Ye Qing thought for a moment and then resolutely waved his hand. "It’s impossible for him to come to Chengdu. It didn’t take long for him to know these people, and he can’t get along. Maybe he has already gone home."

"Who would it be? It’s strange that I can’t skate and go straight home. I’ll ask my dad to check it out for me! " Big honey took Ye Qing’s hand and was ready to go directly to the underground garage from the other side of the ladder.
Ye Qing looked back and found that the men had chased him, but they didn’t see where they were looking in all directions. He whispered to Da Mi, "If you want to know who sent these people, it’s easy to catch one and ask, and you’ll know where you got so much trouble!"
Big honey smell speech got a fright. "We managed to escape. Do you still want to go back to them? They have knives! "
"So what if I have a knife? I don’t confront them head-on. Now they are still looking for us and I have seen them. It’s not difficult to catch a person. Look, wait for me at the door of washing your hands. My horse will catch a person and ask!" Ye Qing finished and let go of his big honey hand, and then walked in the direction of the five people.
Big honey can stomp hard and walk in the direction of hygiene if she can’t stop it
Ye Qing mixed in the crowd and soon touched the young man with long hair. These five people were scattered. They were all looking in all directions. Ye Qing was a shelter for pedestrians. He kept flashing to the young man with long hair. He directly covered his mouth with one hand and strangled the young man with one hand from behind, and then dragged him straight to the health direction.
The long-haired man’s knife was still stuck in his pants, but he didn’t come out. After Ye Qing strangled his neck, he tried to pull the leaf manually with both hands, but Ye Qing’s strength was quite strong, and he was so hard to breathe with one hand as iron tongs.
His companions didn’t notice that he was dragged away, and his mouth was covered by Ye Qing, who couldn’t make a sound to call for help. Ye Qing quickly dragged the long-haired man to the outside of the sanitation. Ye Qing said to Da Mi, "You help me keep watch and I’ll get him in for questioning!"
Big honey nodded and looked around. At this time, no one came to the toilet. Ye Qing dragged the long-haired man into the men’s hygiene, and then pulled out the long knife behind him and put it on his neck. This loosened his hand covering his mouth.
"Who sent you?" Ye Qing maliciously forced the long-haired man to feel the blade coming cold and shivering. "No one sent us because we didn’t like you and wanted to beat you up!"
"Bullshit. The fat man just said yes. Who gave it to you?" Leaf tilt continue to force asked.
"No one really gave us a hand. I just did Fat Brother a favor. You let me go and I went straight home. I won’t take part in this matter again!" Long hair man is very afraid of tunnel
Ye Qing sneered at a knife and pressed a blade. The man’s skin was so painful that he frowned.
"If you dare not tell the truth, I will let your head move! Don’t I dare not die! " Ye Qing leng leng tunnel
Long-haired man is afraid that the leaf will lean again and press it immediately. "Don’t push it. I said that a surname Lin called us. He gave us a sum of money to let us waste your right hand!"
Ye Qing couldn’t help but be shocked that the long-haired man really didn’t have any backbone, so he told the truth so easily. The truth is a little unbelievable. Moreover, it is necessary to waste Ye Qing’s right hand. Ye Qing’s right hand is to master the mouse. For professional players, the right hand is very important. Only Lin Qiuye would want to waste his right hand because he was defeated by Ye Qing’s gun, and he must still hold a grudge.
Chapter 576 Find the door.
Ye Qing released the long-haired man after learning about the mastermind behind the scenes, and then he took the big honey hand and quickly ran to the stairway to take the ladder to the underground garage to get the car. Ye Qing went home directly with the big honey.
Outside the villa, Ye Qing said to Da Mi, "Don’t let her stay at home and don’t run around." This matter was left to him to deal with. Da Mi was afraid that Ye Qing would mess around and told him to take legal measures to solve this matter without hurting people. Ye Qing smiled and said that he promised not to make this matter serious.
Big honey still feels very uneasy when she gets home. She is worried that Ye Qing will be injured in case of impulsiveness. Then she may even be sent to the police station. It’s Qi Lele Cup Day. There can’t be any delay at this critical moment, otherwise the game will not be played.
After much deliberation, she decided to give Dong Laoer a message to let him watch it, and she also suffered a loss. Who knows that she got through Dong Laoer’s words and told Dong Laoer that she flew into a rage and immediately said that she wanted to find a team to teach Lin Qiuye a lesson.
