Ye Han was a little flustered when he saw it. It took a while to gently hold Lengling’s arm and pull it up from his arms. Then he couldn’t help but look at his mouth and said, "Okay, okay, Linger won’t cry, let her husband see!"

"Well, I didn’t expect our Linger to become more and more beautiful!" See a great Ye Han this just a face of smile at her and said
Listen to Ye Han this LengLing face, also emerge with a faint red shy unceasingly looking at Ye Han for a long time without words at this time, Yan Xin has also come to Ye Han near Ye Han said busy to vacate an arm to embrace in your arms.
"It’s all because my husband didn’t come back to see you for so long!" Two women don’t cry at the moment, but quietly snuggle up to Ye Han’s arms like two obedient little rabbits. Ye Han also saw a pity and said with a face of remorse.
Seeing Ye Han’s tears in the corner of her eyes, Lengling shed tears and shook her head. "We will be satisfied if we can come back before Xianggong!"
Yan Xin heard this and nodded his head. "Yes, now that Xianggong is back, we can be together again!"
After hearing what the two women said, Ye Han felt more guilty that they were busy. The two women left a kiss on their foreheads and then nodded, "Well, we will never be separated again. We will be together forever."
Say Ye Han buried them in his arms again and stroked their hair with their hands. The two women didn’t say anything for a long time. When they saw this, they didn’t say anything. Suddenly, the room fell into silence again, but it was full of tenderness.
"Cold son, how have you been these days?" After a long time, LengLing broke free from Ye Han’s arms first and then asked him.
Ye Hanwen nodded his head in a hurry. "Well, I’ve been doing well during this period. How about you? Are you doing well during this period?"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Yan Xin immediately smiled. "Don’t worry, everyone in the family has taken care of us during this period. It’s much better to experience us outside than you alone. But your cold brother must have suffered a lot outside, right?"
"Ha ha hin son what’s the matter? Didn’t everyone just call me "xianggong"? Why are you changing your tune now? Are you still angry with your husband? " Ye Han smell speech busy bifurcation topic with a smile.
Hear Ye Han this inflammation hin where can I not know that he is deliberately concerned about him? But now it’s not easy for him to expose the situation, so he immediately shook his head along with Ye Han’s meaning. "Xianggong, where is this? Is it because Xiner wants to call you Xianggong every day? It was just a moment when the feeling was nasty. Besides, Xiner has never been born with you. What about this?"
Wen Yan Ye Han was speechless, but suddenly he heard a noise outside, so he let go of Yan Xin in his arms and slowly walked towards the door of the house. The two of them were busy following him.
In the courtyard outside the door, several Ye family members are watching Ye Hangang as soon as he comes out around the little fox who has been wearing blue fluff.
The little fox besieged in the courtyard is obviously Xiaoli’s former Ye Han asked her not to wander around. This has been a rest in the courtyard, but I don’t want to do so, which has attracted these Ye family members to watch and be at a loss.
See Ye Han out at the moment Xiaoli suddenly have the bottom spirit busy jumped at one of the people will fall on the ground this just jumped out from the man escaped from the encirclement and went straight to Ye Han.
Ye Han looked at suddenly some in distress situation but also busy to Xiaoli picked up from the ground and immediately shouted at those people "what are you doing is not a little fox? If you have anything to see, don’t go soon! "
Ye Han’s words came out, and those people naturally retreated. However, he was pregnant with a small fox, but suddenly he made a fuss. He snorted at her. "What do you mean, it’s nothing to see? Brother Han bullied people. Brother Han is still cold. You won’t forget Xiaoli when you come back. I didn’t expect this to come back for a while and then you will dislike Xiaoli!"
Said Xiaoli also assumed a pathetic touch kind and then turned to the door of the Bank of China to see Leng Lingyanxin as they were coming out of the room, so they were busy breaking away from Ye Han’s arms and running towards the two women.
Ye Han looked at suddenly a surprised busy with to but don’t want to at this time Xiaoli unexpectedly has jumped into the arms of LengLing LengLing looked at first is also a surprised, but found that Xiaoli didn’t mean any harm this just relax not to jilt but stretched out his hands gently stroked her head.
Ye Han quietly relaxed when he saw Fox so quiet, but suddenly he heard Fox’s voice busy and listened carefully. Only then did he hear Xiaoli muttering softly, "Hum, I knew you’d be cranky. Are you really me, Xiaoli, the kind of person who doesn’t know your heart?"
"Well …" To find out the little fox’s mind, Ye Han suddenly felt sweaty, busy and embarrassed, coming at Lengling and then wry smile. "Linger, this is the little fox I wanted to catch in the foggy forest!"
Ye Han deliberately observed the fox’s heart when he said this, and found that Xiaoli was suddenly angry when he heard this, so for a pretence he didn’t find that he was busy grabbing Xiaoli from Lengling’s arms and holding him in his arms.
"Ha ha, cold son, that’s so bad. I let you catch her because I felt that he had a star breath!" Lengling looked at busy embarrassed smile to say with smile
Smell Ye Han feel nai and Xiaoli secretly smile quietly glanced at Ye Han then suddenly struggled to break free from his arms and then jumped at Yan Xin’s arms.
Yan Xin looked at busy stretch out his hand and then looked at the little fox quietly with his hands in front of him for a long time before he nodded with a smile. "What a handsome little fox," xianggong "?How did you find her? Look at him. He smells like us! "
"Sister smells good. Xiaoli loves it!" Ye Hangang wanted to explain, but he didn’t want the little fox to look even more embarrassed when he suddenly said such a thing. But when he looked at the little fox again, he was almost fooled by the little fox. What body smells good? She didn’t lack fragrance when she was alone.
【 459 】 【 Poisonous fire reappearance 】
"Ha ha, let’s not talk about this. Let’s go meet my parents. We haven’t come back to see them for so long!" Ye Han, though white, was fooled by Xiaoli, but it was even whiter. The reason why Xiaoli played himself was that he didn’t want to let himself reveal things a hundred years ago so as to change the subject prematurely!
Yan Xin’s question didn’t get a reply, but he didn’t get angry or continue to ask questions because he should have known that he would know that since Ye Han didn’t want to say it now, it was inconvenient for him to ask more questions.
Ye Han is also very relieved to see that things have been successfully uncovered. Now he has got enough letters in front of his wife, which has caused a lot of unnecessary troubles. After all, the secret of misty clouds is very secret, and he doesn’t know what to do as explained. He can choose to hide it.
Husband and wife should not keep secrets. Ye Han knows that if the two women are struggling to pursue it, they can’t hide their own theories. Now they don’t ask again, so he won’t have to find a way to explain it.
Xiaoli repose Yan Xin’s arms didn’t make trouble again. Ye Han also felt strange that the things he received soon made him lose his mind to worry about Xiaoli’s screaming outside the room, which instantly diverted his attention.
"No, there’s a fire. Go and put out the fire!" Not far from the door, a scream interrupted not only Ye Han’s thoughts, but also Leng Lingyanxin. When they heard that the house was on fire, they suddenly felt anxious.