"Goodbye ….." Our son was holding two small fists, and the tears in his eyes didn’t slide down easily for a long time until the cold wind filled the whole hall horizon. silver moon slipped down the mountain, and our son finally turned around and stepped on the bench, turned around and sat in a robe, waving his hands on the armrest surface like frost!

"Ebay, I’m sorry to leave you here alone again." When I got back to my residence, Si Nian hit the door and jumped into him. Ebay laughed.
"whoops!" Yibei seems to have understood the dissatisfaction of Si Nian’s words and cried
"Well, let’s go home …"
"Desire language so you see me in? Don’t even look at me! ?” A strange place in the wilderness, the desire for language, accompanied by Zhuang Xinjin’s members to practice and upgrade, but once again met the first master of Kongtong School-Dongtian Dongtian seems to be very obsessed with desire for language, always pestering her.
Looking at the cave indifferently, the expression of suppressing anger said indifferently, "You don’t deserve it."
"I don’t deserve! ?” Land suddenly anger surges can no longer hold back he shouted, "where do I deserve? Miss me, the first master of Kongtong School, the deputy landlord of Wanhua Building, what can I compare with the garbage that has disappeared for three years? What’s better than me as a villa owner attached to the Palace of Heaven? "
"He is better than you at any point," said the desire language, still indifferent, but at the moment her eyes suddenly flashed as if she were missing.
"Is it up to you to insult our landlord now or to persuade him to take back what he just said?" One side has been indifferent and silent. When I heard that the cave called Sinian garbage, I suddenly turned my face and looked at the cave coldly.
"Hum!" Dong Tian disdained to look at the way of life, "Who am I? I turned out to be a little master with such a big breath."
The student smiled indifferently. "If I remember correctly, your landlord died in the hands of my landlord, didn’t he?"
Dong Tian’s face suddenly changed when he heard this. It has long been a well-known thing among Jianghu people that the expert of "Flower fragrance" was killed by Si Nian alone, but now many people in Jianghu are afraid to do it again because of the popularity of Wanhua Building. Things in those days have been gradually faded by Jianghu people, but now life turns out to be a tepid poke. All gang members in Wanhua Building are unwilling to talk about the shame of the past!
"Looking for death!" Dongtian’s eyes suddenly contracted "hey!" Draw the sword, draw it out, and a sharp sword awn will attack and go straight to life. Staring sideways, it will bounce a few feet away from the desire, and at the same time, it will draw a long sword to meet the cave.
Seeing this, Diane frowned and immediately said, "Tianlong Ma came to help." Then Desire quickly took out a pair of gloves as thin as cicada’s wings from her waist and put them on her slender hands. "You are so arrogant in the cave!" A beautiful image is shot and born, and the couple are flanked by the cave. wait for a while is watching the desire, life and the cave in the distance. They can anxiously watch the law intervene.
For a moment, when the three men fought fiercely, the crowd was agitated and heard someone surprise, "It’s the Lord of Tianlong Hall!" Then the crowd quickly jumped in with a strong figure. "Mom! It’s you again, you haunted bastard! " After saying his word, Tianlong deceives himself and attacks from behind the cave.
As soon as the cave heard the dragon sound, it was not good. Although his martial arts were better than those of the three men, now he is besieged by three men, but he also feels hard and he must not hurt his desire!
Before Tianlong joined, Dongtian could fight back from time to time, but now he can keep defending and be forced to be beaten.
"Damn it!" The sword in the cave swings the dragon and the desire language attack jump after the attack has not arrived, and the whole person flies out of the crowd. "I will definitely let you into my arms!" I will! " Say that finish land figure disappeared in the line of sight of a few people.
"Hum escape pretty fast, kongtong first player? Afraid of being the first master of flying skills, "Tianlong sarcastically looked at the disappearing direction of the cave."
"Ah" put the sword in its sheath and smiled lightly. "Escape like a dog …"
Tianlong lang laughed. "Who said it wasn’t a kaleidoscope? Run away every time or call it the bitch building! "
"Continue to kill monsters" said to Sheng and Tianlong faintly, and then waved to meet the monster just brushed out from the front.
"Good you continue!" Life looked at a group of new people’s congress and said
Chapter one hundred and twelve midnight words
The cold wind in the northwest gradually recedes, and the warm spring breeze, accompanied by the charming sunshine, gently blows the earth. There are endless flowers in the vast wilderness.
A broad avenue in the sea of flowers suddenly a fine horse sped away towards the center of the sea of flowers, and the fine horse came closer and closer. It was actually a magnificent tall building with nine floors like a palace!
The speed of the steed gradually slowed down in front of the tall building and stopped in front of the outer wall of the tall building.
When the two guards saw the bearer, they immediately knelt down and respectfully said, "Deputy Landlord!" The newcomer is the deputy landlord of Wanhualou, and the magnificent tall building in front of him is Wanhualou!
Cave nodded slightly and threw the reins to one person, then walked directly to the building, through several corridors and straight to the ninth floor.
"Knock, knock, knock" The cave tapped three times outside a red wooden door.
"Come in" sounded indifferently with a magnetic sound, and then the cave pushed the wooden door respectfully and went in.
"Landlord" Dong Tian bent down slightly to sit on the couch in front of him, closed his eyes and saluted the midnight. At this moment, Dong Tian’s mind once again emerged that every time he saw the midnight, he could not help but think, "Is there a more handsome man in the Jianghu?"
