Sitting opposite Li Dalong, no one introduced him, but he saw at a glance that this man was Gu Yucai.

Gu Yucai belongs to the kind of person who knows success at a glance. Although he is wearing a suit, his belly is still bulging. From his appearance, he can’t tell that he is a 4-year-old man, but he exudes the charm of a mature man.
It depends. At the moment, these men are still talking about the reason, so Gu Yucai in Xiangzhi’s home is not too taboo. "Are you sure it’s Jingyuan Planet when you find a new star in the General Federal Fleet?"
Xiang Zhi smiled. "Old Gu, you have a wide range of contacts in the Ministry of Energy. Do you think this news may be false?"
Gu Yucai shook his head and said, "The road of the Ministry of Energy is not as easy as it used to be, especially after the accident last year."
Ye Tian couldn’t help saying, "That sensational rape case in Gaos?"
Gu Yucai sighed, "It’s not that the Gaos always do stupid things."
Fang Qiang said, "Should it be released now?"
Gu Yucai nodded, "When he came out, his master was afraid that he would make another big deal. He had already sent him to Beauty, and he was not allowed to go back to the Star."
A few people have been chatting casually for a while, but Li Dalong is listening attentively. Although it was last year, most of them were still talking about business contacts.
Fang Qiang suddenly turned his head and said, "I don’t know where Dalong works?"
Li Dalong laughed. "What’s the job of a vagrant in my industry?"
Fang Qiang also smiled, "How can a friend of Miss Song be simple? You are modest."
Xiang Zhi also laughed. "Tai Lung seems to be not doing business, but you are very strong."
His eyes are poisonous, and this implies a lot, which means that Li Dalong is likely to be a policeman, bodyguard and security professional.
Li Dalong laughed. "I am familiar with Tai Police Station and often deal with it."
This is not a lie, either. He is always investigated by his uncle, and he does deal with him often, but he secretly observes other people’s reactions when he speaks here.
Several men’s reaction bases are normal, but Gu Yucai’s canthus muscles can’t help jumping. Is this man a policeman?
After chatting for a while, Gu Yucai got up and left because the company had something to do.
The party was also peaceful. After Zhou Jie enjoyed dinner together, everyone left separately.
Car back LuXiaoJia just asked "? Did you get anything today? "
Li Dalong nodded. "This Gu Yucai is definitely a problem."
Xiao Jia said, "His company is big and has high family support behind it."
Li Dalong said, "Oh?"
Xiao Jia said, "If the federal fleet finds a new planet in the depths of the universe, if it finds that this planet has resources, it is usually the technical team of the new power group. In the past, it was awarded by his company four times out of ten."
Li Dalong was silent.
Michelle saw his silence and quickly said, "But you promised me not to go the same way again."
Li Dalong wry smile way "I said so, but we face too much power, and I don’t know when Brother Hua will come to Tianxing. I don’t have much time."
Michelle frowned and said, "What?"
Li Dalong said, "Yesterday, Li Mei told me that because of my good performance, the public welfare center gave me a lot of grades and educational scores."
Xiaojia said, "How much did you add?"
Li Dalong reached out and said, "Exactly 4 points!"
Xiaojia stopped talking. This score means that Li Dalong should be able to afford Zheng Dayi, so that the lawyer may have his sentence reduced. Once the sentence is over, Li Dalong will be sent away from Tianxing because he has no citizenship.
At this time, Xiaojia is contradictory. Of course, she hopes that Li Dalong will get rid of the punishment years as soon as possible, but she doesn’t know how to leave Li Dalong in Tianxing, which is beyond her ability.
The car soon arrived in the slum, which made neither of them think that Zheng Dayi was actually waving to Li Dalong at the gate, and Zheng Dayi followed a man in a short shirt behind him.
This man is not young, but he doesn’t look old either.
"Zheng Dazhuang, why are you here?" Li Dalong jumped.
"I’m here to see you!" Zheng Dayi took another look at Michelle and her car and couldn’t help smiling. "It seems that you are doing well."
Li Dalong was a little embarrassed. "Thank you, Zheng Dazhuang!"
Zheng Dayi laughed. "Well, since you’re back, my work is finished. You can talk about it. I have something to go back to the lawyer’s office."
He left when he said it, which puzzled Li Dalong and Michelle. At this time, the shirt man slowly came over and politely reached out and said, "Hello Li Dalong!"
Li Dalong hesitated. "Who are you?"
The man laughed. "Please allow me to introduce myself. My surname is Yuan. You can call me Xiao Yuan!"
Li Dalong suddenly shocked that this man looks older than himself, but he has to call him that. To be continued.
Chapter five hundred and forty Mysterious picture album
"What can I do for Mr. Yuan?" Li Dalong asked.
Xiaoyuan pulled out a bound book and handed it to me. "This is a client who transferred it from layer to layer and named it to Mr. Li for you."
"Oh?" Li Dalong was curious to take over "Who commissioned it?"
This book is self-bound by printing paper and sealed with a layer of wax certificate, which has never been unsealed.
Xiao Yuan shook his head and said, "No one knows about this. If there is nothing else, I will go first."
These two people came suddenly and went quickly. Xiaojia followed Li Dalong Building, and she was also very curious about this book.
After the album was sealed, she was surprised to find that it was a hand-drawn album. Although it was a sketch, the painting style was exquisite and the characters were lifelike.
The first few pages show a big man in a suit and tie who seems to be enjoying the exhibition in an exquisite exhibition hall, followed by several casually dressed men.
Michelle was surprised. "Ah, this is Mr. President."