Big honey immediately quite language she came to want Dong Laoer to watch Ye Qing don’t Yuzryha pour to behave in such a way, which know this guy instead of adding fuel to the fire than Ye Qing behave in such a way, she quickly snapped, "Dong Tiancheng, you are not allowed to behave in such a way! I told you to watch your boss and tell him not to mess around. Do you want to make a big deal out of it? "
"Make big make big afraid of? Chengdu is our territory. Did Lin Qiuye run wild here? I still don’t believe it. See if I don’t kill him! " Dong second is very arrogant tunnel
"Tianqi Lele Cup is about to compete. Can you still participate in the competition if you make a big fuss?" Big honey is very depressed tunnel
"Then don’t take part in a competition. Nothing in life is just a struggle for breath. How can Lin Qiuye, a foreigner, be arrogant and dare to find someone to deal with my boss? Shouldn’t I fight for my boss?"
"Your brain don’t how simple, ok? What is your boss’s dream? Have you forgotten? For him, the competition is more important than anything else. This Qilele Cup is very important for him. He badly needs a platform to show himself after his marksmanship. This Qilele Cup will be an opportunity for him to show his talents and become famous in World War I! Are you white? " Big honey some anxiously yelled.
Dong Laoer pondered for a while and then said thoughtfully, "It seems that this is the case. Since this game is so important to the boss, I think he will pay attention to his discretion. I will just watch him and not let him suffer!"
Big honey breathed a sigh of relief. "After talking for a long time, you finally lost my meaning. I just asked you to hold a scene for him and ask him not to suffer, not to help fight!"
"Two or three people still can’t handle my boss unless there are many other people. I think I’d better ask a few people to go. If I really want to start working, I’ll suffer a big loss. I don’t want my handsome face to get hurt!" Dong Lao Er hung up and called his former friends.
Ye tilted his car and went directly to Lin Qiuye to rent the residential area. At that time, he accompanied Lin Qiuye to see the house. He still found the way. He parked his car outside the residential area and went in to the building. He rang the doorbell and soon heard a woman voice inside. "Who is it?"
Ye Qing didn’t expect that there were women in the room, but she couldn’t find any good excuses at the moment and consciously said, "It’s me!"
When the woman in the room heard his answer, she didn’t think much of anyone she knew, so she directly knocked on the door and saw the door. The woman was tall, wearing a short skirt with good wrapping and a pair of long legs and charming edges.
This woman looks not bad, although she can’t catch up with Honey and Pearl Krabs, but she doesn’t have a smell. Her long hair has become a big wave and she looks very feminine. She still has a lady’s cigarette between her fingers. When she sees that there is a person outside the door, she reveals a confused look on her face.
"Who are you? I don’t seem to know you! " The woman asked very calmly, her voice was hoarse, probably because she smoked too much. Her appearance formed a fresh contrast. It was said that the smoking woman must be a woman with a story. Ye Qing didn’t know what the story was about this woman, and he was not interested in knowing him. He wanted to know if Lin Qiuye was living in this suite now.
"Excuse me, is there a man named Lin Qiuye here?" Ye Qing is very polite to women. Ye Qing has always been very gentle. The woman who smokes hasn’t answered him yet, but Lin Qiuye came to the room. "Who wants to see me?"
Ye listened to Lin Qiuye’s voice and suddenly clenched his fist. Then he saw Lin Qiuye coming lazily. When he saw Ye Qing, he was very surprised. He took a step back and said to the woman, "Who is this man? I don’t know. Send him away quickly. If he doesn’t leave, call security!"
The woman nodded, then reached out and slapped the door leaf on the door to stop the woman from moving. He was very overbearing and broke in, and then sneered at Lin Qiuye at the entrance to the living room. "Don’t you know me?" More than an hour ago, you asked someone to deal with me. Did you forget it so quickly? "
The woman turned to look at Lin Qiuye and said, "You said it was him?"
Lin Qiuye nodded and said, "That’s right, that’s him. Do you think he is cruel and has come to the door!"
"It’s a little too much. Don’t worry, if he touches you, I won’t spare him!" The woman has a pair of fingers with answers, and the cigarette is still smoking.
Ye Qing doesn’t know where Lin Qiuye went to find a woman as a backer. He is a stranger in Chengdu, and he can’t have relatives and friends in Chengdu. But it seems that this woman is quite protective of him. Did he find a girlfriend so soon?
This guy is usually so withdrawn. Is he still good at picking up girls? Ye Qing felt a little incredible. He came here today to teach a Lin Qiuye a lesson, so that Lin Qiuye didn’t dare to come to him again. The trouble is not that this woman can scare him in a few words.
He looked at the woman and said, "This matter is a personal vendetta between Lin Qiuye and me. I don’t know how he told you, but I want to tell you that everything he said must be false and embellished. You can’t just rely on one person’s words. At that time, he left our team and was already under siege. Everyone didn’t want to get along with him. It can be seen how bad this person is. All I have told you is that I don’t want you to get involved. Today, even if you want to intervene, I will teach this scumbag a lesson. As the saying goes, I am afraid of thieves
As soon as Ye Qing’s voice fell, the woman snorted, and then threw her finger with a cigarette to the ground. The high-heeled shoes ruthlessly trampled the cigarette butts and crushed her face. A trace of ridicule appeared on her face. She held out a finger and pointed at Ye Qing and sneered, "He is my man. I am in charge of how others are. I know better than you! You touch him and give it a try! "
Ye Qing saw that this woman’s fingers were very slender, and her white nails were painted with beautiful nail polish. How could such a charming woman like Lin Qiuye like a man? Ye Qing is puzzled. Does this woman like geeks?
