Nan Rong Phantom raised his osteotome to resist, only to find that the night Kratos’ cross osteotome instantly scattered a osteotome and stretched it out. He held up the two osteotome and twisted it together. At the same time, his body also spun like a gyro for several times and then fell straight in front of Nan Rong Phantom. Another arm with a osteotome stabbed Nan Rong Phantom in the chest!

Night Kratos stare big eyes. His osteotome stabbed Nan Rong in the chest, but the tip of the knife pierced the chest, but it couldn’t pierce a cent and a half!
For a moment, Kratos finally got a good look at Nan Rong’s phantom chest, but he stabbed out the osteotome and instantly gave birth to a dark white, not only the chest, shoulders, arms and abdomen, but also a seemingly hard dark white, which protected Nan Rong’s phantom body like armor!
"Bone armor! ? !” Night Kratos surprised blurted out
But at this time, Nan Rong Phantom has raised two osteotome, retracted his hands and clenched them into fists, hitting night Kratos in the chest!
"Pa" a pair of fists actually hit Kratos in the middle of the night, and a mouthful of blood splashed out from his mouth, but it still couldn’t come out. Nan Rong’s magic fists once again stretched into two discerning osteotome and stuck them in Kratos’ chest deeply!
"poof!" One or two osteotome went straight through the body of Night Kratos, and Nan Rong’s eyes widened. At this moment, he looked very angry. Then he stretched out his osteotome and crossed his arms and moved one or two osteotome. Naturally, Night Kratos was cut in a cross shape!
"Die! ! ! ! !” Close at hand facing the south glory illusion staring straight at the night Kratos also show amazing eyes crazy general shouted.
After receiving the osteotome, Kratos lay down straight on the ground with blood in his mouth. His eyes were still surprised to see Nan Rong die unsatisfied.
But he didn’t die for nothing. Nan Rong’s illusion would have bone armor, and he would be even more annoyed that he died unexpectedly. He couldn’t see the night attack knife.
He may regret, be angry, be wronged or not, but it is a pity that he was eliminated.
Then came the scene just described by the head, where Nan Rong cut off the night Kratos head and pulled a piece of night Kratos lichen, wrapped his head and tied it behind him. After a little hesitation, he jumped up and ran, which was the battlefield where the baby played against the ghost shadow.
Nan Rong can’t help but worry about the baby, although he also knows that the Eldar in the domain has always been the nemesis of the Ghost Family.
At the moment, the ghost clan shadow is still fighting against the baby, and he doesn’t know that his horse is about to die.
Choose just Yang night they fought this battlefield, it is precisely because the corpses here are the most suitable for baby dragons and shadow confrontation.
Baby long shadow on the other side, two people are far apart, both of them display their own race ability, almost crazy fighting.
But this kind of engagement and confrontation has a little game flavor.
Eldar’s ability is to control the dead body into a living corpse and control them to fight.
The ghost clan ability is to control the souls of the dead and let these orphans be manipulated by their ghost clan ability into fighting and killing tools.
It is the Eldar’s ability to control the Promethean that can hurt the Ghost’s ability to control the soul, which can completely disperse them and even devour them; While the ghost clan can control the soul, it is hard to hurt those Prometheans controlled by the Eldar clan. Because those Prometheans don’t feel afraid of pain and injury, the only way is to destroy those Prometheans’ heads.
Looks like a tongue twister.
Now the ghost clan shadow and the baby dragon are each controlling the controllable substances within their own ability to confront each other.
Several low growled Promethean and several revealed floating souls are fighting each other.
Prometheans are constantly being smashed by several wandering ghosts, and their heads are flat on the ground.
But more are those wandering ghosts who are constantly scattered and swallowed by Prometheans.
This is an interesting war.
But this is a tragic war.
Because those ghosts may smash the head of their own bodies, and those Prometheans may just devour their own souls.
This is a battle between one’s soul and one’s body