Eyes rolled around looking for possible ways to get out, and the face of three rookies was even heavier when they quickly gathered around.

Li Yanxin angrily ran to the front of Yang Ye and took out the whiteboard knife without saying anything. He kept poking it up in Daewoo’s roaring celestial body. He hurt dozens of points and fluttered slowly while poking and laughing. Then he added, "Ha, ha, ha, Xiao Di orange, hurry up and poke this guy’s mother’s egg and just burst orange equipment! I can’t kill you! Xiao Ye, you keep an eye on it. Don’t let this goods get away, let alone let him make moves. "How many knives are there?"
"Mom egg new b you give me a few knife slowly! !” Wu Di also shouted and rushed. He was a priest, but he also poked hard, but the damage was not as high as the last two digits in Daewoo’s defense.
"I like this kind of bad thing best …" The orange archer also shot arrows at Daewoo’s crotch …
Daewoo’s face turned purple in the roar of heaven. It’s definitely a big shame to be bullied by a few rookies like this. This revenge must be reported!
Look bitterly at the promise war, and this cargo will block itself, one with a charge and one with a flight, so that there is no hope of getting out …
Since you can’t escape, kill two mats!
As soon as the idea came out, Daewoo whistled and immediately put it into action. With a slight shake of the staff, it was extremely difficult to be detected. Leili leaped to the fingertips, and the lightning chain skills quietly took shape …
When the thunder chain mage turns the thunder skill and attacks the first target in one direction, it will cause huge thunder damage. It is possible to paralyze the enemy, and the moving speed of the enemy will be reduced. At the same time, the thunder chain can jump to a certain range, and the damage caused by another target will be reduced by 4%. The first-level thunder chain can attack at most two targets.
God pays attention to Daewoo’s roaring day. It is impossible for Yang Ye not to know that Daewoo’s whistling day is going to be watching it-
【 Daewoo Whistling Day is about to release skill thunder chain! 】
Daewoo Xiao Tian reveals a smile at the corner of his mouth.
Yang Ye corners of the mouth a pick toward Lilina said after two sentences also reveal a smile.
Both of them are different, but Li Yanxin, three people, don’t know anything. They are poking Daewoo in the sky.
Wu Di just poked a character and shook it immediately before wanting to poke it again. At the same time, Daewoo Xiao Tian finally waited for the opportunity to make his move …
Although the three are level 1, what pastor Wu Di thinks is the first, and so is Daewoo Xiaotian.
Before seeing Wu Di again, I wanted to poke him for a long time. Suddenly, the staff lifted the tip of the staff and aimed it at Wu Di. At the same time, the right index finger and middle finger merged with the other three fingers and quickly put them on the left elbow to open their mouths and drink-
"Thunder chain!"
As soon as the skill came out, a pale blue ray quickly rushed to Wu Di and Wu Di with strong destructive power. Before that, where could I have thought that the enemy had been passively beaten and resisted, and the speed was so fast that he couldn’t react at the moment …
But just because he can’t react doesn’t mean Yang Ye can’t react. He has a miner’s hat!
As soon as the thunder chain came out of Yang Ye, it immediately had a move to cut the emperor’s style. Flash attacked quickly and rushed to the thunder chain attack path …
And Lilina also reacted quickly and changed her former cute appearance skills. As soon as she came out, she also appeared in Yang Ye and Wu Di as soon as the blue flame jet "swish" disappeared …
Daewoo Xiao Tian looked ferocious and jumped out of the thunder chain. When it was really good to the extreme, it was extremely accurate. So who can hide unless it is a celebrity in the standings? Who can hide? ! Ha ha ha……
But suddenly two figures flashed out and left him alone …
The thunder chain stirred up righteousness and rushed forward. Suddenly it suddenly hit an object-an enemy! Then it hurts! Then instantly jumped to another enemy and continued to do damage!
Hurt a lot, but nobody died …
Jumped to Lilina for hitting Yang Ye.
"Grass!" Daewoo roar day mercilessly scolded 1.
As soon as I scolded him, he flew, not because he could fly like Lilina, but because he was pulled up.
"Gravity control!"
Will Daewoo roar day a pull up Yang Ye unceremoniously in his alongside of.seem to two knives and then chuckled "clever but not enough".
A listen to Yang Ye "ridicule" daewoo roar day immediately nu "I grass nima promise to fight you step on the horse waiting for this matter! I don’t want to play with you until you delete the number! Cao Nima! "
"Cut …" Yang Ye pouted and shouted, "You guys send him back to the city together!"
Li Yanxin three people didn’t wake up at this time and suddenly turned around and felt angry in hindsight, especially Wu Di, who is the target of Daewoo Xiaotian and naturally the most angry one. He is also the fastest one to follow Yang Ye. He still poked and poked his whiteboard staff and called "Let you aim at me, let you aim at me, let you …"
"Grass, are you all waiting for me …" A miserable shout a white light Daewoo whistling day disappeared in the original place and died back to the city
Yang Ye also blew up the most valuable silver staff.
Four people are laughing at Daewoo’s roaring days. "Ha, ha, ha, it’s amazing. Xiao Ye, you’re holding you, I’m holding you to death."
"Yes and yes, after Xiao Ye, please take care of yang a lot …" Wu Di also said.