"She refused. She didn’t want to sell the team."

"That’s not what I’m asking. I mean, does Mel know about you and her?"
"I know it’s some details. I didn’t say it."
"Do you want to tell me these details?" Pearl Krabs looked at Ye Qing and asked.
Ye Qing smiled and laughed. "That depends on what details you want to know. I can tell you if you want to know."
"Want to tell me?"
"Because you want to know!"
"Yes, I want to know how you met her?"
"I met in the middle of a traffic accident when I was driving a honey car and Zhao Xiayang was still sitting in it. As a result, the girl hit my car and that’s how I met her."
"After the general traffic accident is handled, the two sides will never be connected again. How can you still be friends? You honestly tell me if you see somebody else’s beautiful place … "Pearl Krabs looked at Ye Qing with suspicion.
Ye Qing hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Of course, it’s not that I didn’t contact her at all. It’s that she added me to WeChat via mobile phone. After chatting on WeChat, she said that she just came back from abroad and didn’t have any friends in China, so she wanted to make friends with me. But I specifically said that I could be a netizen and couldn’t meet her in reality. I said that I had a girlfriend who misunderstood me, and she also agreed. But this time, after she came to Xi ‘an to watch the game, she managed to meet me. But I can tell you with certainty that she has no other meaning for me
"When we came back from the game yesterday, did you go out to see her by saying that you were going to the bathroom?" Pearl Krabs asked.
Ye Qing nodded his head. "Yes, she said she had something to talk about with me, so I went."
"Her so-called business is to build a team?" Pearl Krabs Road
"It’s easy to talk to Cong people. After she paid the price, I came back and told Mier. After Mier refused, I told the girl on WeChat. Then she said that she would rely on her own strength to build a strong team, and then there was no news."
"Although I believe what you said is true, I always feel that the girl approached you not simply to make friends with you. Of course, it may be so, but can you guarantee that she won’t have other ideas after contacting you for a long time?" Pearl Krabs looked at leaf tilting way
Ye Qing thinks that what Pearl Krabs said is very reasonable. Actually, he is also worried about it. But Tang Yiqing, who is not bad, can’t just say that he won’t be friends with her, can he?
Chapter 1267 Four teams get together again
Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs walked back while talking. Ye Qing had already made it clear to Tang Yiqing that he didn’t know what he wanted to confess to Zhenzhen. He just didn’t want Pearl Krabs to misunderstand him and Tang Yiqing.
Pearl Krabs is also very happy with Ye Qing’s confession. She feels that she still has a very important position in Ye Qing’s heart, so he is worried that she will misunderstand Tang Yiqing’s bid for millions to buy the team, which was rejected by Da Mi. Pearl Krabs also has a new understanding of Da Mi. You know, millions to buy a professional team in the circle is the only thing with too much premium. If you promise, you will immediately make millions, but Da Mi didn’t want to make that money. Everything is for the sake of the team and Ye Qing.
Pearl Krabs felt that if it were his own words, maybe he could not help but agree to come. From the point of view of business, the deal was absolutely cost-effective and most people would be willing to sell it. It was like the boss of the Big Dipper Palace. He was very rich and willing to invest a lot of money in the team to build a purpose, not just to train the team and sell it. However, in the face of Li Zhihao’s high price of 7 million, he hesitated a little and sold the team. It was quite cost-effective for him.
A team consists of five people and two substitutes, but only seven people are equivalent to one person selling one million, and the owner of the Big Dipper Palace has invested three million in total. After all, this team is still training in the dark and has not gone everywhere to participate in the competition. The players are not worth much, and the expenses on weekdays are not very high. Of course, he will sell it at a good price.
Big honey is different. She has feelings for this team and thinks that this feeling is more important than money, especially because there is Ye Qing in this team. This is the man she loves deeply. How can she be willing to sell the team? For many reasons, she doesn’t want Ye Qing to take orders from others. She hopes Ye Qing can make her own decisions so that she can have dignity.
Pearl Krabs and Ye Qing walked back to the hotel lobby. Pearl Krabs suddenly stopped and said to Ye Qing, "I have another question for you."
Ye Qing also stopped and looked at her doubtfully. "What’s the problem?"
