Wang Haidong snorted a little angrily and said, "It’s no wonder that Lu Xun’s articles have been deleted by a bunch of slaves. Those Zhao supercilious eyes, Ma A Si, Tofu Xi Shi, Humpty Dumpty Five Young Master and Red Nose Old Arch drink together, and strongly celebrate Lu Xun’s being kicked out of the education department. Because these people are all resurrected, naturally, they don’t need Lu Xun. Don’t worry, I’m just saying a few words in front of you. We’ll forget it when they do it. Go back and tell those people that I will naturally go to them later."

When Wang Haidong said this, he was quite indignant. Ah Q, the little nun’s head monk touched me. Anyway, that’s such a temper in Wang Haidong’s words
Blue fox knows Wang Haidong people very well, but he is a little aggrieved, but he won’t express it as happily as Wang Haidong. He doesn’t have Wang Haidong’s deep background, and naturally he doesn’t have Wang Haidong’s courage. He said that blue fox didn’t invite Wang Haidong in the past, but he just came to have a word to see what Wang Haidong’s mood was like.
At this time, not all people are as emboldened as Wang Haidong. The status of dude in Wang Haidong River City represents that he can naturally have such emboldened. Don’t be angry. Who let people always remember the municipal party committee? Who let no one dare to provoke Wangjia River City?
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Vision
What can Wang Haidong say? Sometimes I will go there. This is already a very good answer. Blue Fox knows that Wang Haidong’s answer is also very rare, so he walked over and said, "That’s good. If you promise to go there, those people are looking forward to your going there, especially your recent antique market scene, which makes them very envious."
Wang Haidong laughed and said, "They listen to the wind and rain, but they just got a few antiques. What about Jinshan Yinshan? They all think that it’s easy for others to make money. It’s hard for them to make money, and they don’t look at how many businessmen in this river city make money as easily as they do. That’s not enough. If these people want to find me, they should have passed early. Will there be anything to ask me to do?"
Wang Haidong was also very cautious when he met these people. These people are also the kind of people who can’t afford to learn from Lei Feng. Of course, don’t think about it. They are also sponsors, but it is a call for some factories, hotels and restaurants to donate money.
Of course, after all, they got a lot of donations for the Red Cross, but it’s clear how much of these donations can go to charity. Anyway, the tricky thing here can’t be made clear in one sentence or two, and the flower account is estimated to be calculated by the Galaxy supercomputer, which may not be able to calculate clearly. Although the brain is fast, it has no human feelings.
It doesn’t know how much some human feelings in the Red Cross are worth, even if the parties estimate that it is the kind of people who can understand but can’t say what kind of people are active. Wang Haidong suddenly figured out that it is not as simple as drinking if these people came to find themselves, otherwise they should have found the door.
If you are an outsider, you always have to think about it. If Wang Haidong directly points out the situation, it is always a bit embarrassing, but Qinghu is not an outsider and Wang Haidong is very iron.
So at this time, Blue Fox also said rudely, "What can these guys do? They have been quiet for two years, that is, they have made a little bit of project contracting, and there is no problem. It is not easy for others to reach out to our river city. One is that you have intervened in the farm project, and the other is the relocation of Huilongguan antique market. The competition between these two projects is fierce, but after all, the demolition has not been completed yet, but will we let you go? Do you think it is possible? With your help, who dare not give face? "
Blue fox hesitated for a moment before saying, "These two projects are not very general. It is estimated that they will not be so smooth. My father said it was a bit difficult."
It’s a difficult thing for a girl’s father, but it’s not necessarily a difficult thing for Wang Haidong, a group of dude brothers. At this time, it’s also possible to see that the identity is different, and the point of view of considering things is different. At this time, more people believe that these dude brothers in the river city will not give in to these two projects.
Wang Haidong, of course, is quite concerned about his own affairs. He wanted to think and said, "I know that these two projects can be approved, but it is not easy. Although they are approved together, it is good to say that the old city reconstruction is over there. Even if it can be approved, the place really needs to be rebuilt, and the surface also needs to have a sample project like this, so it is easier, but Huilongguan is a little different."
