The crowd is not ashamed of her remarks.

I’ve never seen such a shameless person.
"Don’t gag her!" Jun Mo Ying frowned in disgust and drank a heavy drink.
"Yes!" Li Detong promised a high, then searched around and finally took a rag and smiled and walked over to the pity sunseeker.
Not only is the emperor angry, but he is also angry.
A weak woman? Never done anything wrong? Thanks to what she said!
This face is almost cowhide!
"Shallow we went in, ok?"
Jun Moying tried to pick up the guy in front of her, but she backed away.
There was a flash of injury in her eyes. Jun Moying looked at her with surprise and pain. Did she want to avoid him again because of this scene tonight?
They held their breath and stared at the phoenix shallow for a long time …
Jun Moying almost wanted to stun her directly and carried her in.
Just then, Feng Shao suddenly smiled two times.
Giggle and giggle broke the stagnation of Fengyang Palace.
"Play …" She suddenly excitedly grabbed your ink shadow sleeve in the first two steps "play! Fight! "
They all froze.
Including your ink shadow is a full face of consternation to stare at her eyebrows slightly cu up.
"What to play? What do you want to say? " He seems to know what she said, but he can’t believe his own thoughts.
"Playing … flogging. Chapter 691 It’s not good for such a bloody girl to watch too much.
The articulation is clear, not vague, but the meaning is medium, but it is somewhat confusing.
They can’t help but gasp. Is this the main meaning-to continue the punishment for pity sunseeker just now?
Dongyang almost clapped his hands in it.
Jun Moying was silent for a while, knowing that the little thing wouldn’t go in, and simply wouldn’t force her any more. She is already in autumn now, and she is wearing so little for fear that she will catch cold. "Dongyang, go and get a dress for your Lord."
"Yes!" Dongyang smiled and answered.
After coming out, I went to Feng Shao to dress for her, but the emperor took over and dressed Feng Shao gently. "Shallow doesn’t want to go in, so dress well?"
He seems to be talking to Feng Shao, but looking at Dongyang’s eyes is different from talking to himself.
When will the Lord be able to restore his good mood after a shock to his heart …
They are also a big surprise.
Fengyang Palace slaves have indeed seen how good the emperor is to their Lord, but tonight there are still many Fengming Palace slaves who are scared by the emperor’s words and deeds.
Your ink shadow is about to hug her with his arms open to the phoenix, but he is slow to move, so as to prevent her from hiding again.
But this time the phoenix shallow didn’t hide.
"Shallow also want to see?" Jun Mo Ying whispered in her ear, "It’s not good for such a bloody girl to watch too much."
A chuckle accompanied by his low alcohol confusing voice slowly streamed down.
Phoenix shallow grasp his sleeve.
All the people were shocked by this scene and didn’t speak for a long time until the emperor sat in that chair again and held the phoenix shallow with his legs around them before a tingling reaction came.
This is going to … Fight? !
Sure enough, this idea has just come to my mind, and the queen mother has not stopped the college from immediately ringing a hysterical and miserable roar.
The sound is not loud enough to resound, especially after the sound of a raw skin is more and more thrilling.
Shocking blood gradually spread to pity the sunset clothes.
"The emperor that’s enough! Enough! Don’t fight again! "
The queen mother once again rushed to the front of the emperor and clutched his other sleeve tightly-the middle side has been caught by Feng Shao.
Don’t forget to mercilessly stare at phoenix shallow in panic.
This femme fatale! I knew she was vicious, but it’s not reflected now, is it?
I’m crazy. I’m so low-spirited. Let her save Sunseeker, but instead of adding fuel to the fire!
The root is vicious and hard to move!
Jun Mo Ying’s eyebrows slightly gathered out of the corner of his eye and swept into the Queen Mother’s moving eyes with a chill.
Coldly hum a sidewalk "mother or sit and watch"
There is a saying for the queen mother.