Equipment level 45

Physical attacks 47~492
Magic attack 519~524
+17 Intelligence
+157 Spirit
+3 maximum force value
+5 mana recovery per second
Compassion, compassion, pregnancy? The therapeutic effect increased by 7%
If you return to save people, you can recover 15% of your healing amount after an effective treatment for friendly units, and you can get a recovery effect at the same time, taking the maximum healing amount.
I heard this one can be beeped. Who will try it?
When I first saw this stave, even the mage Tao moved his hand and wanted to take it to one side by being slapped by Yang Ye.
Li Yanxin’s palm once again reached out to Wu Di and said, "Come and trade!"
[Unified player] Double-edged sword requests you to trade. Do you agree? 】
Wu Di looked at this trip with a dull look. He really didn’t intend to come up with any equipment of his own. Although he can’t use weapons, he can wait until this period is over. The price will be much cheaper if it is a level 4 gold or a spirit.
But …
Out of it is out of Li Yanxin, but he doesn’t hesitate to send a trading application to himself, and there is no one around him who is unhappy. Wu Di swallowed his saliva and hesitated. "Isn’t Tao also a mage?" Although this mage is a little different.
"He? Hehe … "Yang Ye smiled at Tao." Leave him alone. He is better! " It’s not easy for him to handle the staff!
[Agree! 】
The transaction bar is quietly placed with the needle-shaped staff.
[The other party has agreed to the transaction! 】
Li Yanxin chose the transaction directly without stopping.
Some quivering Wu Dicai absently agreed …
[You got [Little Nurse Big Needle (Spirit Level) 1! 】
Level 43 Shengmu passed this pair and couldn’t get to level 45. When Wu Di thought that level 45 still needed some, this staff was not in a hurry. The remaining piece of gold equipment went to Wu Di. Although the level was lower, it was somewhat reserved. When the time comes, it will be able to sell a lot of money by blessing an abyss abnormal state of resistance.
Speaking of Abyssal Abnormal Resistance, Yang Ye’s team did not encounter the influence of Abyssal Abnormal Resistance on the first two floors-this is because they are equipped with Abyssal Abnormal Resistance and the values are not small, so they can be infected.
But on the third floor, it’s absolutely different.
According to the video, in some cases, a good team, like Yang Ye, has no influence on the first two floors, but this numerical theory will definitely be affected on the third floor!
When Yang Ye noticed this, he also deliberately rummaged through the video of Huiyao Workshop to see that the result confirmed this point-even if he had more than a hundred abyss abnormal state resistance like Huiyao Workshop M, it was also affected.
Then this is probably due to insufficient values.
Yang Ye guessed that each floor has a critical value. For example, on the first floor, it is 1. Anyone who resists the abnormal state of the abyss will not be affected. On the second floor, it is 2. Anyone who exceeds 2 will not feel it, and so on … But the problem comes again. Some people don’t hang on to the abnormal state of the abyss, but there will be no problem on the first floor and the second floor. After reaching the third floor, they will also enter the abyss immediately. The abnormal state is a little more serious than other players with resistance values.
What is this?
Yang Yefa guessed.
The head team has taken care of the cruel head nurse, and the third floor is coming.
Without rest, a few people went to the third floor immediately after they recovered their state. The third floor was difficult. The first and second floors could not be mentioned in the same breath. The third floor hit all the mobs, ordinary patients and little nurses on the fourth floor.
Micro-virus is a strange-looking virus floating in the middle, but the real virus is several times larger than the similar shape! And they will take the initiative to attack players, which is probably too high IQ.
There is nothing to be afraid of!
You entered the virus lab on the third floor! 】
The third floor is different from the second floor and the first floor, which increases the difficulty. The game no longer needs players to go all the way to the end and then see the boss, which is too boring. This requires players to find the boss!
That’s right. find boss
On the third floor, the boss is the attending doctor waving a scalpel. The attack power is extremely high and the double defense is very low. Playing this guy can make the team get through here quickly. The low level M will make the team stop here, but it is also very troublesome to find this attending doctor because he will go to different rooms for surgery.
The game refreshes the boss attending doctor to a random position, and then the player finds it, hits it, and keeps looking if he doesn’t find it.
Here’s the difficulty. Players need to go through a lot of mobs to kill them when they are looking for the boss. If they are in poor health, I’m sorry if they meet the attending doctor. It’s just a matter of seconds to press you to the ground.
I don’t know if I’m lucky enough to meet the explosive team, but Yang Ye’s team is not so lucky to find it by itself
The layout of the third floor and the second floor is also very different, which reveals more areas. Unlike the second floor and the first floor, there is only one aisle. The third floor is a bit like a maze. Turn left and turn right. Anyway, it is the size of a word!
The game is for players to constantly touch the boss inside.
Of course, if you keep doing this, you will definitely annoy the players. It’s not always like this. You can’t find the game at the back. You will arrange boss to come to the team where the players are, and you will find the smell of unknown creatures.
At that time, the team will have to get ready
Yang Ye, this one definitely doesn’t need this
There is a miner’s hat!
Looking up, I saw a dotted line pointing far away and circling around the corner, which was actually very intimate and pointed out the way forward instead of going straight through the wall.
Yang Ye smiled and said, "Hey, hey!" Where M goes, where the team goes, Yang Ye doesn’t need to explain why he met boss…… so quickly …
It’s all luck! to be continued
Chapter 22 Micro Viruses
A slight step forward, the magic light department in the corridor on the third floor lights up. After a while, a few lights flicker as if they are about to go out. This is a common tactic in horror movies.
【 System is affected by the abnormal state of the abyss! Attribute drop! 】
This is it!
At present, even if the player team arrives at the third floor with the best equipment today, it will be affected by the abnormal state of the abyss, and the result will be-attribute degradation! The decline in attributes means that the difficulty of lowering the overall strength of the team has also increased in disguise.
This attribute degradation was cleared by the priest’s "Soul Baptism". As long as the player stays in this pair, this attribute degradation state will disappear immediately until he goes out.
The attribute reduction value is determined according to its own "abyss abnormal state resistance". The larger the value, the less the attribute will be reduced and the difficulty will naturally be reduced.
Affected by this, several people are much more stable this time, and they are no longer rushing forward as before.
There are micro-viruses everywhere, which is quite dangerous. In addition, the number of crazy patients in the third floor is small, and the number of nurses is much higher than that on the first and second floors, which is easy to attract a group of careless people.
Looking at the distance from the target from the miner’s hat-the attending doctor is still a little far away and not too anxious