"Why did you tell me about the female driver but not Nalan?" Pearl Krabs asked.
Ye Qing was embarrassed by this question from her. In fact, he didn’t know what he wanted to tell Pearl Krabs but he didn’t want to tell Nalan. He felt that he couldn’t find anyone to talk about it in his heart. Sometimes he felt uncomfortable, and he had already noticed that Pearl Krabs had doubts about him and Tang Yiqing. It was better for him to confess that Pearl Krabs and Nalan blocked him in the lobby that day. After he returned to his room, he felt something was wrong. A little inference showed that these two people must be suspicious.
He thought for a moment and then said to Pearl Krabs, "I don’t know what this is. I just want to tell you, but I don’t want to tell her about my son’s desire. This is my heart’s natural response. I just listened to my heart."
Pearl Krabs was very satisfied when she heard the speech. She smiled and said, "I like your answer."
Then they went to the elevator together. In fact, this feeling is tacit. Although they can’t be together, they can always feel that they have been invisible in their feelings and make each other feel warm.
Ye Qing went back to his room, took a shower, changed his clothes, and then picked up his mobile phone and looked at the missed call from Da Mi. He quickly dialed Da Mi back and it didn’t take long for Da Mi to pick it up. It turned out that Da Mi wanted to tell him that he had arrived home safely and was ready for business.
The two chatted for a while, and honey handed Su Yanbing her mobile phone. Su Yanbing felt comfortable when her gentle voice came to Ye Qing. Su Yanbing was so attractive even if she was not seen, she was already drunk when she heard her voice.
"Yan Bing thinks I didn’t?" Ye Qing couldn’t help but ask that he seldom talks to Su Yanbing like this, because Su Yanbing is thin-skinned and thinks that you love you, but the more so Ye Qing wants to hear her say this.
Su Yanbing glanced at the big honey next to her and lowered her voice a little embarrassed. "Think …"
Perhaps it is because two people have already taken the last step, so Su Yanbing is willing to say anything to him, and it is true that Su Yanbing misses him very much these days, and the more he misses him, the more straightforward he is.
Ye listened to Su Yanbing’s careful voice and felt very warm. He said, "I miss you, too. I will go back to Chengdu the day after tomorrow and I will come to the restaurant to see you."
"Well, the restaurant will be very busy the day after tomorrow, so we can’t pick you up at the airport. You can take a taxi yourself!" Su Yan bing Dao
"Don’t worry, going back to Chengdu is our territory. We can come back if you don’t pick us up." Ye Qing said with a smile.
"Well, I won’t tell you more. Honey and I have to go out and do something." Su Yanbing said and handed the phone to Big Honey.
Big honey said to the words, "Come on, Ye Qing knows it’s my mobile phone, so you’ve been chatting all the time, haven’t you?"
"Hey, you’re the big boss. Are you kidding?" Ye Qing was very dissatisfied with the tunnel, and he just said a few words to Su Yanbing, which didn’t stop chatting.
"I’ve invested all my money. I’m a poor man before I went back, and I’m no better than you," said Big Honey.
Ye Qing laughed. "Then you are far worse than me. I still have some money. Do you want me to protect you?"
"Roll you haven’t heard of thin dead camel is bigger than a horse? I still need you to cover me? All right, hang up. I won’t talk to you anymore. "Big honey says, and hangs up.
Ye Qing put his mobile phone in his trouser pocket in a good mood, then pulled the door and went out. He went outside alone and bought a tourist map of Xi ‘an, and then sat on the sofa in the hotel lobby and studied for half a day.
He decided that he must go to the ancient Guanyin Temple in Zhongnanshan, Xi ‘an one day. He said that there is a ginkgo tree that is over 14 years old. It must be huge, and its yellow leaves can be paved into a golden carpet.
After returning to the back of the house, Ye Qing studied the ancient Guanyin Temple and several other scenic spots. At the same time, he packed all his luggage. It must be very tiring to pack things after a day’s visit.
At five o’clock, Ye Qing received another message that Jiang Yuhan called to invite their team to have dinner together to celebrate together. An ag team was also going, and both nb team and ag team were late from Xi ‘an before they wanted to get together. Although they were ranked fourth, they would still participate in the celebration.