This woman’s attitude is very tough, and it seems that she is not afraid of Ye Qing’s hands-on. Ye Qing can’t help but think that this woman is not simple. Lin Qiuye, this guy, has no ability and can’t find anyone to deal with him. It is likely that this woman is looking for them, and this woman should be rich. Those people she is looking for are Mercedes-Benz glk.
Now there are Ye Qing and Lin Qiuye in this room, and there are only three people in total. Ye Qing can’t understand that this woman is so confident. Is this woman still a martial arts expert?
Ye Qing didn’t dare to make a move at the moment, and he had a principle that he wouldn’t hit a woman if she hated her. He thought it was the best thing for a man to hit a woman. He quietly looked at Lin Qiuye and said to him with disdain, "If you are a man, you must put an end to this matter. How dare you go out and talk with me?"
Ye Qing’s words deeply hurt Lin Qiuye’s fragile heart and hurt his self-esteem. He clenched his teeth and punched the living room wall, then trembled and said, "Don’t insult others!"
"It’s cruel to insult you. From the moment you leave the team, I’m not going to make friends with you again, but you have to find someone to deal with me. You are so small-minded. Speaking of it, we don’t have a vendetta, but it’s just a personality disagreement. Are you so bitter? One more thing you need to know is that this is not your hometown, this is Chengdu. I know more people than you. I know this place better than you. If you really want to fight with me, I will accompany you to see who will die in the end! You can hide behind women today, but can you hide for a generation? " Ye Qing said more and more, and felt that Lin Qiuye was really not a man. It was a shame to do it for him himself.
Lin Qiuye trembled with anger and was about to swear when she heard the woman clapping her hands and rubbing her lip gloss. Her lips moved attractively. "What a mouth! On eloquence Akino is definitely not your opponent, but can you take advantage of it verbally? "
Ye Qing saw this woman’s posture suddenly changed. Look at that posture. It’s really a practiced one. Ye Qing doesn’t know martial arts. She doesn’t know which martial arts this woman is practicing.
"I’m sorry for your expression. I never hit a woman!" Leaf tilt is very calmly in situ to the woman.
"Hum, you can call me to say such a thing! Aunt, I’m a black belt in Taekwondo and I’ll kick you with one foot! " Women with a disdainful smile to leaf tilting way
"Beauty, you are wearing a skirt today or don’t lift your legs, so pay attention to the influence, okay? I am a pure person and don’t want to see what I shouldn’t see! " Ye Qing is very kind to wake up and say that this beautiful woman is wearing a short skirt. It is estimated that her face will be exposed as soon as she lifts her legs.
When the woman heard the news, she lifted the skirt directly. It turned out that she was still wearing panties. It is worthy of being a woman who has practiced Taekwondo. The classification of Taekwondo grades depends on the color of the belt. Leucorrhea is a beginner, and the lowest grade is followed by white yellow, yellow belt, yellow green, green belt, blue belt, blue red belt, red black belt and black belt respectively.
The black belt is the highest level of Taekwondo, and the black belt is divided into nine sections. If you can practice to nine sections, you are the master among the masters. However, most people who practice black belts in China have the water to get the black belt at a little money.
Many universities have Taekwondo clubs, and girls are more suitable for practicing this martial arts for self-defense. However, girls’ physical limitations make them unable to beat the male players of the same level even if they reach the level of black belt, which is even one or two grades lower than them.
Usually, a girl with good talent can practice the black belt talent in a year, and it is estimated that it will take two or three years. This woman belongs to a relatively high talent. It took her a year to practice the three parts of the black belt, but she is very good at dealing with men who have not practiced, so she will be so confident and fearful in front of Ye Qing.
Chapter 577 Warning Lin Qiuye
"Black belt three sections? It’s a fart to stick a three-legged cat’s kung fu. Those so-called Taekwondo masters can be compared with Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do. It’s estimated that Bruce Lee kicked them in the face and they haven’t reacted yet. There are girls who shouldn’t be aggressive or polite. Women are not men’s opponents even after practicing martial arts. If you don’t believe me, just let you punch twice! " Ye Qing doesn’t pay much attention to Taekwondo. He thinks that China’s martial arts are profound and profound, where is Taekwondo comparable, and women are weak, even if they practice martial arts, it doesn’t hurt.