Mo Xiaoyan didn’t say anything in his heart, but at that time, they agreed that it was forced by the situation. There was a man chasing Xia Shuqing, which didn’t drag him along, and the situation didn’t make him look unwilling

And now really want to’ male male’ that sometime reaction is not necessarily.
But now that she’s here, she won’t give Xia Shuqing a chance to regret it, and her family has met her. Besides, it’s absolutely no problem for her to get what she wants.
☆, Chapter ninety-four Temper again
When the words are finished, breakfast is over
After the four elders left, the four seniors went to the living room first. When Su Meng saw a pair of sweet and greasy hands walking in front, it was always difficult to forget the’ gorilla’ revenge.
Su Meng couldn’t help but whisper softly, but even the people in front could hear the sound. "Is my wife very rich this summer?"
Although Xiao Yu feels strange, didn’t he tell him this last night? But still with a nod, it should be "yes!"
"Oh-"Su Meng stretched the sound and looked up along Xia Shuqing’s eyes to deliberately look at him and then suddenly realized, "It’s really a long experience that Gao Fushuai looks like this."
"Hee hee ….." Xiao Yu knew he was seeking revenge, covering his mouth and laughing.
Xia Shuqing was unhappy when he heard this. He was wronged and said "He bullied me" as if he didn’t hear it.
Childish! Mo Xiaoyan’s face moved forward too lazy to pay attention.
Xia Shuqing saw that no one was more wronged, which made Su Meng laugh. He immediately grabbed Mo Xiaoyan and pouted, "Old … husband, you can’t ignore old … hum! Wife! " See if he ignores it and simply squints and changes his name.
Look at him. He is endless. After listening to Mo Xiaoyan, the two men laughed so loudly that they suddenly became angry and tore Xia Shuqing forward. Don’t forget to reprimand him.
"You see, you are not tall and handsome, and the money is not yours. You can’t bully you just because others tell the truth."
Mo Xiaoyan paused to listen to the two people laughing more happily behind him, and then the tone turned pale with a sentence, "You should learn to make even gorillas somehow account for the same."
The gorilla at least occupied a’ high’ word. After listening to the music, Xia Shuqing deliberately suddenly realized that he should "Oh!" Don’t forget the clever answer "I know"
"…" And being turned a Xiao Yu and Su Mengxiao immediately didn’t look at each other, and the first two people walked away Su Mengcai complained.
"Wife, your brother is too sharp."
"Hum! Ignore him. "Xiao Yu’s arrogant pie mouth is not sharp in his heart." You have to be a cow and a horse to coax that charming guest, which is not as comfortable as being spoiled like a king.
Xiao Yu said yes. At lunch, Xia Shuqing had a black face, like everyone owed him a million dollars. He still held chopsticks and poked rice as it was, but he didn’t look at all the dishes on the table, like he didn’t like them, and he didn’t have any appetite.
And mo Xiao, who is next to him, didn’t pay attention to him. He simply ate in an elegant posture. Anyway, filling his stomach is the most important thing.
The new guests look like this. Mojia elders are all smiling and don’t know if it’s good to react. Even Su Meng and Xiao Yu, who want to find some venues, are quiet and say nothing
Master Mo doesn’t speak. After all, he has retired, and things are no longer in charge. But Mo Haihua is still managing the company. Naturally, he can’t neglect Xia Jia’s darling. He still asks Xia Shuqing carefully.
"What do you want to eat? Tell your uncle to let someone cook it for you, okay?"
Xia Shuqing smell speech is looked up and glanced at him with some bitterness and no interest in shaking his head.
It was his glance that scared Mo Haihua into thinking silently, but he didn’t say anything against your association. Why do you look like this?
Mo Haihua, puzzled, turned to Er with a black face. "Do you think Shu Qing didn’t eat anything?"
Mo Xiao, who was named, had to let go of the bowl chopsticks and told the woman to wait on him. "Another bowl of rice is enough."
Here, the woman should serve a meal. Mo Xiaoyan leaned over and pulled Xia Shuqing’s hand to poke the unformed bowl of rice. Then she pulled and broke off his slender long finger, took off chopsticks and changed him into a pair of new chopsticks. Then she changed half a bowl of rice, followed by pushing and pouting, and followed him through Xia Shuqing with caution and even warning.
"Stop fooling around and eat."
"Well …" Xia Shuqing gave a few grains of rice to his face and put it in his mouth, so he drummed his cheeks and turned his head to ignore her.
Damn it! If Mo Xiaoyan didn’t want to tell him not to eat in front of his family, he would still eat snacks in the afternoon according to his recipe.
Mo Xiaoyan suppressed her anger and said nothing. The attractive prawn neatly peeled off the skin and handed it to him with the shrimp tail. Xia Shuqing glanced at the prawn mouth in front of him.’ Ah-woo’ bit the shrimp and chewed it slowly, but she was still dissatisfied with it.
Others didn’t understand, but Mo Xiao understood that it was because her prawns were boiled, and he liked to eat braised prawns.
Since I don’t like to eat it, change the dish and sweep the eyes. Mo Xiaoyan’s turntable iron plate mandarin fish takes chopsticks with fish in front of him and picks it up and puts it in his bowl.
Someone helped the cloth dishes, Xia Shuqing looked down at the rice dishes in the bowl and moved like a child. Everyone was relieved, and at the same time, they all looked at Mo Xiaoyan in their hearts. This skilled cloth dish movement must be done often.
Secretly, Xiao Yu is proud of her high spirits, and it is really good for her family to complain about "orangutans"
But at the table, Mo’s mother doesn’t feel sad. Anyway, she doesn’t want her daughter to wait on people like this. What is the boy used to be? Is this looking for a husband or a gigolo?