Ye Qing immediately agreed, and then went to inform his teammates to take a taxi directly according to Jiang Yuhan’s address. The maximum number of people in the I club was because they had several substitutes. After they went, their team members could almost fill a table, but Jiang Yuhan soon asked the staff to make a big bag for them, and then everyone sat in a big round table. The place where the dishes were placed was rotatable to ensure that everyone could eat everything.
Moreover, due to the large number of people, every dish is ordered to be double, and the dishes have already been finished before they are turned around. Jiang Yuhan thinks that everyone should sit at a table to eat and be lively and communicate with each other-this can achieve the purpose of the party.
At dinner, everyone in the Tiger Brothers took the cup and led it in bare hands to express congratulations to the other three teams. After all, the biggest winners of this competition are these three teams, and they all got trophies and bonuses.
Then I club congratulated the champion and runner-up, and then the runner-up congratulated the champion. Everyone joked with each other and the atmosphere was quite harmonious. No one could see that they were rivals in the game. This is the professional players throwing the game. In life, ordinary people like to make friends.
After dinner, the ag team took the lead to leave, while Jiang Yuhan pulled Ye Qing aside and solemnly told him again that nb team would welcome him to join the team if he wanted to change teams. Jiang Yuhan did not want to express his idea of inviting Ye Qing to join the team too early, but he was really worried that Ye Qing would be poached by other teams. After all, Ye Qing has made a big noise in fpl, and his marksmanship has shocked many people. Every professional team needs such a machine gunner.
Plus nb team ak machine gunner K Ma will retire. Jiang Yuhan must firmly hold Ye in his hand. Otherwise, once K retires, no one can fill this gap. I am afraid that other ak machine gunners will be compared with K. even, of course, is also this series, but he will soon retire. Plus ag team, he will never let people go. This position can be replaced by Yuzryha.
Ye Qing is also very touched that Jiang Yuhan values it so much. He said that if he wants to leave the team, he must give priority to the nb team, and the nb team will accept him at that time. He will not contact with other teams again, and he will be assured that Houjiang Yuhan will rest assured. Although Ye Qing has not shown signs of leaving the I club yet, once K retires, he must owe him a favor to invite Ye Qing to join him. He believes that Ye Qing will not refuse or refuse.
Chapter 126 The rekindling of old love
At dinner, because there was no competition the next day, everyone drank a lot of wine and fell back to the back of the hotel. Fortunately, he was good at drinking, otherwise he would have been thrown over on the spot, and if he couldn’t drink enough, he vomited on the spot and went straight back to his room to sleep.
Pearl Krabs and Na Lan Zhou Wei all drank a little red wine, but they all stayed awake. Ye Qing walked. Some of them happened that Pearl Krabs helped him back to the room. As soon as he got back to the room, he sat on the sofa and didn’t want to move, but he was still conscious. When he saw Pearl Krabs with a worried face in front of him, he smiled and said, "I have nothing to drink more. You go back and rest."
Pearl Krabs gave him a white look. "You men are really temperate when there is a competition. Once there is no competition, you are all open and drunk. Is it necessary to bear it yourself?"
"I’m glad you women don’t understand today. It’s hard for men to drink more when they are happy. Of course, they may drink more when they are unhappy, you know? Sniper God told me again today that I must go to their team when I want to change teams in the future. That’s nb team! All professional players want to join the team, but I can’t leave the team. At this time, I just refused to be bought by others at a high price. How can I go? " Leaf tilt some contradictions tunnel
After that, he touched his forehead and leaned against the sofa. Pearl Krabs quickly took the cup and poured him a glass of water and handed it to him. Then he gently said, "I know your difficulties and your ambitions. You really wasted your time in this team. If you didn’t support the team hard and didn’t get the third place in fpl, you wouldn’t have won the championship miraculously in a champions league. If you went to nb team, you would have won more honors. In fact, I support you to go to nb team. You can have a good talk with Mier. I believe she will support you."
Ye Qing looked up at her eyes a little emotional tunnel "you are always so considerate, but I think if I leave the team, the team will collapse. What about you? You should go from? "