Alas, this small job is just unprofessional. Xia Xiaoqing inwardly sighed.

Of course, everyone knows that once a dragon hair is successful, it can’t stand loneliness. It is always necessary to try to do things in the east and the west, but where is it different this time? I can’t seem to go anywhere this time, which really makes people feel wasted.
But don’t forget what is the general line of our party? That is to make money! Keep this in mind, then there will be no worries about no projects to dig!
The waist box rang when the key was pressed. Pick it up and have a look. It’s a beauty!
"I have a job for you. Will you take it?" Colchicine Iraqi voice is still cold and can’t recognize feelings.
"Why don’t you pick it up?" Mad dog dragon, don’t say that if you want to make money, you can sell yourself to bury your friends. "How big a job?"
"Two diamond coins!" The beauty said lightly.
"Hissing-"Mad Dog Dragon gasped. "What’s the big deal with you?"
"If you are interested, we will meet at the north gate of the lobby in 2 minutes." Then the beauty hangs up the phone.
Colchicine iraqis didn’t make a big deal, she just wanted to synthesize a classic equipment.
When it comes to synthesis, you have to equip the melting pot, which can be said to be the core equipment system of players in the ninth continent
Every player will automatically get a unified gift from the warehouse when he is born. The furnace includes three functions: catalysis, forging and synthesis. It is true that the core system can’t deal with the magic stone because all three functions need the crystal source to start.
Catalysis is to put a piece of equipment into the furnace and pass through the crystal source with pure high properties.
This function seems to be quite against the sky. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it. For example, a novice wooden stick, even if you are super rich and repeatedly catalyzed by magic crystals, you might as well go to the store to buy an old axe.
Then the catalytic function must be in those worthy of catalytic equipment. For example, if you get a sword with +1 attack power, you will find that the first time you catalyze with a magic crystal, you will actually get +2 attack power. If you catalyze once, the return will be doubled. Then you can be sure that this sword is very worthy of repeated catalysis. Of course, this sword is theoretical, but it may be almost impossible in practice.
The principle of catalysis can be limited, but when the equipment quality and bearing capacity reach the limit to a certain extent, how do you expect that it will not be upgraded at all? The novice stick will not be upgraded again. Even if you catalyze once, you will not increase your attack power for the 11th time, even if you are a thousand magic crystals.
In general, this seemingly simple and anti-God function depends on the player’s knowledge, vision, experience and feeling.
The second is forging, which is to achieve mutation after mixing equipment and crystal source to obtain attribute enhancement catalysis. The difference is that the quality of equipment has changed
It’s still a novice wooden stick case. For the first time, forging a wooden stick made it bigger and the attack power of the stick increased a few points. Then forge a big stick into a mace; Then forge the mace and it becomes a multi-section stick …
Of course, forging doesn’t mean that the more times you forge, the better your equipment will be, the more abnormal it will be and the same as catalysis. When the equipment’s bearing capacity breaks through the limit, the forged thing is likely to be a waste.
Things like novice sticks are all experienced knowledge. You can forge them four times. You have to forge them for the fifth time. It will turn into a rolling pin or something. Anyway, the attack power will be +11 points. At the sixth time, it may become a branch. The attack power is not as good as that of novice sticks. Besides, it should be noted that the more times you forge, the greater the amount of crystal source you invest each time. From the perspective of resources, the forging risk is much greater than that of catalysis.
Forging is suitable for those unpopular equipment and strange things, so surely someone will ask the mad dog, the dragon and the bachelor, if you take it for forging once, it will become the original bomb.
I’m sorry, you think too much. Mad Dog Dragon Bomb belongs to props. Props can’t make the furnace function equipped, and once the props in science and technology are successfully issued, they can’t be changed.
As far as risk synthesis is concerned, it is the highest and largest function.
The specific method of synthesis is to put five pieces of equipment of the same level together and fuse them to finally become a higher-level equipment.
Everyone knows that the equipment in The Ninth Continental is divided into whiteboard, perfection, classic, narration, epic and eternity. If you reach the eternal level, then your equipment is the pinnacle and you are done.
It seems that there are six levels, among which the difficulty is simply terrible. If you want to upgrade five pieces of equipment of the same level, you will not be able to succeed simply by combining them together. On the contrary, if you don’t get the point, your success rate will fail for a generation.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that several senior players continue to explore and summarize the synthesis system.
For example, from the perspective of quality, attribute, category and level, the five novice sticks are all the same, so the success rate of upgrading is 1%, but even if you combine the novice sticks into an epic novice stick, its attributes are just that.
+25 attack power +25% crit chance +2% crit damage +5% attack bloodsucking +15 water magic damage;
In this way, the properties are really awesome, but in fact, you consume more crystal sources in the synthesis process than forging, which is not worth the candle.
Another example is three novice sticks plus two wood blade. From the category point of view, wood blade is another equipment. Now, the success rate of your synthetic words is only 6%. In most cases, it is still a novice stick. If your ancestral grave is full of smoke, it will not be obvious if you have a perfect novice stick.
The data of the five pieces of equipment needed for synthesis, such as their quality, attributes, grades, categories, whether they have been forged or catalyzed, etc., should be perfectly matched. Of course, it is impossible to do this. Then these data should be basically matched or not far apart, so that the success rate is higher.
The equipment in "The Ninth Continent" is no longer dependent on exploding the boss or picking up a player as in the unified game. No matter whether you are poor or rich, you need to be full of courage, wisdom, be good at research and dare to try to innovate boldly. You can create a generation of amazing weapons yourself. From then on, the left-hand peasant knife and the right-hand chair lick the sword and sunflower treasure book will block the killing Buddha’s wife in front of your chest … Then I will kill my wife!
