"Ha ha ha princess generous! Come again! " Haketu laughed and the beautiful horse poured Su Mian another big cup.

"The princess drank too much, but the king was in trouble to come to Wang Jing Xia Li Wang." Yan returned to Su Mian and gulped down the wine, and then took up his worship for Hakkas.
"The sovereign is a good drinker and loves beauty." A nice girl came.
"Queen, you are late!" Haketu saw his queen and laughed.
"I’m going to prepare tables, wine, and food. The king and princess won’t blame!"
The woman is wearing a loose silver robe, but it’s a shame to be painted with gold patterns.
Gold and silver match
"The princess is really beautiful. It is said that … the country is beautiful and the country is beautiful!" The queen thought for a while to determine the way
"How dare the queen is also very beautiful and radiant?" This is the most appropriate shape. Let’s not say that a golden headdress is tied into a braided hair head and a toilet is worn …
Big red lips, thick black eyebrows and eyes … Red cinnabar marks on the forehead and thumb.
Really don’t see the original looks like.
The princess was praised, but she was very happy to laugh …
"Come on, let me eat meat and drink! Today, let’s talk about the big events on Happy Day. We must stay a few more days this time and ask Xiao Wang to do his best! " Hacker figure waved and said
Soon, I saw a group of beautiful women wearing green gauze skirts and standing on drums. The steps were light and graceful, and they were exotic.
Even Su Mian is very novel. However, different dances are still very interesting. Chapter 337 Gold Mine
The noise of singing and dancing is not over until dawn.
People in the Xia Dynasty are enthusiastic, which means you can refuse, especially for Yan Gui, who is even more enthusiastic.
The east has been flooded with fish-belly white, and Su Mian is too tired to sit still. After the end, a beautiful woman took them to the palace, which is second only to Xia Li Wang’s bedroom.
"This is our little princess’s residence. Let the guests come out for the time being." The beauty said.
"Where did your little princess live? Don’t need this? " Sue cotton laughed
"It should be safe for the guests in the little princess’s harem." The beauty laughed.
Into the palace, a word is bright!
Gold and silver inlaid pearls, fluorite and precious stones are also bright pink and silver.
Su Mian covered her lips with a smile. "This is an injustice to the sovereign."
Yan Gui glared at her and called Albizia to come in and serve Albizia. They were also dragged to drink several cups of koumiss, and each one was very nai.
This will be busy waiting for two people to wash and sleep, but the temporary preparation is still gorgeous big bed ivory bed.
That’s real ivory inlay. It’s very luxurious.
Su Mian lamented that "people in the Xia Dynasty really don’t lack gold." Gold and silver are so common.
"The western countries are very rich, but the land is too small." Yan Gui closed her eyes and said that he was also very tired.
"Yes, the weather is bad, and the land is small, so you can live comfortably. Otherwise …" If you take advantage of the gold, silver and minerals and cover an area, you will naturally have ambitions, and there will be wars for a long time. It will be difficult if you either beat others yourself or others beat yourself.
And the country is too small, a gold mine is enough to feed a country, but everyone is rich and lives and works in peace and contentment.
"Go to sleep. Are you tired?" Yan GUI didn’t open his eyes. He gently touched Su Mian’s cheek and asked softly.
"Well, the report koumiss tastes terrible." Su Mian muttered that Yan Gui’s arms were rubbing against each other and she was so sleepy.
Yan Gui has been gently touching her face and hair. As soon as she saw her crawling like a worm, she slowly moved for a long time and then fell asleep. The whole body was soft, and his heart was soft, so he hugged her tightly and slept steadily.
When Su Mian woke up again, it was already dusk. She was hungry and the whole person was uncomfortable.
"Where is the sovereign?" Su mian asked
Albizia request and indigo naturalis came in. "The report got up after sleeping for a while, saying that he went out with King Xia Li. Lord Gao Feng stayed with Lord North Wind and figured it was time to come back."
She changed Su Mian into a purple coat skirt, combed a snake bun and wore a set of pearl mixed ruby jewelry that Xia Li people like.
"If you have porridge, please have a drink first. It seems that it is time for dinner. If you still have a party today, you will be unbearable." Qingdai said.