He didn’t open his eyes for a long time in the middle of the night. He just spit out the fresh words from his mouth like spearmint. "Is there any change in Baiyun City?"
Dong Tiandao: "Baiyun City has become the largest sect in the Jianghu since it appeared in the Jianghu. Even in the past, it was difficult to fight against it. But now the Jianghu is chaotic, and there are many small and medium-sized gangs in Baiyun City. Even if the family is big, they dare not devour one of the top ten gangs at will. At this time, Huang Ji and his martial arts master seem to have discovered that Wushu has no other actions except concealment."
Listen to the expression on your face at midnight and then ask, "Where are the other gangs?"
Cave corners of the mouth smiled and said, "The strength of the Palace of Heaven has been greatly reduced since it left with two gangs. Now it is not as strong as it used to be in the Jianghu, and the Fengge Pavilion has gathered the two gangs of the Palace of Heaven. At the same time, the big brothers of the Fengyue Sect have a very high status. Many Huashan brothers joined the Fengge Pavilion directly behind the mountain, but their comprehensive snobbery can keep pace with our Wanhua Tower. Although it is an alliance in name, the three gangs don’t know what happened after the emergence of the emperor. The problem doesn’t seem to be as United as it used to be. Among them, the little beggars never ask about gangs, and Qin Guyue has been trying to break through. The two gangs are very low-key. It’s hard to listen. Although two of them have touched the martial arts, there has not been a martial arts expert, let alone a master in the field. Now they are no longer worthy of our six gangs and claim that they are in the same stream as the other three bottom ten gangs. Of course, they still have more advantages in the same stream. By the way, according to a reliable survey, the money villa is not ranked in the rivers and lakes, and
"There are so many?" Although midnight asked, there was no other expression change. Then he asked indifferently, "What about Piaoxue Mountain Villa?"
Dong Tian was stunned, "Snow Mountain Villa?"
The midnight said, "Well, if there is a domain-level expert in Piaoxue Mountain Villa, how far can they reach?"
After listening to the cave, he frowned slightly and meditated. Although he has always been very arrogant, he was absolutely careful in analyzing the gangs in the Jianghu. Otherwise, he would not be able to climb to this position. After a while, he hesitated slightly and said, "It will surpass the moon and wind valley as the major gangs except Baiyun City."
"Oh, it will be so strong?" Although I didn’t open my eyes at midnight, my face showed a little surprise.
"It’s that Piaoxue Villa used to be the strongest fighting force of Tianxing Palace. Although it was later transferred by Qingfeng to two-thirds of the forces, the main period of Sinian Villa was to gain money by its own means and focus on enhancing the individual ability of Zhuang members. Although I have always disliked Piaoxue Villa, I have to admit that the deputy villa leader of Piaoxue Villa is seeking knowledge and once the deputy villa leader is fighting for the master and the student. None of them can touch the martial arts master in the gang, but their development still depends on Qingfeng’s instructions and Lingjiu Palace’s support.
"Qingfeng Lingjiu Palace?"
Dong Tian nodded seriously. "Yes, it seems that Qingfeng intends to let Piaoxue Villa develop on its own. It is not Piaoxue Villa because of its affiliated gangs. He has never restricted Piaoxue Villa. It is said that Si Nian and Qingfeng have reached a tacit understanding that Piaoxue Villa is not dominated by the top of Tianxing Palace, including Qingfeng’s Lingjiu Palace. Because they sent the sixth master’s desire, it is very popular with the demon Ji and the fourth master Mochow of Lingjiu Palace, and she is very caring for the school sister. Now she looks faintly more than the second master who has always been a loner.
"Interesting. Maybe when Si Nian comes back, it’s snowing villa. Even the name is no longer attached to the Palace of Heaven. What are your thoughts? Has been cultivating the decline of gang figures, so it is even more so. Are you proud or can’t I? " Muttered in the dead of night, closed his eyes and kept his mind thinking about Qingfeng’s final goal and plan in the dark …
"By the way, who is the woman named Desire and Si Nian?" The midnight turned out to be a sudden problem.
After a little hesitation in the cave, there was a flash of hatred in his eyes for Sinian. "I love Sinian deeply …"
"Is she beautiful?" The midnight asked again
Staring at the delicate face in the night, he didn’t expect the landlord, who has always been indifferent, to ask these questions repeatedly, but he still answered, "She is very beautiful …"
"Ah" raised a faint smile on his handsome face at night, and then he asked softly, "Do you like lust very much?"
Dong Tian nodded slightly, and it was clear to all rivers and lakes that he was pursuing lust. His face changed a lot after he asked this question at midnight. He said, "I decided to marry her since I met her the first time!" "
"Marry her?" In the dead of night, the corner of his mouth raised a radian, and then his long eyelashes danced gently and opened his eyes. There was a deep meaning in his eyes. He smiled leisurely. "Then I will marry her with you one day …"
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Ink cat
The quiet villa is full of fragrant white pears, which bloom like snow in the spring season.
Suddenly, there was a noise, and the whole Silent Mountain Villa suddenly ran. Groups of men dressed in white shirts and embroidered with a blooming blood flower ran to the outside of the village with swords.
"The night landlord doesn’t know that you are here for something?" Desire language staring at the handsome man sitting in front of the horse said in a low voice.
"It proved to be a beauty, but is it truly beautiful?" The midnight looked at the desire language and said lightly.