"When am I guilty again!"

Chenchi’s fingertip glided gently over Qingchen’s lips. "You still have the words" You are guilty "written on your face in your eyes. Do you want to take a mirror to take a photo for you?"
"…" Qingchen was cheated and confessed immediately. "Well, I want to know, and then … when our child grows up, if he dares to dislike me and worship you blindly, I will tell him about your black history department and let him know that mom is the best person in the family."
Chenchi couldn’t help laughing, "Don’t tell him my black history. If he dares not like you, I’ll teach him the first lesson."
"True" Qingchen is satisfied with embracing Chenchi "That’s good"
"But you don’t want to change the subject." Qingchen immediately felt that she was almost fooled again.
Qingchen said with a straight face, "Tell me what you have done before that bothers Grandpa. Are you also very mean?"
"I went fishing in other bad things when I could swim in the moat. Do you think that even if I did it, someone would find out that I did it? At that time, I will forget all about it. "
"Cunning" Qing Chen tut tut two "old foxes"
Section 342
Chenchi is regarded as Qingchen praising him. "Thank you for your compliment."
Qingchen scoffed at it and found nothing from Chenchi. Why don’t you try to get it from Zheng Nuo or Lu Jinian later?
In Chuningzhao’s place, Qingchen won’t think that she doesn’t agree with that man.
Afraid of being seen by Chenchi, Qingchen quickly stopped this idea and leaned against his chest again to "go to bed."
Chenchi certainly sees Qingchen heels, but she doesn’t care about patting her back "to sleep".
Qingchen arrived in Taiwan early the next day and paid special attention to whether Xia Lang came but still didn’t see him.
The person next to him saw Qingchen poking around and asked, "Looking for Xia Lang? He didn’t come."
Qingchen sighed, "If he doesn’t come to my place, no one will hand over the work."
"It’s estimated that something happened, otherwise it won’t happen these days, and people won’t be arranged to take over another job." People followed suit.
Xia Lang’s post is not an idle job, and there are many things to deal with at hand. He can handle everything perfectly when he is still in his post, which also makes the former gossip about him change his mind.
However, it didn’t take long for Xia Lang to stop coming to work. It disappeared for several days, and many things that should have been taken from him had to be squeezed. Now no one cares about those things and can continue to drag on.
It’s not a long-term solution to keep putting it off like this. Some things can be put off for a day or two, but some things can’t be rooted.
When Qingchen saw it, he could say, "No, I’ll ask. If he really doesn’t come, he’ll have to find someone to replace him."
"Then please, we haven’t done a lot of work now, but no one cares about his identity, and we dare not go to the leader easily for fear of getting into trouble."
Qingchen knows everyone’s concerns, and she is not afraid of getting into trouble anyway, so just be a good person and take care of it.
After deciding to ask, Qingchen went to see Minister Wang first and wanted to know how much Minister Wang knew about Xia Lang.
If minister Wang can reach Xia Lang, she won’t bother looking for someone everywhere.
It was Minister Wang who knew that Qingchen had come to ask him questions about Xia Lang and immediately said, "I don’t care about him, you have to find someone else."
"Don’t you know?" “
Even if I know, I can’t control it. He just inserted it in front of me. What can I say? "
Qing Chen saw that Minister Wang also had some concerns, and she also knew that there must be something behind Xia Lang’s coming here, otherwise he wouldn’t have dropped directly to that position.
Since Minister Wang has no way to say that Qingchen is not going to ask him any more, he can’t get any results.
Qingchen was able to follow the normal process to find the phase leader. Before Qingchen went to find it, news came to Xia Lang to come to class.
Come to class?
Now that he has come to work … then he will leave this matter alone.
Qingchen is more due to work, but a small part is because Xia Lang suddenly didn’t come to work, which made her feel more insecure.
I always feel that this man is more dangerous than when he appeared.
After all, she doesn’t know if it is possible for Xia Lang to think that he and himself are roots. It is impossible and don’t insist on this matter again.
But no matter what Xia Lang thinks, what Qingchen can do is to stay away from Sharon for a while and then solve the Xia Lang problem after Chenchi finds the evidence.
The contradiction with Xia Lang will be solved sooner or later. Chenchi will not suffer, especially if Xia Lang is behind those incidents, then this person is terrible, and every step is a threat.
Of course, if this person can take the initiative to leave, it must be the best, but Qingchen knows that Xia Lang should not leave so easily.
He has done so many things before, he must have his purpose and will not give up easily.
I heard that Xia Lang didn’t go out of his way to prove it when he came back, or he would meet Xia Lang head-on again.
She really doesn’t want to see that man now.