"Harp, be good." Gengting gently hugged Geng Shi’s side head and gently kissed her forehead and lowered her voice.

Geng Shi had some doubts, but she kept her voice down and sobbed.
Two people hug to each other in the room for a long time GengTing even this just took out the white porcelain bottle from the bosom leaned over Geng Shi ear low voice said a few words.
Geng Shi frowned and pushed the white porcelain vial away, constantly shaking his head and his face was full of rejection; Although she loves Geng Ting and does things that make heaven and man ashamed, she will never do such things unless she has a grudge and kills her.
"If there is really any way, I won’t agree." Gengting evenly clutched Geng Shi’s shoulder. "Harp, listen to me."
Geng Shi kept shaking her head with her head down and her hands over her ears. She didn’t want to hear it or not!
"Qiner!" Geng Ting even looked at the door warily. Although the door was closed, you should also be wary of people coming back and walking at any time until you were sure that there was no one. He only lowered his voice and said, "Even if you don’t yourself, you should think about our children Yu ‘er and Qi ‘er Gu Jinxi. If things were turned out by her in those years, have you thought about them once their life experiences were exposed?" Gengting even bowed their heads and lowered their voices, their hands clamped down on Geng Shi’s shoulders and forced her eyes to look at each other. "Have you never thought that if the truth comes out, we can die and apologize, but what about them? They are so young. Do you want them to die with us? Or let them bear the stigma of the illegitimate daughter of brother and sister rape for a generation? "
Geng Shi kept shaking his head because his tongue was cut and there was no way to refute it, which could make him depressed. Her face is full of difficulties and fears, but she still has a refusal and reluctance when she sees the white porcelain vial.
"Are you so cruel?" Geng Tingyun’s eyes are wide and his head is wide, and Geng Shi’s eyes are opposite. "Qiner, but our son and daughter are our flesh and blood. Are you really so cruel?"
Geng Shi kept shaking his head. No, it wasn’t love for Xie Yu and Xie Qi. Anyway, it was the same flesh and blood that fell from her body. How could she not love letting her kill people? She really couldn’t do it.
"No, Qiner, I know that your heart is kind and you don’t want to hurt people, but if you don’t hurt people, others will never let you go." Geng Ting even closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Think about it. You just told Princess Cheryl about Gu Jinxi’s medical skills, but they broke your tongue and left you speechless in this life. Now Gu Qi is still lying in bed, and Gu Jinxi’s vengeful personality is uncertain. Do you think she will let you go?"
Geng Shi smell speech swallowed hard, and his neck shrank back involuntarily. Obviously, after Chapter 15, Geng’s family feared Gu Jin’s sunseeker!
The heavy rain outside the house is still rushing; Beating leaves and grass make a sound and splash with rubble; The weather is cloudy and the whole day is hazy and gray-yellow. It is a pity that the candle is lit in the house, but it still looks a bit dim. The atmosphere is so gloomy that it makes people feel terrible.
"Uncle Yun, you, you … are you kidding?" I don’t know what was caused by old Yun’s long eyes staring at Gengqingbai, and I felt like I was stared at by any danger for a moment, like a Mao Mao feeling floating in my heart.
Yun Lao’s eyes narrowed slightly and stared at Geng Qingbai tightly, but his heart was full of doubts and thoughts; Even the whole body has been flushed with murder. If he didn’t remember correctly, it was this hospital last night. If someone hadn’t stopped him from saying anything at that time, he would have come to find out clearly. Zhang’s eyes turned slightly deeper and his face was slightly red because of high fever. Zhang’s face seemed to feel dangerous in his lethargy. He kept shaking his thin lips from side to side and moved slightly, but he couldn’t hear clearly what she was saying. He was so upset and so flustered and helpful.
"Uncle Yun, you really worry too much. You don’t say Machamp is disorderly." Gengqingbai looked up and wiped his forehead without trace, and then swallowed hard without sweat. "Don’t you know what Zhang’s sex is? Where can she go this big night? Besides, everyone was tired yesterday and we all rested as soon as we got back to our room. "
"Is this true?" Cloud old corners of the mouth shallow Yang evoked somewhat meaningful setting GengQingBai for a long time and then this just smiled slightly "I’m worried about her Zhang’s personality is really too …" And he bowed his head and sighed deeply "QingBai, there are some things I don’t say too white, and you know it. After all, this is Xie Gu Zhang’s mouth, and there are some words that if really leaked out …"
**** *w*w*w****8 ****
"It’s my nephew’s white." GengQingBai nodded repeatedly and his throat slipped and swallowed hard.
