The showdown between the two masters usually decides the outcome in a flash. even made a decision and immediately flashed out from the package point and showed his posture to Ye Qing. Ye Qing had been paying attention to the package point in the pit. When he saw even flash out, he fought with even.

When Thomas saw that the other party was so contemptuous of himself, he seemed to expose his whole back to him without reservation when he was away! It’s a pity that this is not a beautiful woman with a jade back. He has no mind to appreciate it. He gritted his teeth and tried to calm himself down to seek a shot at the enemy from a spiritual height.
The opponent’s posture is shaking very fast. Thomas must predict accurately, but even’s posture can be followed. Like this series, the master’s posture is irregular. The biggest headache for snipers is to kill this flexible and irregular machine gunner.
Thomas narrowed his eyes and focused his eyes to try to see the change of even’s posture clearly, but even’s posture was too fast. Judging by the root method, he gritted his teeth and decided to bet on the opponent’s twisting, but his body was always in a small range. He decided to shoot at the center of that small range
There is a great chance to kill even, because although he is fast, he actually moves in a small range. When he moves in the center, his body moves at most. Because he moves to the left, he has to move through the center and move to the right, and he has to attack the intersection of the left and right sides of the center, which is the most central point.
Thomas took a deep breath and estimated that the other party should switch left and right. When the gun rang, he stared at the earphone in the center of the screen tightly to kill the target sound. He suddenly got excited!
Ye Qing is still fighting with even, because both of them are fast at marksmanship, and it is quite difficult to get a headshot, so they can consume each other. However, less than two seconds after they met, Thomas shot and killed even, which made him exclaim.
"awesome!" Zhao Xiayang and Dong Laoer both gave a thumbs-up to Thomas, reached out and touched his head on Thomas’ head and said, "Good job!"
Even was shocked. I didn’t expect that the sniper of the other side could kill him with one shot when he was moving at high speed. The score between the two sides instantly turned into four to one, and the I club miraculously led by more than three points at half-time.
In this way, even if the ag team can win the next two rounds, they will fall behind by one point and be at a disadvantage at the end of the half-court, which makes the ag team very depressed and feel embarrassed.
"wow! The ice cream team is too strong. At the end of the half-time, the ag team was suppressed and the opponent’s attack was constrained everywhere. It was as incredible as if they had practiced hard for the ag team for a long time! "
"omg, I didn’t read it wrong, did the ag team lose so many points? How is it possible that the ag team is The Infiltrator at half time? !”
"The ice cream team is really famous. Even if they lose in the end, they are still defeated. Few teams can lead the ag team by so many points at half time!"
The audience is boiling. The performance of the I club is amazing, and the players have achieved extraordinary performance. They are not alone in fighting. They have played their potential in this game. Maybe this game will make everyone in the team grow up greatly.
Loli explained that she was so excited that she couldn’t help herself. This is the biggest semi-final she explained. There has never been a situation in which the weak team leads the strong team, not once! In the professional circle, weak strength means weak strength. When a team is strong, it will definitely be weak. There has never been an exception, but today’s game is obviously an exception.
Everyone knows that I club is weaker than ag team, and it can be seen from the competition that I club is indeed inferior to ag team, but ag team just can’t win. This is a strange phenomenon, and no one can tell you why loli knows best because her eyes have been on one person, and that person is Ye Qing.
In this game, Ye Qing has been in control of the rhythm of the game, bringing the rhythm of the ag team into chaos, and he is handy in his own rhythm. The opponent of the ag team is very depressed. This super team has not quickly defeated the self-confidence of the I club, but they have become a little impatient and even changed their style of play.
Ye Qing is very satisfied with the result now, which has exceeded his expectations. He thought it would be enough to get three points at half time. Who would have thought that they would get four points, so that they would always maintain the lead at half time?
Playing the half-court I club with the advantage becomes very big. If you get the first map, Ye Qing will be confident that he can win the game. On the 1d map of the desert, he can compete with even on the main road. Although it is impossible to suppress even, it will not fall off the wind.
Even sighed, and this time he was really in trouble. He knew that his opponent’s strength was not strong and he was far from them, but he kept trying to reverse the trend. Instead, he was constantly expanding the score advantage by the other side. He tried hard to calm himself down and then recalled the previous rounds, and soon he found out the problem.
"I understand that our rhythm has been messed up and we have to go back to our original style of play!" Even suddenly realize tunnel
Li Sinan hesitated for a moment and then said to even, "Why don’t I also play machine guns this round! In this way, when we attack a point with more firepower, we can get it as soon as possible! "
Li Sinan used to play machine guns, and his marksmanship was quite good. He also took the golden gun. Later, the team developed and changed to practice the sniper rifle. However, he never gave up practicing machine guns in normal training. He would immediately become a sharp machine gunner if he picked up the machine gun.