Chapter 43 Give them some color to see see
At present, Qiushui Yiren holds four perfect necklaces with the same attributes +2 spell strength +12 mana; Now we need the last one to synthesize smoothly.
In the end, it was exactly the same. It was said that it was easy to get the equipment. It was completed by picking up the chef np in the city and collecting two big carp in the Qinghe River in the west of the city
Each player is limited to five beautiful women, and the first four times have been successfully completed.
But it’s hard to get it, and it’s hard to get it. The first thing is to synthesize this thing. For the poor in the novice stage, it’s best not to touch the magic crystal. Let’s not say that this is to get the fish back to the second-level player. Who wants you to break it? So how much can I play this or level 1 people have at level 1? You don’t try to get a fishing rod and a fishing net. What can you catch fish?
And the biggest obstacle is the beauty’s own level 1 mage to catch fish? Don’t joke about your small body. Of course, if a level 1 mage really has a classic treasure pendant, it’s quite a fate, even worse than the innate attributes of a mad dog dragon. Don’t say that if a beautiful woman reaches level 1, that thing is likely to catalyze you to an extent that you can’t imagine. You know, Bai Fumei has money to play with a melting pot.
However, in the final analysis, the Iraqi people’s disastrous appearance will cause a lot of trouble wherever they go. Even if the enemy doesn’t find fault, our teammates stick to flies and progress is really slow.
After much deliberation, she decided to pay for the Mad Dog Dragon again. She felt that Mad Dog Dragon was more reliable. Relatively speaking, Mad Dog Dragon had the right level and superior strength. In addition, Mad Dog Dragon Root didn’t covet her beauty, which was the most reassuring.
Objectively speaking, her employment price is sky-high, mainly because she is eager to fit the equipment herself.
"Of course, I’ve never been interested in women. I like people who are handsome, burly, ambitious, knowledgeable, literate, martial-minded, immortal, immortal, and longevity …" A dragon rushed to the north gate of the hall and shamelessly boasted. "But I said, boss, when you first came in, you must turn your beauty into such a pervert?"
Colchicine iraqis gave him a white "I’m ugly 3% what else can I do? Did it ruin this function? "
"This ….." Mad dog dragon also language.
Because I had a fight with Brother Pants in the bloody castle before, I shocked the Council. This time, the beauty was relatively low-key, and the equipment color was hidden. That Aston Martin could not replace it. It was a tattered Santala 2.
But the problem is that you think you are low-key enough, but when you actually get to Qinghe, you find yourself still very high-profile. Some people are doomed to be unable to keep a low profile.
The Qinghe River is also relatively quiet. There are five players here and three players there. There are not many players in this limited number of players. It is difficult for Iraqis to drive to make others pay attention.
Of course, everyone’s first reaction when they see a beautiful woman is that their eyes are bright. Wow, isn’t this girl too bright?
Then I saw the mad dog dragon next to the beautiful woman, but my heart was cold. Wow, brother, you are brighter. What a flower! Oh, it’s not a good cow dung.
The so-called fishing is fishing with a fishing rod, but this efficiency is too low, because chef np requires that it be a big carp, which is at least 3 Jin. There are many fish in this river, and you may not catch a carp. I don’t know if it will be completed until the year of the year.
The mad dog dragon was amazed at the moment. "How did you finish it four times when you were with us on the St. Tianqiao only two days ago?"
The beauty suddenly blushed. "I received it here at a high price."
"How much is it?" Mad dog dragon suspected.
The beauty sighed "15 gold coins"
Mad dog dragon suddenly stopped talking, and his face looked like he saw a monster.
I know ya has money, but no matter how rich you are, it’s not your way to waste it. You’ve been ripped off. Today, I finally know that you don’t charge high prices for fish.
Alas, women are just irrational.
"Four times, that is, a fish with 15 gold coins is 12 gold coins equivalent to 12 diamond coins just by collecting fish …" Even if Mad Dog Dragon pulls his fingers, "this doesn’t include road, food, car, oil and so on, as well as fishing rods, earthworms, zanba, nails and benches …"
Qiu Shui Yiren was angered by him. "I hired you to help me get fish and protect me by the way, not to ask you to help me settle accounts. I asked you to be a helper, not an accountant!"
Mad dog Longnai shrugged, and they found a place to sit in the grass and then fished.
However, the efficiency is really not generally low. It was not until one minute later that Mad Dog Dragon caught the first one, not carp, but a crab. According to this progress, it will take at least ten days to complete it.
What kind of fish do you catch when there are so many hours? Even if you make a bunch of bombs and take them to the guild to sell and earn two or three diamond coins, it will be a matter of minutes.
He was upset about the beauty there, but he was even more upset, mainly because a group of players next door were yelling and whistling and winking at her from time to time.
The beauty was upset, or the second key was so loud that the fish were scared away, so she called Mad Dog Dragon.
"What’s wrong with the boss?" Mad dog dragon is puzzled
The beauty said angrily, "Go and show them some color."
I fork. Really? You Gao Fushuai Bai Fumei are ready to fight and kill. Well, even if you are arrogant and unreasonable, there are a dozen people in the group next door. It seems that one soldier is one enemy and ten seems to be out of the buddy’s strategic and tactical category
Seeing that he was hesitant, the beauty couldn’t help but sneer. "Isn’t your principle to take people’s money to eliminate disasters for others?"