I’m afraid he knows what he’s thinking, but I’m afraid he won’t know what will happen after the Magic Guild-I believe it will be a news that will shock everyone …

There are changes in guilds, not only the Devil Fight and other guilds in the Summer Palace, but also the Seven Nights Guild, the Shenburial Guild, the Extreme Guild, and the Dragon Pursuit Guild. They are all restless and seem to smell gunpowder …
The higher the level, the closer it is to the ultimate goal of the first players-they want to go to Longcheng first! Dragon City is a fortress for human beings to fight against the abyss, and it is suggested that players enter Dragon City in large numbers, which means that the abyss is on the verge of fighting first, but there is a period of relaxation, and proper preparation can also help them understand that Dragon City is brushing inside, although it may no longer be needed …
At present, if Yang Ye keeps the trend of upgrading, it can be the first to enter Longcheng, but no one can say whether someone will directly surpass him. Speaking of it, Yang Ye still wants to be the first to enter it and pursue it. It doesn’t seem like …
After tens of minutes of cleaning up, Yang Ye finally felt the fluctuation of the flower fairyland in front of her eyes-it was almost untenable! During this period, even Yang Ye had some difficulty in getting back the potion, which was a thrilling experience, but in the end, he managed to keep full of blood …
When Yang Ye once again chopped a flower monster to the ground, the beautiful illusion suddenly changed. In the distance, the flower sea disappeared and broke like a mirror. The river suddenly broke into pieces like a glass rod. Whether it was true or not, the flowers declined and withered. In an instant, the spring was full, and the flowers blossomed into autumn, which was full of scars and silence.
"pa! !”
Suddenly everything was broken in front of me.
Yang Ye, once obsessed, returned to the shadow in front of the spell teacher Aaron-on how they moved in the flower dreamland, they never moved at the shadow. Aaron was pale and kneeling on his left hand to support his body, and he could see that he was very tired.
I don’t know how much energy a flower fantasy needs to maintain Yang Ye, but the present situation tells him that the more flowers fantasy, the less intensity Aaron will support. That is to say, if the number of players is large and the flower fantasy needs to cover more than a dozen at the same time, I’m afraid Aaron will not be able to support it for a long time instead of treating Yang Ye and becoming a demon as long as he is now.
The flower illusion will also bring a damage to the player-reduce the remaining health by 5%. Generally speaking, "reducing the remaining health" will not let the player die, even if there is a drop of blood reduced by 5%, there are still 5 arguments that will not let the player die.
Despite this, Yang Ye and Yi Nian Meng are still missing a lot of blood.
"Drink blood first" became a demon, took out the medicine bottle and continued to replenish blood while watching Aaron, the spell master, afraid that he would move.
"Well, this flower dreamland is really interesting." Yang Ye nodded and took out a few medicine bottles and gave some to Lilina and some to himself.
"It almost didn’t kill me. I’m fine. I have the skills to add blood." One thought became a demon and angrily said.
"Ha ha, I’m almost the same" Yang Ye laughed.
Aaron got down on one knee for a long time, and after a few minutes, he finally got up. His face changed from pale to bloody. He looked at the two people in front of him and took a deep breath. "I didn’t expect that people who entered my fantasy land could still come out alive."
Yang Ye looked at Aaron and didn’t speak.
And Aaron looked at the two people in front of him and smiled sadly. "Sure enough, I should have died long ago." To be continued.
Chapter 357 People will die and their words will be good.
Don’t be so miserable when Aaron laughs. After the speech, the whole person seems to be depressed. It seems that the flower fantasy method has done harm to Yang Ye and Yi Niancheng, which directly made Aaron lose his fighting spirit.
You can see from the miner’s hat that Aaron’s blood volume is at the last 1% at this time. It’s like attacking the flower monster in the flower dreamland and hurting Aaron himself.
Aaron looked at the two men and touched them in his arms and pulled out a pollen bomb. But at this time, he didn’t throw it at Yang Ye with an arrogant smile, but calmly said, "The Queen Flower is very cruel. Although I don’t believe that you can kill him, I still wish you success … I didn’t want to make her."
"I don’t have any problem with your insistence on killing the Queen Flower-all the way forward, there is a mountain peak built by the Queen Flower on its own, and there is a hole at the foot of the mountain where you can see her."
Then Aaron suddenly pressed the pollen bomb against his chest and closed his eyes …
"Holy shit …"
"Wocao …"
Yang Ye two people to look at Aaron puzzled but now a look is white-this Aaron incredibly fucking suicide! !
In the game, it’s not unusual for boss to commit suicide. Like Aaron, it’s even more for boss to commit suicide with 1% blood left-it takes more than ten seconds to kill himself. Generally, boss commits suicide for a reason, but generally, blood volume doesn’t mean much. If it’s more, the player has to do it himself.
Aaron’s suicide and the words before suicide are a bit like taking the blame and dying-I did something wrong and shouldn’t live. Let me die! ! Shout like this and then die directly …
No matter whether Aaron committed suicide for reasons, but in the end, there was no need for such a little blood. Yang Ye did it himself-
The pollen bomb exploded and the pink mushroom cloud rose, and Aaron’s body was instantly covered by the mushroom cloud and disappeared …
"Equipment … won’t be gone, won’t it?" A thought became a magic wait for a while way.
"Ah … this is a problem." Yang Ye woke up. It would be a pity if the equipment was gone. This Aaron is equipped with fairy-level equipment boss! !