Even shook his head and said, "No, you still have to be sniped. We need you to cover in the back. If you switch to machine guns, our department will die once you get caught in the opponent’s barrage. If you snipe, you can dismantle their shelters one by one and pull them all out, which is the greatest support for our attack!"
"That sounds good to you!" Li Sinan nodded his head.
In the sixth round of the half-court, the ag team readjusted its tactics and decided to return to its own rhythm, so that it would never be influenced by the other side again. They moved step by step, and smoke bombs and flash bombs enveloped the whole B channel in smoke, and soon they were killed outside the arch.
Even and other four machine gunners rushed in one after another. Li Sinan stood at the door and sniped at the other person as soon as he appeared, so that he could pull out a firepower point of the other party and make a gap in the other party’s firepower network. They played very safely and the four machine gunners were not easy to be caught by the other party’s fire and were not easy to accidentally injure their teammates. They also gave a lot of snipers behind them.
Ye Qing arranged a sniper defense for Thomas outside the arch at point B. When Thomas saw smoke bombs and flash bombs coming, he had retreated to point B, and then informed Ye Qing that Ye Qing and his men came to flank from the back of channel B.
Even had expected that the other side would definitely come to outflank him, and he didn’t leave anyone behind, but planned to take point B with vigour, because he knew that the other side had no defensive power at point B. After Thomas shot, he saw that the other side was four machine gunners, and he immediately scared himself. He quickly took the gun and ran in the direction of the defender base.
Even wouldn’t let him go. He just shot him at the door of the moon and shot him in the back of the head.
"Take everyone else to their positions and let them attack!" Even ordered the team members with bags to squat down to the bags immediately, and the rest of them went to their positions. Soon a crossfire network was formed, and Li Sinan also found a sniper position.
When Ye Qing saw the death message, he knew that Point B had fallen, and it was almost impossible to attack again. The other side lost four points, and now it must be quick-eyed, and it must be more vigilant and serious than before.
Once the ag team is serious, it will explode with unimaginable fighting power. Ye Qing made people throw two flash bombs at the arch, and then he took the lead in killing it, and immediately it was covered by a powerful barrage, which made it difficult to even show his posture.
Pearl Krabs and others rushed in and were immediately caught in the crossfire. It was quite reasonable to extricate themselves from the ag team, and everyone’s marksmanship was very good. In a flash, Ye Qing and others knocked down Thomas and were just waiting for a long time. Li Sinan shot and killed him.
The whole battle lasted less than three seconds, and the ag team wiped out four people in Club I before one person died. This lethality is really amazing, but this is the true level of the ag team! Even and others all take a breath and feel depressed for a long time, which relieves a lot.
The score between the two sides became four to two, and there was one round left in the half-time. When the ag team woke up, it was bound to take the last round and bite the score tightly, so that the half-time team could play some tricks. Ye Qing sighed, and it was really great for the ag team to get serious. Everyone was good at marksmanship. Once a crossfire formed, it was difficult for people to resist, and he was killed without even showing his posture.
Chapter 714 AG is unstoppable
After the ag team returned to its own rhythm, it was difficult for the I club to resist their attack. In the sixth round, the I club broke into their barrage and was instantly annihilated. In the seventh round, the ag team broke into point A from the middle of the road. The players cooperated with each other to pave the way for smoke and flash, and then moved forward in their respective positions.
Sniper behind cover four machine gunners fought bravely to kill the enemy. even reappeared the killer color, and two machine guns exploded one after another. At hand, Li Sinan made a final decision to kill the remaining two machine gunners in the I club, and it didn’t take long to support them in the midst of strong firepower.
The ag team completely defeated the I club before one person died. They really showed great strength and made the I club resist Ye Qing. They tried their best to defend and arrange the barrage. However, the other gunners and snipers were very sharp and broke his barrage in an instant.
At half-time, Club I temporarily led the ag team by one point. This result still makes many people feel surprised that the strength of the two teams is so different, but it is incredible that the weak team still leads the strong team by one point at half-time.
The audience who are watching this game can’t help but feel very lucky. If they go to see the game between Qingcheng and Tiger Brothers as soon as possible, they will miss a game that will go down in F history.
Maybe in this game, they will witness the rise of a weak team and the birth of a superstar.
At halftime, the expressions of the ag team members were very dignified. Although they eventually fell behind by one point, the situation was not optimistic. even could not guarantee that they would definitely beat their opponent I Club at halftime. I wonder if their attack was sharp at halftime?
Club I overfulfilled at half-time, and the players were very excited to be one point ahead of the super-strong team. None of them thought of this game before the game. Even if they lost in the end, they already had enough pride. If they win, they will become famous in this competition.