Sobbing "Sorry Sister"

Shixun suddenly shocked. Did she just say "sister"? Slowly turn your head and look directly into the depths of her pupil. She feels that the grievances are over. "No" I don’t blame you.
The next day, Yan Hong Xin Yue and Yan Hong Li Yue flew to Germany by special plane to get together and see them off. Before boarding the plane, they each gave her a hug, which was very warm and then "goodbye".
Don’t be impressed when Shi Xun remembers Yan Hong Li Yue’s sentence. She said-
"Elder sister, I think I just know which year we can meet again, and I won’t be me today." 76 "Chapter 75 Conclusion 1
five years later
Ball women think the most valuable and attractive man-
Chiying Instant Ball ranks second. The president of Chiying Multinational Group is 23 years old. He is one of the most valuable bachelors in the world with his handsome appearance and innate indifference.
Antivia ap; Tano ap; The president of Shixiteng Listening Group is twenty-five years old, with a strong family background and handsome appearance. Even if he is married, he will not reduce his work and family, and he is recognized as a good husband.
Yang Chu Jingqiu ranks second in the consortium. Yang’s current president is 24 years old. His deep and gentle temperament makes him the best candidate for celebrities to choose boyfriends.
The most famous brain doctor who is involved in basketball, his success rate of surgery has reached 100%, and he is only 23 years old. His handsome appearance and personality are favored by female friends in the society.
Zuo Yunchen, a well-known barrister in the world, is said to be worth hundreds of millions when he is only 23 years old this year. His charming and evil face is pulling the hearts of thousands of girls, but it is said that he decided to marry his beloved fiancee this year.
-world magazine
Sit in the ap of Antivia; I didn’t expect that only a few of them actually won the world-class magazine. I have to admit that they are very powerful now!
"Mommy, I’m going to pick apples with grandpa." A lovely three-year-old boy ran to the side of Wei Xu and then left.
Not a little worried, he shouted "Zhuo Zhuo should be careful" behind him. Hehe smiled and felt very happy now. Four years ago, she got married as she wished, so that they could meet every day and simply move the headquarters of Rattan Leaf from Japan to France. Although the current president is very busy, she is still very satisfied with her grandfather and Zhuo Zhuo.
Not far from the phone rang, she almost immediately went over to pick up "Hello, this is Antoine ap; Tano Castle "
Sister-in-law, I’m Xu Han
"Ah, how is your special event in Vienna going?" I can’t help but be proud of the fact that her "sister-in-law" usiqueen identity is going to be public.
Well, it’s almost time. Tickets will be sent home tonight, and you will come and see them the day after tomorrow.
Not repeatedly promised and then hung up after chatting for a few words. She smiled happily and Xu Han changed a lot in recent years.
Five years ago, Kaoru, Huan Hu and Xu Han secretly gave the position of President of Rattan Leaf to Shixi, and then they traveled all over the world. Later, Kaoru helped grandpa take over the Antoine family and went to dream China to play. Xu Han said that he had not returned to Vienna to practice for a long time and had stayed in Vienna in recent years.
"The president has an email for you." The secret lady pushed the door and came in and put it in the mail just arrived.
"Good" Shi Xun took off her glasses and rubbed her eyebrows, wondering what the email was, but it didn’t take long for her to open it and continue her work.
Originally, she wanted to quit her job as the president of Rattan Leaf, and it would be easier for her to push all the work to Shixi. Unexpectedly, she was still influenced by her grandfather. However, it is better for her to win over her grandfather than to manage Rattan Leaf. She also said that if she wants to get rid of her job one day, she will have to wait until she gets married and gives birth.
She spoke the truth and had to accept her fate.
Finally, all today’s documents were approved, and later generations got up and went to the water dispenser to pour water, and saw the secret mail.
Fingertips are familiar and fast. Remove the paper and pull out the mail inside.
It’s a beautifully printed invitation to invite some famous people who graduated there for the 55th anniversary of Carlette next month.
Shi Xun put away the invitation and thought about whether to go or not. Maybe Huan Yin and Xu Han also received it and asked them if they would go or not. Let’s talk about it. I glanced at the magazine "Ball Women Recognize the Most Valuable and Charming Men" next to the water cooler, and I found that the names of those people were as expected, and they were still in the top five, especially Chi Ying’s instant return to gold singles. Chapter 76 ended.