"It’s good for you to be white!" Cloud old got up and the bottom of the dark eyes quickly flashed a bit dark; Eyelids slightly lifted and swept Geng Qingbai and Geng Tingyun and gave a light smile from their noses. "It’s getting late this day … I can’t hold my old bones any longer. I’ll go back to my room and rest, and you all have a good rest." I also patted Geng Qingbai gently. "You are so self-satisfied!"
GengQingBai and GengTing glances from each other’s eyes to see the puzzled and confused; Where can I turn my head, there is still a cloud old figure; The whole person has already disappeared.
"Grandpa Yun, what does he mean?" Gengting even thin lips slightly sipped with puzzled face.
I don’t know! Gengqingbai also shook his head and turned his head deeply. Zhang didn’t know what was going on in his head. When he came back yesterday, Zhang said something was really wrong with Yun Lao, but he couldn’t get along.
Geng Ting even looked at the coma caused by high fever, but it was obvious that she was very upset. Zhang looked down and saw that the edge of Zhang’s embroidered sole was actually covered with moss, and then she thought of the old saying just now that I don’t know what a bad feeling suddenly came to my mind. "Didn’t uncle and aunt really go out last night?"
"What do you mean?" Geng Qingbai’s eyes narrowed slightly and her eyes were deeply condensed with Geng Ting’s even eyes with a thick displeasure; If it weren’t for the fact that he wanted his daughter at the beginning, there would be so many bad things now; Now I dare to doubt that I’m here. I can’t bear it; The ugly face makes people feel terrible.
Geng Tingyun knew that Geng Qingbai misunderstood himself and quickly waved his hand and said, "No, uncle, look at this." He squatted down and gently carried Zhang’s embroidered shoes. He swallowed hard. "You said that Grandpa Yun’s words just now were what the three aunts saw and shouldn’t see?"
"…" Suddenly both of them were silent, and now they didn’t know until Zhang woke up. But looking at Zhang’s increasingly flush complexion, sweat on his forehead kept slipping down his cheeks, and he was extremely uneasy and swayed from side to side, waiting for her to wake up. Even I really don’t know when it will be.
Back to his room, the old cloud looks gloomy and makes people feel terrible; He kept wandering around with his lips pursed and looked out the window at the pouring rain, which flowed down the eaves like a waterfall. But God helped him with such a heavy rain, and Xie’s family should not be in the mood to consider him.
Thinking, he sighed deeply, and his brain turned fast. Suddenly, his mind flashed and his mouth slightly hooked. This just faintly revealed a faint smile. Since the mountain didn’t come, I would go to the mountain. He didn’t believe it. Can you really play with those bastards in Geng’s family? No matter whether she was last night or not, how much she heard, she must die! The main thing is absolutely not exposed, otherwise I am afraid I will not live; Thinking like this, he made up his mind.
Autumn rain doesn’t come and go as fast as summer, and it’s still cloudy and gloomy. After a long time, it’s already sunny, charming and warm, which makes people feel lazy and sleepy.
"Ha ha, the rain earlier was really well-timed and old, but it turned out to be a shame to sleep for a long time." GengQishan’s face was full of smiles at Xie An and Lushi’s heavy way.
Sitting around the dining table, even if there were more unhappiness before, people are iron rice and steel. When they are new here, they never ask to go back to their own yard to eat.
Lushi comes from a big family, and his personality is also atmospheric. Then he hurriedly smiles. "It is said that spring is sleepy, autumn is lacking, summer is sleepy, winter is March, and Geng is old. Don’t say that my family’s escape is even not up yet." Because there is no such thing as eating without words and sleeping without words.
"Ha ha lady is really talking" GengQiShan face, it seems, are still with some thinking.
Sitting next to Xie An, Xie Wei’s thin lips slightly sipped their heads and bowed their heads, or gave Xie An or Lushi food to Geng Shi, where Xie Yu and Xie Qi sat down trembling; Or GengTing even can’t watch, and give them food next to the cloud. I am very satisfied with this scene.
After a while, Xie Wei put the bowl chopsticks "Zhen’s injury has not healed yet. I’ll go back to my room to see if Zhen’s illness is slow."
"…" GengQingBai looked at this Xie Wei eyebrow yu frowning slightly face suddenly sank; I thought to myself that this Xie Wei was outrageous. Although Yu Er and Qi Er were not his own, they somehow called Dad for so many years. Why didn’t he care much? Instead, they went to the heart of Xie Zhen, the bastard!