Mo Haihua and Master Mo don’t look very well. Grandma Mo smiles because she thinks her grandson is beautiful and delicate to marry his granddaughter. How blessed she is!
In fact, Xia Shuqing’s food was spoiled by his family, and he didn’t enjoy it several times at ordinary times. Moreover, Mo Xiaoyan was somewhat guilty this time to spoil it.
Because after breakfast, they went back to the room twice, Mo Xiaoyan simply read the documents in front of him, and Xia Shuqing found a partner in the game’ misty rain’ to talk about meeting some days.
I didn’t know that Xia Shuqing would receive a message from Master Xia, saying that he wanted to see Sun. In the afternoon, he sent someone to Mozhai to pick him up. In fact, he didn’t hear that Baby Sun was picking him up with Mo Shao.
Of course, this matter can’t be postponed. Xia Shuqing can’t go to the official arena of the game. I can’t tell misty rain that the reality is urgent and I can’t go. Both of them are sorry that this mood is naturally bad.
When the mood is bad, Xia Shuqing’s charming young master’s temper comes out, looking for a wife to seek comfort and a mandarin duck bath, but Mo Xiaoyan is dealing with business and has no time to play with him, especially since she recently recognized that a mandarin duck bath means that a string of affectionate things are naturally rejected.
It’s not summer master is completely careless.
It is reasonable to say that no one knows about Xia Shuqing’s coming to Mo Zhai, but it was Mo Haihua who personally called to tell Master Xia. After all, Mo Haihua had been thinking about the two things for a long time, but he still felt that it was better to put things on the table and say whatever he wanted.
Xia Shuqing is unhappy that she can’t go to the official site, but Mo Xiaoyan is determined that the two people will compromise with CCBA and don’t want to fall out with him at this point. After all, lifelong events are not a child’s play, and it is the first time to see her in-laws. Although she has seen her mother once, her mood is much worse than then, and her mother is also charming. If she doesn’t agree to have a cry, two troubles and three hanging, she really has nothing to lose. There is a lot of pressure.
After dinner, Mo Xiaoyan coaxed Xia Shuqing to take a nap and lie down. He was thinking of staying for a while, but he didn’t want Mo’s mother to find someone.
Look at my mother’s face as if she was preoccupied. Mo Xiaoyan made a gesture to let her wait for her to turn over in the room and carefully help Xia Shuqing cover the thin film and be tucked away by the corner.
Xiaoyu has something to say. Oh, no! I haven’t stopped the internet recently. It’s a tragedy!
☆, Chapter ninety-five Mom loves you.
Mother Mo in the room looked at the fake child sitting in front of her, her mind was fluctuating, and her mind was swaying. Should I say it or not?
You see, in front of him, his nose is covered with plain glasses, and his feminine face is half bright. The silver stripe and white shirt are enough to show off his advanced knowledge and temperament. Anyone who casually puts him on the street will definitely praise him. This must be lost Wang.
If it’s really a child, it’s very gratifying, but it’s a daughter. Dressing like this makes her feel special. I also found a boyfriend who is not male or female. I don’t know if it’s really swollen. Why did she do so much?
"Blare …" Mo’s mother cried at the thought of sadness.
Mo Xiaoyan, who was sitting firmly on Mount Tai, waited patiently for Mo’s mother to speak, but her mother suddenly became sad and cried, and her face suddenly became enough, but she was a little scared and handed a tissue to persuade her.
"Mom, if you have any difficulties, just say that I am your child and you are related by blood. What’s to say?"
Don’t let Xiao Yu, that crazy girl, know that her mother is crying here, or she will definitely say that she bullied her mother.
"Xiaoyan, I … I’m sorry you blare … mom didn’t take care of you." Mom Mo sobbed sadly and fell down on the big sofa.
"Nothing, Mom!" Mo Xiao’s words are like Zhang, and the two monks are at a loss. She expresses her true thoughts to her mother. "Mom, remember that I am your child and you never need to apologize to me."
In fact, Mo Xiaoyan’s heart is falling. Is it because of Xia Shuqing’s mother? But even so, her mother doesn’t need to apologize to her. It’s not her parents. Even if her mother ignores her at ordinary times, even if her mother hurts Xiao Yu at ordinary times, even if her mother says something to tell her about Xia Shuqing, she doesn’t need to apologize to her because she believes that what her mother has done must be her own good.
After listening to Mo Xiao’s words, Mo’s mother raised her tearful eyes and reached out to her face with trembling hands, taking off her glasses and crying, "Does Mom Xiaoyan think that Mom is good to Xiaoyu?"
Mo Xiaoyan just wanted to answer’ yes’ seriously, but Mo’s mother had already answered herself. "It must be, but you know what? Xiaoyu feels that mom is better for you than her. "
"Ah?" Mo Xiaoyan is really at a loss. How? It is true to say that grandma is kind to her.
"That’s because on Xiaoyu’s birthday, everyone will hold a banquet for her. I will always remember you to her later." Mo’s mother retracted and stroked Xiao Yan’s face, covered her face with a paper towel and sobbed.
"I was also very worried when I gave birth to a pair of daughters, but your grandfather and your father discussed that they had to be reported as twins, and then they left my house when you were full moon. In addition, they invited a wet nurse to take care of you, just like in the old days, so that our mother could meet each other every month, especially when I saw you, there were always many scars …"
Mo’s mother recalled that she was so emotional that she cried and fell down. Mo Xiaoyan instantly blushed and patted her mother on the shoulder to comfort her. "It’s all right, mom. It’s true that I’m doing well abroad."
Mother Mo got excited when she was abroad. "When I came, I opposed them to do this, especially when you were seven years old and were kidnapped and broke your leg for half a year. I insisted that my two daughters were all pampered and grew up, but your father didn’t listen and sent you abroad to stop me from seeing each other …"