Looked at each other and said, "Then let’s go and go to the Qing Dongling, where the Qinglong is sealed. We will go there and things will end as soon as possible."

There are no different opinions. I took a deep breath in the direction of the mainland and went to the east coast to see the legacy. Hongli summoned the gluttons and rode on the surface.
Meow meow elder sister also said, "It’s easy for us to summon you. Let’s summon it first. It’s much easier to summon it. If you are in trouble, you can directly solve it. Besides, if the White Tiger Saint and the Kirin Saint come over, they will definitely bring the summons directly. We have to make preparations."
"Yes, you have to be ready for battle as soon as you come out."
I took out the Xuanwu shield on the east coast and summoned it. When fighting against time, it was much simpler. Huge basalts appeared in the sea.
"Hey!" "Hey!" I like the sea very much.
We landed on the surface and let Xuanwu shrink to the size of 100 meters and quickly go to the mainland.
Over there, Zhou Jiayu also asked, "I heard from Xiao Fan that you have been out there all the time knowing the situation and want to help us. What’s your enemy with Shinto? They won’t let you in."
Some redundant asked 1
The snake king sighed, "The main thing is that there are some things that must be done. If you talk too much, you won’t be white. Anyway, Shinto should be extinct."
And laughed, "It’s the best time for us to be powerful now."
"That’s right. It’s the best time."
Everyone is full of confidence and feels that this world war I will win.
I shouted, "Then hurry to the Qing Dongling, and we will fight with them." I guessed that at this moment, when we came out, we might have been known by Shinto people.
Locking our position and preparing to meet.
Then come on.
And Xuanwu speed soon saw the continental plate. At this time, it had entered the winter and there were no boats at the seaside, so I let Xuanwu swim directly.
After staying on the shore, I went straight to the train without saying anything.
The plane was shot down, but it was a big trouble. It took a few hours to get to Ann by train.
Everything goes well, too.
On the contrary, it’s strange that the King of Man and the King of Witch haven’t done high-speed rail. It’s amazing to look around.
King Wu, a toad has a cloak on his head, but he still has to cover it up. There are many people who don’t show their eyes.
The snake king is there to introduce them to two people one by one. It’s interesting to explain them like a tour guide.
And here we are all looking forward to the great war, and one by one, holding our breath, Xuanwu has become a very small turtle hidden in my pocket.
As well as preparing to enter the combat state, others are waiting for the Shinto raid and fight back.
Sister Meow Meow said calmly, "They must have thought a lot in the past three months, and they must have guessed it. Let’s go back to the battle of Qing Dongling when we come out. It’s not nervous until that’s it."
I feel it, too.
And Yang Ke and Jing Wen are really studying the new weapons given by the witch king, which seems to be good. They haven’t had a chance to study it and wait for a while for the war.
Hongli and woodcutter seem to be indifferent to the great events they have experienced.
I just closed my eyes and waited there, waiting for the train to just enter when we were in Zunhua, a small county town in Tang Cheng.
One by one, the train faces the direction of Qin Dongling and knows that it must be a big war. "Live or die" flies into the sky and goes to show the decisive battle.
It also ends here and here.
Chapter 27 The Ultimate World War I
Before we arrived at the Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty, we had already seen a huge white tiger and a huge unicorn in the Mausoleum of the Kuang.
Several Shintoists are also waiting for our arrival, and it is really good that we will come here.
"They all put out the strongest firepower."
It’s a decisive battle when it comes out, and we have long expected it. We don’t want to be afraid to fight in the ink, do we?
Xuanwu is still growing rapidly, like a seed sprouting rapidly, expanding into a huge beast.
"Ho!" To the White Tiger and Kirin. "Hey!" Tell the root not to be afraid
Hongli and Meow Meow followed and summoned the gluttonous and ambiguous serpents on both sides of Xuanwu, although not as huge as the god beast, but they were not underestimated.
Chopping firewood, Zhou Jiayu, Jingwen, Yang Kecai are unreasonable, irritating, and ghosts in color are all gearing up to prepare for World War I.
I was there with the seven-star tangdao blade storm. I don’t believe them. The undead shouted, "Now that we have set up a battle, let’s stop fighting."
There is nothing to say about going back and forth. It’s time for a fight.
A voice also shouted over there. It was the Kirin Saint who shouted, "What’s the hurry? There are still a group of people who haven’t come yet. Only when they are here can we do real things."
There are still a group of people?
We can’t help looking at the sky, and we can see that there is a sudden appearance of a city. A huge city is bigger than the whole Zunhua county.
Floating there
"Tiancheng people are here."
I can’t help but look up, and the meaning seems to be clear. "It seems that Tiancheng people are ready to help Shinto fight against us."
"What a bunch of sons of bitches! Fuck him!"
Zhou Jiayu scolded Niang, "Foolish idiots believe in Shinto so much that they are not afraid to solve our problems and destroy them conveniently."
I do know.
The cakes painted by Shinto are so tempting that all human beings become awakened, and they can’t be deceived if they say they are decent.
I patted Zhou Jiayu on the shoulder and said, "Don’t think too much. It’s meaningless to unite. It’s time to make a final understanding."
The king of snakes, the king of people and the king of wizards are in vain. In the past, they were longer than the heavenly city. They hummed, "Then they will be destroyed together with the heavenly city."
It’s said here that it’s a paradise for the awakened, and it’s said that it’s a paradise for the awakened, but sometimes it’s a bad thing, and I hate it and it’s ruined. Anyway, it’s inevitable
And just after the show in Tiancheng, a group of people suddenly flew from the surface. This time, we fought side by side against the floating knights of Shinto.
Very brave and fast, like a flower, it flew directly in our direction, and one of the women was the most dazzling.
Wearing beautiful feather armor, it was Suzaku feather and its owner Zhao Yan who followed. They were all friends and became enemies at this moment.
Zhao Yan quickly surpassed the floating knight in front of us and saw that we were a little embarrassed.