"You also know how can I escape from the chaos abroad?" Zhang Tao smiled at himself and sat on the only chair that didn’t break.

The dark emperor obviously knows the situation of Zhang Tao. "Now if we start work, there is no turning back. Can you deal with a giant?" The words of the dark emperor made Zhang Tao very silent. The strength of the dark emperor, Zhang Tao, saw that even if he broke out, he was by no means a giant opponent
"If you can ask the Split Saint to help us, we will have a chance." The Dark Emperor said a way and the only way as if he were bewitched.
Split the saint? Although this dragon has saved himself twice, who knows where he is? See Zhang Tao difficult expression dark emperor will know that this matter will be hopeless for a while fell silent, only the ground powder moved slightly.
"Dark Emperor Pavilion, I want to ask you a question" Zhang Tao suddenly said.
"What’s the problem?"
"In the face of the tactics of the peak saints?" Zhang Tao asked, since there is no one to match each other, then only the number of people can make up the gap.
"Yes" but the dark emperor’s answer made Zhang Tao sigh. The strange power possessed by the peak saint seems to be the enemy, just like killing several people instantly.
"So, can a nine-level martial artist defeat a congenital master?" For a moment, Zhang Tao suddenly asked a strange question, which made the dark emperor stunned. "What are you going to do?"
"Since time waits for no man, then we should continue to look for the impossible hope? It’s better to give it a try. "Zhang Tao suddenly said that there are many unknowns in life, and everything can’t be done at will, so it’s better to take out your own efforts.
On Zhang Tao’s assurance that he will not die! Because Yuemei promised to hear Zhang Tao’s heroic words more, the Dark Emperor also said a good word! Obviously, he has been impatient for many years. Apart from the hope of Zhang Tao, he didn’t find anyone with this courage and potential.
If you don’t bet on your absolute failure, if you bet on a big deal, you won’t leave regrets. Then the Dark Emperor will discuss future plans with Zhang Tao, and Zhang Tao will of course say something about Mo Lengfeng.
Dark emperor heard mo cold wind and Zhang Tao know each other. Suddenly, it seems that there is mo cold wind, and everyone’s opportunities will increase a lot. This makes Zhang Tao wonder if this mo cold wind has improved again.
At the end of the negotiation, the enemy of Zhang Tao is Gu Youjun! The dark emperor is responsible for dealing with the dark devil. The dark emperor says that he is 70% sure to kill the dark devil, but when a large number of people of their level are needed, it is not a short time to decide the outcome.
According to the meaning of the Dark Emperor, the Big Three of the Magic Tower will set out in secret and try not to take people to the Prairie Temple to discuss the plan to completely obliterate the overseas land. Now the overseas land has been completely confused by the soul control spell method, and many sects have lost trust with each other. They don’t know that their former friends turned against each other overnight.
I don’t know so much about hiding in the mountain of Zhang Tao’s exotic animals. Now it seems that I have been away for just a few months, and the changes in the overseas land have been on fire
If we continue to delay, I am afraid that the whole overseas land will be in danger. Zhang Tao said that he can solve the problem of soul control and incantation. The dark emperor is overjoyed, but the mountain in front of them is only if the Magic Tower is controlled unnoticed, can the overseas land support of the temple be completely cut off
Six days later, the Big Three set out in secret, and the strength of the three of them naturally won’t be sent. Chapter 57 Completely changed.
Zhang Tao has secretly contacted Mo Lengfeng after confirming the route. He heard that it was such a stimulus plan and it also met Mo Lengfeng’s taste. He did not hesitate to choose to promise Ouyang Qiuling to help, but Mo Lengfeng refused. His meaning is very simple. Men do things and women leave it alone!
Although it is a heart, it seems extremely masculine, but it is this set that Ouyang Qiuling eats, but it seems extremely happy. Zhang Tao looks at it with great language
Before entering Mishu Tower, and then coming to the route to ambush, the Dark Emperor and others will kill you if you are unprepared or die after passing through Zhang Tao! Success wins! This is a huge bet.
The three giants of the Magic Tower are absolutely frightening to the mainland of Dongyue. It is also rare for three people to act together. At this time, the dark devil is still the same, but Gu Youjun has surrounded himself very tightly, just like walking in the desert without showing any skin. Only the more fascinating eyes are like ripples.
It’s a one-man zone after entering the passage, and it takes one and a half months to go to the prairie. Of course, it takes less than three days for the peak strength of their saints to arrive, but at this time, the dark Lord and Gu Youjun stopped in unison, and they all stared at the dark emperor. At that time, something was wrong with the atmosphere.
"What’s the matter?" Although the dark emperor asked, he was faintly alert in his heart because he found something unusual in the eyes of the dark devil and Gu Youjun.
"Dark Emperor, are you really ignorant of everything you do?" Gu Youjun’s voice is more gentle and lovely than before, like a real woman, but his speech surprised the dark emperor. Does it seem that his plan is still exposed? But this is normal. After all, there is no windtight wall.
"I don’t know what you mean," the Dark Emperor said coldly.
"Ha ha Gu Youjun, I told you that this guy will never die until he reaches the Yellow River." The Dark Devil laughed. "Do you really need the three of us to go to the temple? This is a scam. It’s a scam that we lured you out. Now there are only three of us here. Do you know what I mean? " Gu Youjun Jiao said
"You want to kill me?" The dark emperor asked, but he was secretly glad that his plan wouldn’t have died if Zhang Tao hadn’t made up his mind to help him solve a giant. Two saints peak against themselves, even if they are more proud than themselves, they know that they are no match.
"It’s not that we still have a temple. I didn’t expect you to secretly get rid of us. I have to say you have a lot of guts," the dark Lord said with a grimace of a grin. Obviously, the dark emperor has exposed everything
"Do you know?" Now, I feel that it is meaningless for them to hide their murder. At this time, I still have to ask questions in my heart.
Hearing this question, the dark one seems to be a little proud. "You don’t know, do you? Soul control spell method can not only control people’s hearts, but also make the controlled people say everything. Before you know it, your plan will be exposed. "Hearing this, the dark emperor’s heart sank, and the overseas land was controlled. It seems that there is already a leader-level figure. It seems that the chaos in the overseas land is even bigger than expected. Now only hope that Zhang Tao can resist Gu Youjun.
"I see, but are you really stupid enough to be unprepared?" Dark emperor suddenly light said
"Are you? Let’s see if you are ready? " The dark one obviously doesn’t believe it. After all, this is a sudden attack, but for a moment, he suddenly felt three strange smells and his face changed slightly. Zhang Tao Mo Lengfeng Zhao Daniu has three people behind them.