Blue ink yan fundus with a cold light.

It’s easy for him to see such things in his present position.
How many prisoners died in Dali Temple prison? No one will ask.
In that case, it seems that he will really become a monster.
RuXiaoNan didn’t wake up for a long time to understand the meaning in Qing Mo Yan’s words just now. What he needs is her blood, not to make her a king’s food.
"Green ink yan you are a big, bad guy … you scared me to death …"
RuXiaoNan sob to cry.
"Are you wrong and blaming me?" Green ink Yan mouth not lose looking at her eyes but revealed his guilt again bent over to lick her neck wound residual blood.
"World!" Xuanyu suddenly entered the door with a big bamboo basket in his hand covered with a board. "It belongs to two geese."
Xuanyu put the basket.
"Where did this come from?" Blue ink Yan stared at the basket.
Monks in the temple have always been vegetarians. How could there be such a thing? It seems that the white goose is raised at home.
"It’s from a villager in the back hill," Xuanyu replied. "That man has also come to the world. Would you like to meet him?"
Green ink Yan first looked at the two geese and then let XuanYu go out to avoid them.
He took a look at RuXiaoNan.
"Don’t kick me out" RuXiaoNan tightly around his waist.
Blue ink yan didn’t insist that she avoid directly called the method of the king.
Xuanyu waited outside for a lamp of tea when the door opened. Green ink Yan came out with Ru Xiaonan.
Xuanyu hurriedly greeted him.
Green ink Yan noticed that there was a villager in the courtyard outside who was born in his thirties with a simple and honest appearance.
"He gave me two white geese." Xuanyu pointed to the man. "He refused to accept the money."
Green ink yan looked at the villagers before the villagers polite ceremony.
Green ink Yan was surprised to invite the villagers into the next wing to listen to him carefully.
RuXiaoNan followed, dumbfounded.
It turns out that those method worms in the secret door have lived for so many years because he is raising them.
Send some live food into the hole from time to time to bring them back to life.
"Speaking of it … it should be more than twenty years ago. At that time, my father was still alive and saved a girl who fell off a mountain. She gave her father a lot of valuable jewelry and asked him for help. She often threw live food into the back mountain cave … saying that there were cannibals living in the cave. If they didn’t do this, the villagers would be eaten by them …"
"Where did that woman go later?" Qing mo Yan asked
"She got well and left … when I was young, I remembered that she had saved a passing nobleman before leaving. The man seemed to like him and advised her to leave with him …"
Chapter 36 Trying to spy on me is very good
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The emperor took several old ministers around Huayan Temple.
Looking at the railing, the emperor pointed to the distance. "Do you know where it is?" He asked the duke around him
The duke of Qing looked up and said, "It’s the front hall."
"The front hall?" The emperor looks puzzled as if he can’t remember what happened here before.
"In those days, the partial temple caught fire, together with the past hall, and now the hall is built later." The old duke carefully looked at the emperor’s face.
"Oh," the emperor nodded faintly instead of showing displeasure. "I almost forgot all about it after so many years."
Everyone was secretly relieved to hear him say this.
Who doesn’t know the disappearance of Yingfei in those days?
There was a fire in Huayan Temple, and the imperial concubine disappeared. How many guards were killed in great anger? There were hundreds of officials involved in the head.
The people turned out from the front hall, and the emperor was in high spirits, leaving the old duke to play chess in the wing.
The old duke is distracted.
After so many years, he hasn’t been able to get a chance to re-enter the emperor’s vicinity. What happened to the emperor today? Did he remember the old feelings of the old minister again?
The emperor twisted his chess in his hand and suddenly said, "Do you think Yingfei really died that year?"
The old duke shook his hand and dropped the chess on the chessboard.
"The emperor …"
In those days, anyone who dared to say that Yingfei was dead in front of the emperor would be dragged out and cut off his head. This topic can be said to be taboo for the emperor, and no one dared to touch it.
"I don’t know …"
The emperor smiled. "You don’t know?"
The old duke’s head is buried low, so he dare not answer it, and he can’t.
"I always feel that Yingfei is not dead. She is a clever woman who is smarter than those women in my harem." The emperor laughed at himself. "She doesn’t like me to give her things, but I just like her because I just don’t want to let go. She thought of a way to fool me and your eyes."
"But … the fire even burned out the temple and no one saw the surplus princess empress escape." The old duke crustily skin of head said.
"Just because no one saw her doesn’t mean she was really dead." The emperor suddenly changed the subject. "I remember that you were still in charge of searching the back hill area in Jinwuweizhi."
At that time, he and his men searched almost all the hills, even every cave.
There is a cave with a monster that eats people. He narrowly died in it when he took people in to search.
No one knows what’s hidden in it. All the people who entered the cave died without even a bone residue.
The thought of these made him shudder.
"I remember you were badly hurt later?"
"It was my hand that was in danger at that time and I escaped back alone."
"You were saved, weren’t you?" The emperor asked
"Yes" reminds me of Lushi’s old duke’s complicated fundus look.
"I don’t know if you were saved by someone. I have never heard you talk about it?" The emperor seems extremely curious about this matter.
The old duke crustily skin of head "is just an ordinary village woman who can’t get into the emperor’s eyes"
The emperor asked a few more questions, saying that the duke was too old to remember the emperor, so he didn’t ask again.
They played half a game of chess again when it was already dark outside.