers yelled at five and drank six. They tied up the old three hands lying on their knees one by one, and several people were a little polite. After all, they often met each other before mixing, and they were still a little afraid of the old three.
This kung fu Yang night has grabbed the boss and dragged him to the hall on the second floor, and then dumped himself into the hall. He first went to the room with Uniform Xin and Yang Shan, and took a look at it. The two girls were still asleep. They were relieved and staggered into the hall to sit on a row of sofas against the wall, and called Jingjing Sister to come over and give up her seat. It was like a king who won the battle.