As always, the spectacular shrinking nuclear explosion effect of pink mushroom cloud finally stopped after flipping and rising for a moment. They went to Yang Ye and looked intently-there was no spell teacher Aaron in the original place, and there was a circle of pink land burned by pollen bombs and a few pieces of swaying equipment …
"Haha!" I went to the place where Aaron died and picked up the equipment. "Let’s take a look at what’s good … lie down! ! ! Fairy-level equipment is also special. It’s the soldier shoulder pad who wiped his hair! !”
See fairy dress a thought into a magic is quite not calm rang rang up if you don’t know him, Yang Ye must be which little rookie came here to mix equipment-it’s the president of the Magic Guild!
"By our promise, we are lucky and directly out of the warrior fairy shoulder pad level 55! Made a hair! " As soon as I became obsessed, I kept chanting, "Come and catch the roll. I can’t wait."
Looking at Yang Ye’s appearance as a demon, it’s a bit funny. "I don’t have to roll it for you directly." Yang Ye said that he did have a "chop forging" in the virus lab. At present, Li Yanxin’s continuous collection of materials is about to be made. As soon as it is made, there will be a good shoulder pad equipment. Is there any such thing as Kuang Yangye’s having to read it as a demon? A little favor …
"Hey, you really don’t want it?" A year’s silence changed to a fairy with glowing rays. shoulder pad shook it and let its light shine into Yang Ye’s eyes …
Yang Ye smiled and shook his head. "I don’t want you to take it." It’s not enough to have a little fairy equipment and become a demon.
"Hey, hey, it’s very kind of you, that’s me." One thought turned into a demon and asked two sentences. It’s true that Yang Ye really doesn’t want to equip himself directly without being melodramatic-
The shoulders are sketched and carved with bright flowers, and shoulder pad is shining with faint light, which is not ordinary at first glance!
Directly turning the special effects into a magic seems to like this low-key. In fact, sometimes Yang Ye still likes it-enough to pretend to be B!
Armed with new equipment, I became fascinated and directly gave the rear equipment department to Yang Ye. Then I excitedly raised his sword and waved it majestically for two times and then said, "Continue?" Look at the sample for such a long time, the fatigue of online brushing will disappear after getting a powerful equipment …
"Continue to have a wool rest. We were online for too long at ten o’clock in the morning." Yang Ye shook his head and said with a smile.
"Ah, that’s right, too." When I read it, I put away my sword and nodded.
Two people directly line out of the game.
The next day, almost at the same time, the two men straightened up a little bit and went deeper into the fascinating shadow-the final site of the Queen Flower was ahead.
The cabin of Aaron, the spell master behind him, is getting farther and smaller, but the mountain peak in front of us is getting higher and higher, and the wind around it is getting more harsh. It seems that people will be overturned in the future and no one will be allowed to get close to it …
All the way, Yang Ye and his party met no obstacles and were quite calm-but this calm seems to tell them that the Queen Flower can be extremely dangerous! Otherwise, countless monsters will be placed in the way to prevent the enemy from approaching. The weaker the boss is, the more help he needs and the stronger he will be. They will fight on their own strength.
I’m afraid we won’t know until we see the queen flower-
The towering mountain peaks stand in the shadows of the plain, and the white fog is constantly pouring out from the top of the mountain and spreading all around. This is the center. At the foot of the mountain, there is a hole, and the hole seems to be more spacious as it narrows at first, which is good for Aaron.
It is not unreasonable to say that people will die and their words will be good.
Yang Ye and the one-year-old demon shine on the road ahead with their weapons, and touch the hole all the way along the wall of ue. There is nothing special about ue except humid air, smooth and watery walls with moss, and it is not too dangerous to hear bugs around.
Even so, Yang Ye never stopped to make the miner’s hat pay attention to all around-who knows if the danger will suddenly come!
The hole ue seems to have been around for a long time for a minute or two, and it didn’t feel like it bottomed out. If it was real, Yang Ye would have gone out long ago, but fortunately, there is another one next to the game that can talk and chat.
"Your guild doesn’t matter, right? I heard from my friend yesterday that one of your guild members and one of their own played a few more games." Yang Ye groped forward and walked forward. His voice echoed in the hole ue, which made the hole more secluded.
When I heard Yang Ye’s words, I smiled first and then said, "It’s normal that no matter how they think about the position of the president of the guild every day, let them think that they refuse this damn thing and make small moves!" One thought becomes a demon and sighs heavily.
"When are you going to act?" Yang Ye expression serious.
"I don’t know if it’s up to you. When you can do it, I’ll do it." He sounded calm when he read the magic word. "What opportunity are you waiting for?"
"Waiting for a suitable opportunity"
"The Summer Palace is going to hold on." One thought became a demon and then added, "Although it is better than my magic guild, there will be nothing wrong with Pan Tianyu Alliance. The moth has been throbbing very much recently."
"Hey, everyone knows about the Pan-Sky Alliance?" Yang Ye wondered that the Pan-Sky Alliance was the first time he met in Dolson. According to his understanding, this stop is not like an alliance that can organize on the table but should work behind the scenes.
"Don’t look at the forum?"
"rarely seen"
"That’s not surprising. They went crazy after the Battle of Dolson. Recently, they have also attracted more small and medium-sized guilds and workshops to join their synthesis. The idea that they are going to become the largest joint organization of Tianyu has to be prevented has become a magic road.