A place like Huilongguan is a cultural relic unit, which is not suitable for building commercial houses, but it seems that someone can bring the land around Huilongguan, so it can be seen that such a thing is really not simple. "
You know, enclosing cultural relics protection units in your own community can add a lot of flavor to the community. Seeing that there is a cultural relics protection unit like Huilongguan in our community, it will become a selling point if you don’t go out of your home and walk directly. In this case, the house price should be set high.
Blue fox thought for a moment and said, "It may not be completely concluded yet, so the forced demolition is still in the research stage, but I think it should be soon. If the demolition is completed, there will be some competition."
It’s one thing to get a plot of land, but who to contract, how to build a package of two packages, and how to change hands to make money are all more learned.
Companies that can use the land may not necessarily build it themselves and subcontract it to qualified enterprises, but earn the difference from it. This is what those dude brothers often do.
That is to say, everyone says that the gloves are white wolves. Of course, generally speaking, although these companies are white wolves, they are still proud and responsible. If there is anything that you are unfair, such as the Land Bureau of the Urban Construction Quality Supervision Bureau and other places, these companies will come forward to settle it for you.
Anyway, they are a company with their own rules, and if these dudes don’t take the land, they will make money in one package and two packages. Anyway, they will have their own way to make money
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "This is also the real estate industry. There has been a fire trend in the past two years. If it is possible to get two out of here, it is definitely worth intervening at this time. Those guys have a very good eye. A few years ago, I asked them to set up a company to get some land, but they just didn’t listen to these projects, which accounted for a long profit cycle of funds. If they got some land in those years, wouldn’t they make a profit?" Bitterness means competing with those people for a pack of two at this time. "
Before Wang Haidong, such a method really came out, but at that time, the construction of commercial housing was still relatively stable, and there was no such violent outbreak as it is now. Therefore, at that time, Wang Haidong gang simply didn’t listen to Wang Haidong’s words. At this time, they really thought of Wang Haidong’s advice, but it was a little late, and many people in prime locations already got it.
Green fox naively said, "Actually, when I came, they also regretted not listening to you. If we take this Huilongguan, we will all be rich today, but it should be not too late for me to ask you to come over. It is also true that there is something to discuss. Now if we take the land, everyone wants to hear your opinion."
At present, the land price is already very high, but it is much higher than the previous price. At this time, the previous dollar of land has quadrupled from four dollars. Therefore, at this time, the gang is thinking of getting a company to take land. After all, the river city has just started, and there are still many plots that need to be transformed. However, this doubling of land prices has made these guys feel a little tricky. They not only require no hard work, fast money and short cycle, but also try not to have any risks.
It is obvious that the risk of land is still quite small, and the land price is still relatively high in the eyes of these people.
Wang Haidong stared blankly for a while, and his eyes sparkled with fine light. He said in meditation, "Ha ha, what do you mean by being prepared for danger in times of peace? I didn’t expect that all of us were carried away by victory. People actually knew how to consider this danger. What do you think of this matter?" Blue fox didn’t intervene in this matter, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t pay much attention to it.
After synthesizing his own information, Blue Fox said, "I think it’s really a bit outrageous, so nothing can be more outrageous than this. It’s a bit unacceptable that a thing can be divided into four pieces. It’s also necessary to worry about the risks."
These officials are typical of those who want to make money with peace of mind and never suffer. Of course, they also have the ability to make money with them. But their thinking is just limited here. The current increase in land prices has already made them a little suspicious. Does this mean that they can get involved again?
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "It’s true that the land price has changed. Our river city is still not very obvious, but the capital has a rising trend. At that time, I didn’t want to take land in this place. When I told you about this, I just wanted to let you earn two dollars. At that time, I also took some land in the capital, but it was inside the Third Ring Road. Now you can’t find such a prime location even with cash."