Han Che is Qin Muyu’s confidant, or he wouldn’t have given Lin Yu to him, but Qin Muyu is very dissatisfied because the other party actually disobeyed his orders.

"Miss Lin, who belongs to Wang Ye’s incompetence, has disappeared."
Cold che came to Qin Muyu and knelt down to confess to Qin Muyu.
"What? Missing? What do you mean missing? "
Qin mu feather picked up cold che asked
"The report just left for a while and Miss Lin said that the abdominal pain was unbearable and sent her family out to find a doctor, but who knew that Miss Lin would not be there when she returned."
Speaking of this, Han Che is also very upset about what Lin Yu means to Qin Muyu. No one knows better than him that when Qin Muyu handed people into his own hands, Han Che immediately took them to their temporary place to avoid being disturbed by other people and arranged a tent for Lin Yu alone.
"What about the people around you? Are the waiters blind?"
"Yes, Miss Lin told them that the sovereign had something important and her hand had to be delivered by herself."
"They believe it?"
"Miss Lin said that she agreed because she was absent at that time, and she said that it was particularly important."
No one knows Lin Yu’s true identity except Han Che. Lin Yu said she was going to find Qin Muyu, and who would stop her?
"Do you know where you went?"
"say it!"
"Your report pardons Miss Lin for possibly going to the underground again."
"Wang Ye Wang Ye!"
Cold che never dreamed that Qin Muyu was in a coma for vomiting blood because of this news. Fortunately, Qin Muyu came out with many people, including two doctors.
Before the two doctors had a good medical skill, Qin Muyu’s Wangfu can be said to be the exclusive private doctor of Qin Muyu. The two doctors are very different in age. One doctor Hu Baihua is frowning and feeling Qin Muyu’s pulse. The other one is a young but talented old doctor. The old doctor has already learned 90% of things, and the other one is just a lack of exercise. This time, I heard that Qin Muyu needed to take two doctors when he went out, so he grinded his master to come out.
"What happened to Master Zhou Dafu?"
The old doctor surnamed Zhou listened to Han Che’s question and sighed deeply before answering.
"Report some qi and blood is not smooth vomiting blood, but I woke up before I was old because of the body method worm. Report other body method worms are too overbearing, except that the report knows, and even there is his influence. Let the report be extra careful. Now the method worm doesn’t know what suddenly attacks the host actively, which is quite immortal."
"Is there nothing he can do?"
Cold che never gave up and asked, but he himself knew that this sentence was quite redundant. Since he knew that the method of worms in the report body, they visited famous doctors all the time, but they were disappointed in the end.
Chow Tai Fook sighed again
"When will the sovereign wake up?"
"This old man has something to say. The report is in a very bad situation. The only way is to fight poison with poison to stabilize the worm. This will definitely hinder the report’s life."
Dr. Chow’s statement is quite euphemistic. If it is good or bad, it will depend on God’s will. Even if you can wake up, you will surely have few days to live.
"Is there nothing he can do?"
The old doctor shook his head.
"This matter is too big for me to do alone. Can you wake the sovereign first and let him make his own decisions?"
"I’ll do my best."
Dr. Chow still has a few brushes, otherwise, Qin Muyu can’t keep people in his own house all the time. It is said that the needle of Dr. Chow’s ancestors is superb, but it’s a bit exaggerated, but the needle technique is really good. A few stitches to Qin Muyu really wake up.